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Hi powers that be.
Could you be a little more consistent enforcing the chat rules?
I have seen people kicked off after one fuck up.Most after three.
This last feed was strange.Lost count of warnings.
Half the fun is the live chat.
But not when you hear the same thing over and over and over and......
You get my point.

Posted: Wed Jul 05 2017 9:42AM
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I completely agree with MwB, its not fun watching live chat being flooded by same thing over and over. It made it hard for us to keep track of what was going on and also i am pretty sure same happened to crew member who was on chat duty.

Hi everyone,

This is a great point. We can definitely be a little more strict with enforcing the rules. It seems as thought we've had a flood of new members who want to be vocal. We definitely don't want to discourage participation, but you are both absolutely right that we need to make sure they don't dominate the chat to the point of making other members feel disenfranchised.

I will attempt to create a list of rules and post it here in a moment.

Here are a list of rules for the livefeed chat:

1) Check the model limits before the show starts and again if you have a request. Don't assume your request falls within the model's limits.
2) Make requests only once (If you believe we did not see your request: we have, we miss very few requests, either we saw your request and are unable to fulfill it at the moment, we don't have the materials to fulfill the request, or the request is barred by either the model's limits or the censors)
3) Only make personalized requests (Make her say my name) once per scene. We need to give everyone the option to make their mark on the show.
4) Make sure requests and comments fall within the limits of the model. If she cannot do anal insertion do not ask for a butt plug.
5) Make sure requests fit within the position/scene currently being done. For instance do not request the model stand on a spike board if she is suspended upside down.
6) Instead of telling everyone you are bored try to make requests that might make it more interesting or take a break and come back in ten minutes. We all can't enjoy every activity, but others might be enjoying an activity you do not like, don't spoil it for them.
7) We mute the chat during intense activity. This is not the moment to ask a model a question.
8) Once the activities are over we have the models chat with the members. At this point any verbal humiliation must stop. This is a time we appreciate the model for their suffering.
9) Unless the model has specifically requested this form of humiliation never insult the model's performance. Even if the model has specifically requested this form of humiliation do not insult the model's performance once the show is over.

Posted: Wed Jul 05 2017 5:27PM
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Sounds good,its totaaly right that as a new member its little hard to understand whats going on and how it works so there should definetely be a detailed article or video tutorial so that everybody knows what is expected of them. There is one more suggestion , during the show when its time for the scene, crew should give a reminder to all members so that everybody knows, now is not the right time to ask anything or make request. Also making model say same thing 20 times for 20 times in one hour, is not sexy for anyone involved. Not only it makes show repeatitive but also makes it hard for model to experience subspace.

Posted: Wed Jul 05 2017 5:07PM
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Looks good.
Thanks OT

Sounds good. For me it is always hard to not get caught up in everything a go on and on...but I will try