Alex More returns to Real Time Bondage on February 23rd
Alex will be in soon to discuss her interests and limits.

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be back!!
Some of my interests are pain (in a thuddy fashion), asphyxiation, waterboarding, degradation, and humiliation.

Some of my limits include needles, eating/ drinking gross things, and sharp pain (such as a cane).

I haven't put much thought yet into what I would like to do during the session because it is only been 24 hours since I found out I was coming! So please please bring me your creative ideas to torture me!
Alex More


Thanks for returning, especially on short notice.

I have a couple ideas.

1. How about thuddy pain while you are in a one bar prison, stretched high on your tippy toes? Maybe you get punished with a paddle on your ass, thighs, tits, and face in that position if you fail to follow our instructions, answer our questions, etc.

2. How about waterboarding? I think we missed that the last time with you. Personally I'd love to see you laying flat, maybe tilted slightly so your head is below your feet. Your legs should be spread wide, with an aggressive vibrator on your clit. Maybe chopsticks clamped to your tongue to keep your mouth open. Put a towel over your head, turn that vibe on high, and add water to your face.

Posted: Thu Feb 14 2019 10:45PM
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Both of the suggestions sounds super hot to me. I'm so down!

I joined this site because some of your awesome shoots. So glad to see you're coming back for more!

One of my favorite things about some of your shoots is how awesomely your body responds to stimulation - the hardtied shoot with you being vibed with a clothespin on your clit was amazing.

I recently watched an old shoot with Iona Grace and there was a scene where there are two of the electric toothbrush type vibes and pressed against her clit. Your lips would engulf the heads of those vibes and I would love to see that. Would really love to see a return of the clit pump too. The clit isolation play in part 3 of your last shoot here is the best.

Seeing that J-hook silver dildo hitting your G spot through your ass while your clit is tortured would be awesome to see as well.

What is going on in your mind during these hard scenes? Do you remember a lot of it or is it a blur? What has been your most trying/intense/favorite moment?

Posted: Sun Feb 17 2019 3:25PM
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The way you rise up and push your limits when you're being challenged is awesome. Tell us how things are feeling when it's getting intense. Would love to know whats going on your head when you're being pushed. Thanks for responding and looking forward to the shoot!

Posted: Thu Feb 14 2019 10:55PM
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To hear that you joined this site because of some of my awesome shoots is a huge huge huge compliment! I really really really appreciate that, and I hope that I can continue to challenge myself and bring you satisfaction on the site!

My body is indeed very sensitive, and we can definitely incorporate some of that play in this shoot!

During the scenes the things that I think about include telling myself terrible degrading and humiliating things to turn myself on cuz that's what I do when I'm sexually aroused. I also just focus on just feeling everything in the moment intensely. I don't have much of a thought process. I just am in the moment.

The most difficult part of any of the scenes I've done has been being Saran wrapped to a wooden beam. I wanted to be able to last longer in that position, but I panicked so deeply that I had to use my safeword very quickly. I wanted to challenge myself so I was disappointed in how quickly I gave in. However I was very proud of myself for challenging myself.

Hi Alex and welcome back! Thank you for filling in on such short notice!

I was thinking maybe starting the pre-feed with you already sitting on the spike board to set the mood. From there, you could transition into having your arms tied behind you in a mild strappado position, and moved into a kneeling position where you’d be riding the ‘Tremor’. In this position, your ankles would be tied to your neck and tensioned enough that if you let your feet rest on the floor you’d choke yourself. You would not be allowed to cum in this position. Instead, you could choose whatever instrument of torture you’d like to be used on you, and the number of strokes, in order to get the machine started again. If you came without permission, you’d be punished severely as a matter of course.

For another scene; what are your thoughts on being placed in a position where you're 'sitting' in a position with a hook in your ass and no chair, with all of your weight placed on your calves and thighs, while also spread across your bound neck, wrists and the hook? The single-tail could be applied quite liberally in this position.

Finally, instead of the traditional interrogating and ‘waterboarding’, would you like to try being suspended, fully extended, bound and upside-down, with your head in a fish tank of water? Your wrists would be securely fastened to the floor on either side of the tank, to keep you from banging your head against the sides. Then the water level of the tank would be slowly raised gallon by gallon based on your answers to the member’s questions until only your mouth was above water. At that point, you’d be hit with the paddle, PVC tube, have weighted nipple clamps applied, etc., until finally being allowed to cum via vibrator in this position.

Just a few ideas…I hope you like them! I’m looking forward to seeing you with us again!


Posted: Mon Feb 18 2019 1:50AM
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I like this idea of dunking into fishbowl, adding on to this id love to see suctions applied to your nipples and have clamps put on immediately after, as well as maybe have you be underwater whilst cumming

Posted: Sun Feb 17 2019 4:15PM
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I love all of those ideas!

Posted: Fri Feb 15 2019 8:04AM
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I very much second the Tremor + no orgasm idea that would be awesome to watch, we could bargain with Alex a bit after some begging, maybe if she offers enough in paddleing or in some other interesting topic (like cattle prod or single tailing if those are ok) she could cum.

Or she could be rentlessly teased in multiple scenes to have a very aroused start for a final multi orgasmic final scene!

Do you like these ideas?

Thank you!


Hi Alex,

Can we do a water tank, vacbed, bagging and sensory deprivation?

Will you do DAP and DP as well?

What about being facesitted smothered by BBW / SSBBW?

Posted: Mon Feb 18 2019 5:53AM
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With the DAP (how are they going to do it? Two ppl or dildos?
Do you think water tank? Or lowered caged in bucket possible or that will be too scary 4 u?

Posted: Sun Feb 17 2019 4:18PM
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I'm interested in all of those ideas! I've never done DAP but I'm willing to try! I don't think decoration is BBW, but she is more than welcome to sit on my face!

Hello Alex!

I am very happy to see you back!

How are you with electricity does cattle prodding sound okay? If yes there could be a scene in which you are teased very close to cuming and every time you ask to cum (which is of course subject to member decison) you take two cattle prod shocks. The decoration model should decide where you should get the shocks and members would vote if you would get to cum after.

As recommended above the tremor would also be a great idea!

I would also love a scene in which the decoration model is involved in oral with you giving or receiveing either way :)

The last scene could be a heavy paddleing with spanking from ass to feet making your ass, tighs and calves all red!

I hope you like at least a few of the above and I am sure you will be great as you always are!


Posted: Sun Feb 17 2019 4:19PM
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All of that sounds amazing!!!

Missed the live show unfortunately - but looking forward for it being on the site. Any ideas when it will be posted?