Victoria Voxxx Livefeed December 29th
Victoria will be in the forums to tell us her interests and limits.

Victoria are the following within your limits:

- Double Anal;
- Water bondage (water tank - similar to Insex - Leeches, Hydrophobia part 1 primal terror, tank girls);
- Enema;
- vacbed;
- sewing of mouth and vagina;
-forceful eating of live worms.

Hello to all.
The following are within my limits:
Anal penetration
vaginal penetration

The following are outside o my limits and will not be performed:
forced eating
political remarks/humiliation
racial remarks/ humiliation

As I think of more I will post them as well. I am also open and curious to everyone suggestions though I won't promise to participate in everything you can come up with. So please let me know what you want to see!

I am extremely excited and hope lots of you tune in!

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 7:38PM
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That sounds AMAZING

Posted: Thu Dec 13 2018 3:32AM
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That sounds extremely satisfying. Thank you for the kind words and the post!

Posted: Thu Dec 13 2018 1:38AM
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you are beautiful, and I just want to see you get tied up in different ways, box-tie or takate kote for the best, and get filled in all the holes and forced to cum over and over again

Hello Victoria!

I can't wait for the shoot! I hope we can all give you a pleasantly memorable experience, and I do truly hope that there isn't any politics discussed at all during the shoot. If I'd wanted to feel dissatisfied, pissed-off and annoyed by watching my computer, I'd just figure out a way to kick myself in the nuts for three hours instead. LOL

As to my suggestions for the shoot, I was thinking to start off the pre-feed with you suspended by your wrists with your ankles shackled to the floor in a standing 'spread eagle' and a collar or rope attached to your neck. You'd be wearing your heels to start the feed, but they would eventually be removed allowing you to decide whether you wanted the tension on your legs and feet or your wrists and neck. From this position, you'd then be stripped, have an anal hook inserted and tied to your hair pulling your head back and fully suspended from your wrists. The flogger and single-tail would accent this position until the hook was removed, at which point the paddle, cane and/or PVC tube would be introduced to start marking you up.

Next, I was thinking of having you kneeling erect in between four posts in a 'box' pattern. You'd be bent over and your arms would be bound level with your head and out in front of you. Your ankles would be bound level with the ground to start but would be elevated eventually to transfer your weight to your knees. There would also be two other posts placed: one directly center in front of your face and the other behind your ass. These would allow one dildo to be slipped into your mouth and two into each of your nether holes accordingly. Cords would also be tied to your nipple piercings as well in this position with an initial weight attached to the cord. From here, there would be a selection of dildos of various sizes. OT would select a dildo and the members could decide which of your three holes it goes in (1 for mouth, 2 for ass, 3 for vagina). If you disagree with the members decision, the dildo goes in the next hole and you get another weight added to your nipples. If you agree you get the Hitachi for a bit. This would go on until we ran out of dildos to cycle use on you.

Finally, since you seemed to like the spike board on your feet so much in the last shoot; I was thinking bring it back, just not for your feet but for your ass. You'd be sitting on the spike board, elevated enough to keep your legs dangling and ankles secured to the floor, with your ass and thighs fully on the board and your wrists bound out to your sides and tightly to the floor. From here, your hair would be tied back behind you and to the floor, keeping your head tilted all the way back and another rope tied around your chest in a tit-tie in front of you to the floor to keep you from wriggling off the board. You'd then be waterboarded in this position, during which the vibrator could be applied until you cum.

I hope you liked the ideas, and again I'm looking forward to the shoot!


Posted: Wed Dec 12 2018 11:32PM
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And thank you for the post. I love your ideas. I love the hole filling game:) And yes, I did like the spiked bored I was standing on last time.

I am excited to see how much of this we can incorporate into my show!


You looked so pretty last live show, trying to balance on your tippy toes.

For this month, how about a one bar prison? You and the handlers can find the right height with six inch heels on. At some point the heels would have to come off. And the whipping/caning of your feet and calves would begin.

A vibe or electricity on your clit during the one bar prison scene would be delightful, too.

Also, it would be awesome to see you handle a magic wand insertion during the show.

Posted: Fri Dec 14 2018 2:30AM
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I love the sounds of that! Thank you for the kind words and suggestions.

Any of the following possible?

- Sewing of mouth and vagina... with some needle play;
- wax drop on entire bonds including face;
- Water tank with freezing cold water.

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 2:59PM
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I have never done any sort of sewing or needle play. I will consider this as tomorrow gets closer... I don't know about the sewing live for my first time, but I might be interested in some sort of needle play to begin with.
Yes, wax, wherever you like it I suppose:)

I used to be forced to take ice baths as an athlete in college, and they are rather torturous... I would be open to this as well as other water/ tank bondage. This is also something I have never done in a fetish setting.

Wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing!

Hi Victoria,

For your life-training I propose:

an all cunt-focused session:
-Clamps with progressive weights to stretch your lips to the max.
-followed by an intensive cunt-caning, preparing your cuntlips inside an outside for:
-hot sauce treatment

Not to forget your tits:
Saline injections for your boobs;
Members should get option for live voting which size is fitting you best;

Your little ass is crying for a harsh caning - so let's do him this favour.

Otherwise we expect devote and submissive behaviour.
Seeing you blindfolded and gagged would be nice.

Yours sincerely,


Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 3:07PM
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An all cunt focused session sounds quite challenging. I like the idea of clamps. Weighing out my lips doesn't do much for me, but clamping them while I cum could be quite painful as I pulsate pretty rough:)

I am open to a cunt raining, the I tend to bleed very quickly when it with blunt objects around my lips and pussy only. My skin is so thin.
Hot sauce of some sort might be an option so long as it is applied at the end of the session, as it is not a sensation I am able to withstand for a long amount of time.
an all cunt-focused session:

I am going to put a hold on the saline injections, I just don't know enough about how that all works yet, and am not sure I am comfortable with that, however, I will discuss it with my handler, it does intrigue me.

We can cain my ass, of course:)

Hi Victoria,

I would love to see you in blackout contact lenses either during the prefeed or whilst you're being tortured. Not sure if this is within limits but i suggest a scene where you are bagged and have cigarette smoke blown in as well as having you be the human ashtray as part of the humiliation.

I would also love to see a nose/sinus gag in whilst you get waterboarded or choked.

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 11:05PM
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what about the blackout contact lenses? any chance you'll give them a try during the prefeed?

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 3:10PM
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I love the way your mind works. However, for me inhaling any kind of smoke will be a hard limit. I love this idea though, thank you:)

Merry Christmas everybody! Hi Victoria, one of my favourite models. I suppose it's a little too late now, but still, a couple of suggestions from me. From what i've seen so far Victoria likes to play pretty hard, so my suggestions will be accordingly sadistic. By the way i think Ms Voxx looks especially sexy with heavy shackles on, that would be my preferred choice of restraint.

There was a shoot with Riley Reyes and she told how she was once spread in a frame for a whipping, with sewn mouth lips instead of gag and a catheter. I'd add also pussy lips sewing and a weight hanging from the catheter... and since Victoria has already pierced nipples, weights there of course. That would be an interesting dance under the whip.

I like the suggestion for the one bar prison. Why don't you make predicament out of it, like Insex Molly shoot: electricity through the pole and the model stays on tippy toes or hits buttons with her soles, activating the current. The nipple piercings should't be ignored too.

Maybe the piercings can be a whole new predicament scene, thin cords through them and her tongue tied high, hands behind back and dancing on tiptoes on an elecrtified plate.

I am also a fan of the shocking-interrogations, you know what i mean, model on a chair, electrified and interrogated.

A Water Tank predicament would be nice, if possible. Ideally Victoria is chained inside the tank, slowly filling with water. She has to do something to pump out the water so that she does not drown, for example squeeze her tights. Ideally that switch/mechanism is also connected to a vibrator. The vibe works ONLY when she is NOT pumping and the water rises.... so she can cycle between orgasming and pumping to survive...or maybe let herself be submerged under the rising water orgasming ...Should be a kick for the breathplay fans (like Victoria :)

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 3:15PM
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I love the water play idea! I don't know about the cathater but I love the way you are thinking. Yes, breath play is one of my favorite things, and I am very intrigued by all this talk of water... I have yet to incorporate any kind of water play into any of my fetish/ bdsm scenes.

The clothes need to remain off for the duration of the shoot. Less is more.

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 6:49PM
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would love to see you have stockings on in the prefeed or during the feed, if you have white ones that's even better

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 3:18PM
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Noted. I love having them cut/ ripped/ zippered off of me:)

Victoria you are so sexy. I am excited for your shoot. I love that you are into breathplay and hope to see some bagging or hand smothering if you are up for it. Underwater bondage has been mentioned. How about an underwater deepthroat scene on this site in the future? javascript:add_smiley('041'); Happy New Year if I miss the live show see you in a rerun. Peace

Posted: Fri Dec 28 2018 7:37PM
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Happy New Year Back, and thank you, I love hand-smothering:)

Hello Victoria and all !!
it's my first post there and I just joined 10 minutes ago for the show :)
I assume it's too late to propose any ideas but i like a lot all of that have been said here !! Can't wait to watch you suffer !

Posted: Sat Dec 29 2018 12:19PM
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Welcome!! I’m glad to have you here. It is a bit late for suggestions, but you never know. Last minute changes can happen. When you login to the chat definitely give us your ideas. If we’re able to adopt them we will. Otherwise we can try them on a future show.

Sorry folks, water and blackout contacts take quite a while to setup. Perhaps for a future show.