Cora Moth February 22nd Livefeed

Cora will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits. She is very flexible so we should play on that a little.


as mentioned in Karas Show i would love to see Cora and decortaion at the beginning with a lot of zip ties to the post. When a model can handle it also a reverse prayer would nice.

Also a face slapping contest would be nice to see

Like always we are asking models sth , amybe also from forum and usernames and when she cannot repeat question or makes a fault she will be hard afce slapped. Any further face slap will get harder as long as one of the girls will wuit. Then the winner recieves an orgasm



Posted: Sun Feb 09 2020 5:11PM
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I will consider this. Thank you! <3

Posted: Sun Feb 09 2020 5:00AM
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Hi, great that you response to us and you are in our ideas
When are not having a decoration for the face slapping contest we can make it as a challenge where we as members decide if you are doing it well enough to deserve an oegasm or an cruel strict tying

Posted: Sun Feb 09 2020 1:23AM
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Hi hun, I like your ideas! I am not sure if I am going to have a decoration for the face slapping contest. It'll be something to consider as I find out more information :) And of course I always love to hear bendy position suggestions! Thank you!

i don't want to see Cora gets hurt. Hardcore torture or anything like that.What i really want is see her gets tied up in all kinds of box-tie and force to cum or forbid to cum.I hope she can enjoy it while suffering from it

Posted: Sun Feb 09 2020 1:25AM
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Love these ideas! Thank you for your suggestions <3

Hi everyone!

I'm super excited for my live feed. So far, I see things I like! As always, I'm very into being tied up in unique, bendy positions. If you have any creative ideas, throw them out there. The zip ties and forced orgasms stand out to me. Forbidden orgasms are something I haven't played with very much, so it's extra appealing

My major hard no's are anal play, anything that feels like drowning/suffocation, electrical + chemical play, and poking. I may need to add more as we explore ideas.

I'm interested in playing with humiliation, tickling, mummification, spanking, water sports, fire play, and of course, I want to be inspired by all of your suggestions. I'll add more as it comes to me. How does this sound to you all?

Posted: Fri Feb 07 2020 5:17AM
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Hi Cora

When my English is not wrong i understand and it is Great to hear that you love the idea of hard ZipTying you and decoration and you are willing to go for forbidden orgasm

I hope OT will also love the idea and can bring it in the show

What do you think about the q&a round with harder getting face slapping?? The Winner can earn a real orgasm and the looser has to look at it



Posted: Fri Feb 07 2020 5:17AM
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Hi Cora!

Thanks for performing for us; you are positively gorgeous and it should be quite a show!

A couple of the ideas I had were variations of positions that had been used on previous shoots. First is to have you tied in the ‘Scorpion’ position (Body inclined downward, arms extended out in front of you, back in a hard arch with your feet pulled as close to the back of your head as possible). In this position, you’d be wearing the metal gag that causes extreme drooling, and from here you could be tickled, flogged, caned, paddled and have the aerosol flame used on you from your back to the tips of your toes. If it’s possible, this would be a great position to try ‘hot cupping’. I’ve never seen it used on this site before, but, there’s a first time for everything! At the very least, the heater could be used here and starting at your face moved around for some kind of corporal price.

The second idea I had was having you placed on a platform that could be raised or lowered and you’d have your arms and legs spread with your wrists and ankles attached to four posts. The platform would then be lowered, placing all your weight on your limbs. In the previous shoot, in order to get the platform raised again, you’d have to agree to have the spike board added to the platform, but I’m not sure if that violates your ‘poking’ hard limit, so I’ll provide an alternative just in case. In this variation, your breasts would be hanging off the platform in a tit-tie and your nipples clamped and attached to weights that would rest on the floor when the platform was in the ‘lowered’ position. Your labia would also be similarly clamped and weighted. You’d also have a clothespin ‘zipper’ running down both sides of your torso that was also tied to the floor so they wouldn’t tug on your skin in the lowered position. When you wanted the platform raised again, all of these points would pull and tug.

In any event, I hope you like the ideas and can’t wait for the shoot!


Posted: Sun Feb 09 2020 1:41AM
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I love so many things in this post!! I will definitely be talking to the team about incorporating some of these things! Particularly what you have to say in your first suggestion. You've definitely got my wheels turning, thank you.

Helllo Cora!

I would love to see you on the tremor (similar to sybian) in a spread position. I imagine a position in which you are suspended by your legs spread as much as possible and then you are lowred on the tremor so there is no escape. Or I think you could do this upside down as well because you are so flexible!

Once you are on the device it could be controlled by the decoration to tease you as much as possible while you are getting punished. During that time you should be begging for the members to let you cum and there should be a vote if you are allowed to.

To give us an incentive to vote yes to you having an orgasm in this position you should ask for punishments especially single tailing and caning.

In general I would also love to see you get some nice marks especially from the single tail l, spanking and maybe caning if that is within your limits.

Can’t wait for your show! Thank you for performing for us and have fun!!


Posted: Thu Feb 20 2020 3:52PM
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Thank you for all the details you have thrown out, I have a lot to consider.

The tremor stands out to me! I definitely foresee Alice being involved in my torture, too

Spanking is always a yes for me, caning and single tails.. We'll see how brave I'm feeling haha.

I almost forgot, if that is possible I would love to see a scene in which Alice tortures Cora, including a really hard spanking and some breast / nipple torture maybe :)

Hi Cora!
Loved watching your Infernal Restraints "flex" scene, especially when you had your pussy lips clamped. Would love to see this again in a spread eagle position, maybe combined with forced orgasms/orgasm denial as others suggested. Leaves nothing to the imagination

Posted: Thu Feb 20 2020 3:53PM
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Man, those clamps freak me out! All the more reason to consider using them again. (:

Posted: Thu Feb 20 2020 3:52PM
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Man, those clamps freak me out! All the more reason to consider using them again. (:

Hi Cora,

I hope that you are getting very nervous/excited for Saturday. Considering your flexibility and hopes to be tied in “unique, bendy positions” I hope that they really bring it. Regarding some of the interests you mentioned --

Humiliation - This very personal. What do you find to be humiliating and what would really push your experience and limits? What are you most afraid of with all these strangers around the world watching you live?

I am not sure how the decoration will be used, but I’ve found “forced intimacy” to be extremely humiliating for some. These are things like face sitting or tying someones face into the others butt crack (e.g, human centipede). Would you find it more humiliating to have someones face attached to your privates or vice versa?

What about some face bondage or hooks that really contorts your pretty face? Gag talk? Drooling? What about collecting Cora’s drool and doing something humiliating with it?

Considering that your flexibility will be tested, some forced exercise to loosen up would be humiliating/fun to watch. Perhaps combined with stuff to make a little more difficult, such as a gag, crotch rope, or tight corset.

Can you do the full splits? Please force some orgasms in this position! I don't think that I’ve every seen someone fully mummified in full splits.That would be impressive. What about a scene where Cora is lying on her stomach on a T shaped surface with her legs out in full splits and her labia spread upon with clamps for fun and games?

Water sports - IR did a video a while ago where the model had a catheter inserted and pee dripping into a bowl. It would be quite humiliating to have one model’s pee drip-drip-dripping on the other. Or could you rig up a way to do it simultaneously to the other. You could also collect Cora’s pee during the chat for use later.

Mummification - I really enjoyed that vet wrap scene in your recent IR video! To keep access, maybe you could tightly mummify Cora to a St. Andrew’s cross, exposing only her pussy and breasts. You all do a really impressive job of hoisting these things around. Are you afraid of heights?

Zipties are awesome and I hope they are stocking up on all the different lengths. The more the better. It is also fun to keep ratcheting them up.

I really enjoy predicaments/games where on bottom has to choose between having something done to them or another bottom.

I realize that you all just used blackout lenses, but those are so cool and the reactions so interesting.

Thanks for doing this and good luck!

Posted: Thu Feb 20 2020 4:02PM
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I will be discussing my humiliation boundaries with my handlers, it is something I've yet to really explore. Also, as someone with thick skin, it can be difficult to find things that make me feel uncomfortable-- so we'll be exploring together. Things regarding my talents ("you're not good at x y z") are probably going to be the biggest points of humiliation for me.

Alice may be a part of the show and I'm curious to see where her creative mind will go as well. Face clamps and hooks are definitely a possibility.

Flexibility will always be incorporated for me!

Watersports, I am still considering how/if I want this included.

I see and appreciate all the suggestions, especially that of suggesting games. Suspense gets a SERIOUS reaction out of me.

Can't wait to entertain!

Hey Cora,

I'm grateful and excited to see you suffer for us!

I would absolutely love to see your pretty feet getting abused. Are your feet sensitive? I would suggest the following: Firsr, add a little bit of humiliation by slowly taking off your shoes, but leaving on your ridiculous socks (ideally some girlish colored socks, comic socks or the like). Have the members mock you about your socks & your smelly fest. Then warm your feet up with some tickling and caning through your socks. You may then beg for your dirty socks being removed and stuffed in your mouth, while your feeties are subjected to some intense bastinado and fire torture. Does this sound good to you?


Posted: Thu Feb 20 2020 4:04PM
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My feet are definitely sensitive! It's an extremely vulnerable spot for me, I think these suggestions are great, thank you!

Hi Everyone!

I have CHILLS right now, thinking about this weekend! This live feed definitely has a THEME.... However, I'm not gonna tell ya'll what it is. I love surprises. I just got my outfit special made for this and I'll be bringing along a couple of props and ideas of my own, that I have not mentioned on the forums.

We're in the final countdown, please feel free to throw out any last suggestions you have. Even if I am not able to respond to them all, I do read them and take them all into consideration.



Posted: Thu Feb 20 2020 10:39PM
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Hi Cora,

I love your flexibility. It strikes me that you could ride a wooden horse differently to show off your flexibility.

Rather than just having your ankles tied over the back of the horse, maybe your ankles can be tied up higher behind your back. Similar to a hogtie, but maybe tied around your shoulders or roped across your chest.

Of course, lots of celebrator application as a reward.

Can't wait for your SHOW!!

Look very much forward to your show!
I dont have a lot of specific "tie like this or that" but some general hopes for the shoot.
As my alias say - i love collars and hope there will be room for that on you and hopefully the decoration.
No need for extreme - the steel ring collars used by other models are great - they add a lot of fetish factor in my eyes - often make a scene that not focus close to my central wishes attractive anyway.

Ball - bit - ring - pump gags - love them.

Tape - cloth - pantyhose - in my eyes not very interesting.

Bags over head and stuff like that - waste of beauty!

Messy stuff - realy dont like it.

Kissing - gag kissing - love it

Lots of contact to your handler - love it.

Suggestion : being tied/restraint in close contact with the decoration - you ballgagged - for example 25 whiplashes coming up - decoration has to ask for the next hit - she feel your reaction - kiss your gagged face - comfort you a litlle - and order the next whiplash.

Just some thoughts... hope they will go in the pot for the show...