Rocky Emerson Livefeed July 14th

Rocky will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

Obviously I add these ideas without knowing Rocky's limits but I have a couple (as usual )

I think we should look to make this the hardest with regards to pain we have had in a LONG LONG time.

To start with the prefeed she should be tied in a similar way to the hard tied shoot she did in the blue dress. Kneeling in front of camera with hands tied behind back, rope gagged and attached to the arms pulling her head RIGHT back. Hard to answer questions but and not looking us in the eye but she can struggle on. I also think we should have her set up with a timer shocker. Say a count down from 3 minutes to make the prefeed more interesting. If this is not allowed until the guests go then chuck them out early and we can do a short public prefeed with a longer part within the show.

The first scene - Put in ear plugs (the industrial sort) and wrap around her eyes and she cant hear or see us. We want to hear her scream so we leave the gag to start with. The tie her hands behind back and CUFF her ankles together. Attach a rope from her neck if allowed to the hook. If not from her arms. Then ALL handlers take an implement WHIP CANE and Cattle prod. Set a five minute timer nah lets go ten.....then you go for it....rain down whips canes and prods CONSTANT for the 5 - 10 minutes until under her blindfold she is floods of tears and the screams can be heard miles away.

Next we put lots of drawing pins onto a seat.....sit her down and tie her to the seat so she cannot get off the pins. Hopefully already in a lot of pain and anting off each handler slaps her face as hard as she can take. She tells she wants harder until she truely cant take any more. If we are satified she took enough she gets off the pins for an orgasm....if not we leave her and start again.

Lastly we tie her in a kneeling position where her hair is attached to the hook and hands behind back....feet exposed and ass and tits at the ready.
She has to choose where we start so she would say Feet for example. Draw three playing cards for how many FULL hits she has to take (Ace = 11) The areas she would choose would be FEET, BACK OF THIGHS, ASS, BACK and TITS

If all of this is on her "like" list then we have to make sure in every scene she is in tears and begging to stop


Posted: Fri Jun 22 2018 10:45PM
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Scoosh I definitely like the idea of rope and hooks!! Sensory deprivation is iffy for me so as far as blinded gagged and deafened we will have to reaccess closer to my show but it can be considered and maybe we can use some of those
I am a huge pain slut and tend to have laughing fits more so than crying fits but I'm not opposed to it, we will see what happens naturally.
Electricity play is pretty fun, though I dont understand the timers that you speak of..?
Also for prefer I dont believe we can do all of that but I would love to incorporate rope as a form of bondage, My Hard Tied scene was a lot of fun and I'd love to revisit some of it!

One thing we need to do is get a punchbag and tie her to it.....get the Rocky theme on in the back ground and then get the doms in boxing gloves.


Posted: Thu Jul 05 2018 5:24PM
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hey schoosh
im totally cool with that idea!
my name doesn't come from Mr Balboa, but it is still a fun play on words <3

I know I posted this idea last month, but maybe we could try it this time around...A full-body restraint tie, suspended crotch rope with a tit tie. It would be a predicament scene, because Rocky would be suspended close enough to the ground to allow her to take the strain off the crotch rope by touching the floor. However, since she was interested in foot torture, the spike board could be placed under her feet. In order to take the pressure off the crotch rope, she has to place all her weight on the toes of her feet.

Another idea would be a 'Lego' walk. Have Rocky's hands tied behind her back in strappado tight enough that she has to bend over fully at the waist, and connected to another cable stretched between two posts. Cover the distance between the two posts with legos and put one of the mild spike boards at only one end. Bind her ankles with a two foot spreader bar, so she has to put all of her weight on one foot at a time to move forward. If she tries to kick the legos out of the way before moving forward the next step, give her a lick with the cane/single-tail/cattle prod and she has to move backward a step and do it again. She can rest for 3 minutes at the end with the mild spike board, but only 1 minute at the end without. If she goes over those limits, more legos immediately get thrown down. She has to do the circuit 5 times.


Posted: Fri Jun 22 2018 10:47PM
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Although your idea sounds fun one of my limits is no genital or tit bondage, no genital impact and only LIGHT impact on my tits. Foot torture is always a fun idea that I like to explore though! So many we can incorporate some of your later ideas

Agree with the idea of foot torture!! The suggestion was brought up earlier but it'd be great to see some fireplay on feet, fire spray or small torch applied to soles, if it's within Rocky's limits.

Also, in addition to cane and single-tail, maybe we can have heated thin metal stick slightly touch and burn the sensitive soles or pins under toenails.
Thanks again for considering!!

Posted: Mon Jun 25 2018 11:36PM
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Thanks so much considering it!! Looking forward to your livefeed!!

Posted: Fri Jun 22 2018 10:50PM
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Oh wow! ive never played with fire. That is something I will discuss with OT and learn more about before deciding how I feel about it. :]

Hi guys!!! I'm going to look through and catch up on whats already been posted. Looking forward to my live feed!! I hope you are too.

Quick Limits for you (there may be more I don't mention but heres some basics):
No pussy torture, impact, or bondage
No tit bondage
Light tit pain play
Nipple clamps ok
No bags/hoods
Limited anal (stationary toys)

I LOVE stress positions, foot torture, impact, slapping, spit, gagging, D/S, being blindfolded, tiger balm, crying due to gagging or tiger balm (hah I Love tiger balm near my eyes), drooling, squirting
I love body fluids, especially on me or in my mouth, forced orgasms, rope, rope around my neck, ass hooks, following directions, high protocol DS etc

Im excited to hear more of your ideas and plan something awesome for you all!!

Hey Rocky,

Thanks for responding back! It's always appreciated, and no worries on the first idea. I'll get it off the ground eventually! ;)

Since you're possibly interested in trying fire play, perhaps we can get a juxtoposition going with water as well? I'm thinking a water boarding session with water at one end and fire on the other. If you have to pee during the shoot, that may or may not be added to the 'water' being poured.

Just another thought...

Looking forward to the shoot!


Hey everyone!!
Does anyone else have any ideas of what they'd like to see?
really like getting messy and degraded.
Im hoping for lots of squirting and spit and pee
I want this to be fun for all of us so let me know more of your ideas!!

Posted: Wed Jul 11 2018 4:48PM
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Couple ideas, hope you like.

1. Piss waterboarding. Place a cloth over your face with you on your back. A Dom stands over you. And pisses all over that cloth. A ring gag would be a nice touch to make sure you don't try to hide from it.

2. Piss and spit relief from the tiger balm. I think you said you are ok with tiger balm on your face and near your eyes. How about you carry around a pail for the shoot. Maybe they force feed you water. When you have to piss you piss in the bucket. When others on set have to they piss in the bucket. If anyone has to spit, also in the bucket. When you need relief from the tiger balm the bucket gets dumped on your face.

Posted: Tue Jul 10 2018 1:04AM
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waterboarding could be a lot of fun! also thanks you too for your input I really like those ideas and Im getting really excited for this weekend

I may be able to puke as well, will talk to OT about these last posts because they sound like a great time. I do like ass hooks quite a bit. and crying. and drooling.

almost there guys!!

Posted: Sun Jul 08 2018 4:20PM
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Sounds like we have similar interests Rocky! I love to see a scene get as gross as possible, and it's been far too long since we've seen much in the way of body fluids other than just getting them into a container.

I'd like to see a true piss/spit/squirt oriented scene, in which your mouth serves as a urinal for everyone on set. Maybe something like was done with the toilet for Nikki Nymph or the fish bowl for Dresden where your head is submerged in body fluids and you have to drink or drown. Not sure how you feel about puke, but adding some of that in would be great too! I was glad to see them make London throw up last month, but disappointed it was wasted in a bucket instead of rubbed on her face or dumped on her head.

Posted: Fri Jul 06 2018 6:45PM
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Just look up one post to see how that sits with you...

For one last idea, how about having Rocky on all fours attached to that H-rig platform. She should have a ring gag in from the start to get the drool flowing. Have restraints at her ankles and knees and also at her elbows and wrists to push her into the 'face-down-ass-up' position. Also, have her hands restrained so that she's got her palms up and find some way to keep her fingers spread open.

From here, an ass hook attached to her hair that's slowly tightened over time bringing her head up to a level position. All the while, cane, paddle and strap strokes on her ass, thighs, feet and palms of her hands. With maybe a bit of Icy-Hot added to her armpits and candle wax on the small of her back to get her scrunching around.

This'd be a good position for that Tiger Balm she likes around her eyes to really get the juices flowing...



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