Luci Lovett November 3rd Livefeed
Luci will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

Hello Everyone!
Super pumped to be on the live feed again as the star of the show this time!
I really love device bondage, impact play and corporal punishment, marks/bruises, gags, forced orgasms, breath play, humiliation and degradation, face slapping, "DUMB WHORE", digs at my intelligence, being stepped on, flogging, light caning, straps for bondage and for belting, knife play, fear play, fingering, eating pussy <3, T.E.N.S unit, blindfolds, tape gags, mouth stuffing

My hard limits are:
Anal play, pee/scat, tight hoods/plastic bags, water/cold water, live consent, failure shaming, body shaming, wet and messy, someone else's spit/squirt on me, mummification, breast bondage, cunt busting/kneeing, catheterization, ass licking (to another person), enemas, dildo in throat/throat gags, violet wand or cattle prod, nipple/breast suction, genital suction, zippers, hard nipple clamps

If you have any questions for me please ask (;

Posted: Fri Nov 02 2018 1:14PM
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Posted: Fri Oct 19 2018 6:42PM
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Hello Luci,

This should be a fantastic show; I can't wait!
If I could make one request before I go into the first devious scenario to pop into my mind?
Do you think you could find it in your heart to rescind your hard limit on 'breast bondage'? You have such a fantastic chest (and every other part of you), but with those nipple piercings, it would be reprehensible to not showcase your breasts in various bonded positions for the entire length of the feed. Nothing TOO severe, but definitely enough to keep them accented for the entire length of the shoot.

I'm thinking starting the feed in a pillory stock. It would be a good interview position. The stocks would have the ability to rotate into a horizontal position (both facing down and up) from it's initial vertical position, as well as being able to adjust the height of the stocks to vary the position standing position of Luci.
From here, Luci would be stripped down to her shoes (High-heels I'd expect, which would eventually come off) and the stocks moved through a series of adjustments that would make it difficult on her neck, back and thighs. A good paddling, flogging, single-tail show in this position would top it all off.

From there, I think a good run on the 'Tremor' would work. We could start with either having you ride it like a horse with your feet off the ground, or have you kneel on it but with your ankles tied to your neck keeping your feet slightly off the ground and another rope across the top of your chest (or in a tit-tie bind) keeping your torso straight. From here we could have a 'pussy eating' contest, or some approximation of one from this position.

Finally, have Luci's arms tied behind her back in a kneeling position to her ankles in a spreader bar. Tethers would be attached to her piercings to keep her breasts gently suspended. From this position, corporal punishment and pleasure principle can be equally administered.

Just a few thoughts...Can't wait for the show!


Azrael and other members. Do not ever ask performers to change their limits! That is inappropriate. If you want clarification on a limit that is acceptable to a limited degree. For instance, to ascertain if a position or activity falls within or outside the limits.

Posted: Fri Nov 02 2018 1:18PM
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What I pictured when kneeling on the Tremor, the rope is around your upper chest and underneath your armpits just to keep you balanced so you don't fall off because your arms are bound behind you. When kneeling on it, another set of ropes are tied from each of your ankles to your neck with just enough tension that if you want your legs to rest level with the floor you choke yourself a bit, otherwise you put more weight on your knees.

Now that I'm thinking about it, If you chose to ride the Tremor like a horse, having all your limbs extended taught in a vertical 'spread-eagle' position would make an interesting spectacle. In this instance, a rope around the neck with a bit of tension on it would complete the scene.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to the show, and again I do apologize for any malfeasance on my part!


Posted: Tue Oct 23 2018 1:09PM
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Azrael, I love anything to do with a pillory :) I'm having a little difficulty picturing your tremor idea though, could you describe it in a little more detail for me so I can better understand the position you're picturing? I am also okay with the final position minus the tethered breasts.

Posted: Fri Oct 19 2018 10:23PM
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Thank you! Let’s have fun!

Posted: Fri Oct 19 2018 10:21PM
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Mea Culpa.
And it's water under the bridge now.

Posted: Fri Oct 19 2018 9:23PM
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First, I’d like to apologize if I’ve ever given someone else credit for your ideas. I definitely appreciate your contributions to our shows.

I understand your desire to put the option out there for a performer to decline. However, in the future you can assume if they’ve listed something as a limit they are going to decline the invitation to retract that limit. In other words limits are non-negotiable. We will block members if this becomes a habit. If you want to show performers you respect them don’t question, test, push, or in any way put pressure on their limits.

All that aside there are performers who are more than willing to do tit bondage. One in fact who we are talking to about doing a live feed in a few months. Until then let’s stick to the vast activities that are within Luci’s boundaries.

Posted: Fri Oct 19 2018 9:07PM
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I have only the highest respect and concern for the ladies that perform for us week after week and the staff that make all this happen.
In throwing that relative possibility out, I was more than ready to get told to, 'go pound sand up your ass', and that would be where the matter would die. There was nothing disrespectful there.

However, if you could stop giving Scoosh credit for all of my good ideas, that would just be tits awesome.



Thanks for your update. Here is my suggestion. "Dumb Whore" sounds like a fun name for a shoot, BTW. And can be a fun theme.

I was very into your glasses last shoot. I think it'd be fun to have Luci come visit as a schoolgirl/good girl. She's got that young face. And then gradually transform her into a dumb 'whore'. Plenty of schoolgirl outfits available now. And then something sexy for her to transform into.

Love that you mentioned gags twice. And particularly stuffing gags. Personally, I'd love to see you gagged multiple times. Does your limit on hoods go to pantyhose hoods as well? If so, please don't feel you need to do so, but your face was one of the best all scrunched up under an insex mask for some reason. And if she's specifically asking for mouth stuffing, let's get her mouth as stuffed as possible. Feminine pad or a pack of socks might do the trick? Or if she wears some cute little knee highs.

Personally, I'd love to see you gagged after the first interview and mainly kept that way. And if we go for the transformation session, I'd love to see you gagged with the Leto gag and your mouth forced open as you are 'converted.'

One of my favorite scenes ever in the old insex days was Mila converted to an electric robot, forced to walk and move by remote control. Or Elise forced to dance upon the electric floor. Realize that isn't going to happen anytime soon, but if we have a tens unit or something of that nature, maybe we could build to something a bit similiar. A sexy, bound, blindfolded and gagged Luci converted to a 'dumb whore' forced to move/dance walk around for our amusement or be shocked. Completing her transformation from school girl to dumb whore.

Posted: Wed Oct 24 2018 11:27AM
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Sorry. Wasn't expecting roleplay, just a visual theme. Goody girl looks to "dumb whore". Sorry for the confusion. Wouldn't want you to be anybody other than yourself

Posted: Tue Oct 23 2018 1:02PM
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Panty hose hoods are fine! I did a panty hose hood in my hard tied scene :)
Im not the biggest fan of role play though, I like to be personally involved in the scene, especially a live feed like this. I really want to be playing myself as me.


Looking forward to enjoying you on display.

I have an idea combining several of your likes.

You should be restrained on a Sybian, tremor, wetc. You should have labia clamps on that pull your cunt lips open, fully exposing your clit. No hiding from the sensations of the machine. The handlers turn the machine on.

The handlers can ask you questions. Questions can be about current events, your past, whatever. When you get one wrong they call you a dumb whore. When you get one right they slap you (or some other impact play action).

As soon as you hit an orgasm the handlers can stuff your panties in your mouth to muffle your screams. Impact play continues for a while as you enjoy/suffer from repeated forced orgasms.

Posted: Tue Oct 23 2018 10:05PM
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Your ideas are very sexy. Glad you enjoyed mine. I hope the handlers incorporate them, with your edits and changes, into the show!

Posted: Tue Oct 23 2018 1:53PM
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What if I answer the question wrong I get called a dumb whore, idiot, slut, stupid etc, get slapped in the face, and get a cane to my ass and backs of thighs. If I get an answer right I get called a good girl, and I get spanked with something heavier/thuddier for more pleasure than pain.

Posted: Tue Oct 23 2018 1:04PM
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This. I want do do this. Perfection. Thank you for such a lovely idea