Kate Kenzie Live Feed Feb 3rd
Hey there,

Our next RealTime Bondage model will be the lovely Kate Kenzi, please let us know what ideas you have for her! She'll be here soon to post about her limits and desires and respond to your requests.

<3 Kel

Posted: Thu Feb 01 2018 9:23PM
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Perhaps start by having Kate sitting on a spike board with her legs spread and hands restrained above her head, with all her weight on her feet. Then take her heels off and have her nipples clamped and tethered down to her seat, so if she tries to take the pressure of her ass and legs it increases the tension on her breasts. When it becomes too intense, introduce the Hitachi.

The idea of an interrogation with a combination electric anal and nipple stim isn't bad either.

End with some kind of endurance position involving the anal hook that keeps her focused and aware of all the devious things you all can think of and that's be great.

Hope you have a great time Kate! ;)


Posted: Wed Jan 31 2018 10:02PM
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Posted: Wed Jan 31 2018 7:25PM
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Hi guys!

I'm super excited for my live feed this Saturday! I love bondage, especially predicament bondage, forced orgasms, degradation, etc! Let me know what you'd like to see me get into and I can't wait to put on a great show for you all!

idea for the next shows, tied up the model is superseded by the feet with hands tied up in the back and on her breasts electrodes with threads that go to the tucker. the moedl has a blindfold and a questioning begins. on each false answer an electric shock is sent on the breasts and the model has no choice but to be agitated ....

Posted: Wed Jan 31 2018 7:26PM
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I love this idea! <3

I think it could be fun to put her naked on a chair in front of a post. then tie her hands behind her back. And tie her neck to the post. then remove the chair...

Just joined again and not certain i will be there be will sure be trying.

Firstly Kate let me check on the verbal. Is it ok and if so are there limits. No problems if not but when I get into it it can be quite good fun.

I assume I am too late for adding some ideas so will throw some out there and you never know.

Not sure of all the limits but that has never stopped me before.

A return of the blank can game could be cool for eating time. One can with something nice, one cat food and one dog food...remove all labels etc mix them up and let her choose her lunch. If there is a decoration and she is willing she could choose one of the other cans.

A simple but effective start, Kate handcuffed lieing on her front and hands cuffed behind. Then tie her knees together and ankles together. Take a rope then from her ankles up through the hook and attached to her neck. As her legs get heavy she will choke herself more.....got to push this one in time make her sweat.

Body writing is always fun (although we do do it quite a lot) but still fun. Instead of the names of the audience we could do something like initials of all the guys (and girls) she has had sex with as many as she can remember. Or the places she has done it like toilet, forest car park police station...or just as many bad words as we can think of.

How about tied hands about and some sort of predicament where she has to walk forward three paces to allow her to get loose, only she it attached by a zipper or clips and has to tear them off.

Lastly I love the idea of tied to a pole in the middle of the room sitting on a block of wood and removing it.

Hopefully see you guys tomorrow.


Hi Kate,
here's a nice challenge for you!
You would have to name the US states while having your boobs caned a bit, and if you wouldn't manage in the time limit (let's say 5 min), you would get a proper slap in the face for each one missing. ;)
But no matter whether you take on this challenge or not, I hope you'll enjoy the shooting! ;)