Brooke Johnson Livefeed March 23rd
Brooke will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

Mimosa 4 decoration?

Facesitting Brooke?

Posted: Thu Mar 07 2019 8:15PM
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I love face sitting!!

Hi Brooke, looking forward to this one.

As requested on last month's show, I'd love to see you wear blackout contacts, maybe have them put on before or during the prefeed and have you be literally in the dark of what is happening around you.

Not sure about limits but as you said you are a bit of a brat, I'd love to see lots of humiliation/degradation whilst you are in some predicament situations, with lots of caning as punishment, maybe even a tenderizing hammer. Would also love to see you used as a human ashtray/cigarplay

If you are willing to test out a bit of anal, I suggest some figging to train up that nice ass.

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:04PM
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I love being caned all over! I love marks because like you said - it’s nice to remember all of the pain and fun 😍

Posted: Sun Mar 10 2019 7:20PM
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I would like to see you caned on your breasts. If you had some stripes on your breasts you would have a reminder of your session when you looked in the mirror

Posted: Fri Mar 08 2019 5:43AM
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I love girls getting caned on their ass and making it welt up, also thighs/calves and maybe even pussy

Posted: Thu Mar 07 2019 9:03PM
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I’m glad that you’re looking forward to this show! I have been looking forward to it since I started filming with InSex. I’ve never had black out contacts in but it sounds interesting. There’s no telling what’s going to happen during the live stream!
I love being caned! Where is your favorite place for a model to be caned? Being an ashtray is fun! Unfortunately with the figging that falls under the chemical play category which is a hard limit as of now.
Thank you for your message!

Hi Brooke! Your "Help Wanted" shoot was amazing. I've always enjoyed catheter scenes and if that's within your limits it would be great if we could incorporate that. Even better would be if a proper inflating Foley catheter and drainage bag were acquired and we could leave you catheterized for the duration of the shoot and watch you pee uncontrollably the whole time. Maybe to start the tube/bag could be clamped and you'd have to perform some tasks to earn bladder emptying (quiz? agreeing to something unpleasant? cumming? making the deco cum if you and her were willing?) and then the clamp comes off and you'd spend the rest of the time without control of your bladder while other suggestions and activities are performed.

Whatever you get into I'm looking forward to this livefeed!

Posted: Fri Mar 22 2019 9:37AM
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That would be awesome! Anything that involves you getting soaked sounds great to me

And if you're willing to drink some at the end even better!

Posted: Sat Mar 16 2019 3:33PM
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I would be willing to piss in a bucket and get it all over me but I won’t drink any unless it’s near the end. Sometimes drinking piss makes my stomach cramp and I wouldn’t want to not be my best for the stream!

Posted: Sat Mar 16 2019 11:25AM
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If not catheters would you be open to other forms of pee play? Like serving as a toilet for the crew/decoration model, or pissing in a bucket and having your head dunked in it? It's been a while since we've seen a model get properly soaked with piss.

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:25PM
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Also...probably shouldn’t say this but I’m terrible at simple math ESPECIALLY 7’s so you can use that information as you please

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:08PM
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I’m glad that you enjoyed Help Wanted!! Not sure if a catheter during a live stream would be best. It limits movement and the bag would get in the way but it’s good to know how much you like them! Knowing people’s kinks is fascinating to me.

Hello everyone!! I’m very excited for this live stream! Being a decoration last month for Alex was so intense.
My limits - no chemical play, no closed fists, no body shaming, and careful anal.

I love electricity, bondage and being pushed to endure immense amounts of pain. I’m excited to talk to you all about your sadistic ideas

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:09PM
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I love electricity! I have never had it on my clit before but I’m willing to try

Posted: Sun Mar 10 2019 7:21PM
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how do you feel about electricity to your clit?

Hello Brooke!

Thank you for performing for us all; hopefully we can give you a memorable experience!

To start with, I was thinking that you could be placed in a sitting position with your wrists secured from the ceiling out to your sides with suspension cuffs and legs spread and secured with ankle cuffs to the floor. OT could start caning your feet from here and, after a while, you could be raised up enough to have a wedge placed for you to sit on. In this position you could decide to suffer your ass on the wedge or pull yourself off it for as long as you can, but still having the cane applied liberally to your: armpits, arms, breasts, stomach, thighs and feet.

For one other scene, would you consider getting your nipples pierced during the shoot? I know I posed this possibility to you during your ‘free’ moments in the last RTB shoot, but my connection was shoddy as Hell and I missed your answer reloading the feed, so I apologize in advance if I’m promoting a scene that you originally put a hard ‘No’ to!

Regardless, I can’t wait to see what this next month entails!


Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:22PM
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I think that your English is fine! I am not super into breast bondage mostly because my breasts are usually not big enough to do intricate ties on. I have done inversion suspension lots of times and think that would be fun with either electricity or the caning! I’m more than willing to be blindfolded or have a hood during any part of the shoot - whatever OT decides!

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:18PM
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Yes I am willing to be caned and have OT put needles through my nipples. Goodness, I’m getting nervous just thinking about it!

Posted: Sun Mar 10 2019 8:32AM
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Hi Brooke,
thank You for having agreed to suffer for all of us and please forgive my bad English. I'm glad you're taking into possibility to wear blackout contact lenses. It will be fun at least for viewers. Are You into breast bondage or inverted suspension? I'd also like to see nose hook torture and facial transformation like Jessica Kay's in her livefeed. What about posture collar? If You decide to wear it and blackout contact lenses or at least you agree to remain blindfolded for a while during the show I'll be very happy.
I'm looking forward to your show,

Rusharkadi, unfortunately we do not have blackout contacts and there isn’t enough time to order them.

Will she do piercing of nipples live or sewing of mouth or vagina?

What about the running of the rope/ string through nostrils and into mouth?

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:14PM
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Needles used to be a hard limit for me but I trust OT completely. I’m willing for him to use needles during the live stream! I’m terrified to be honest 😬 I will not have my pussy sewn or any needles down there though.

Thanks OT for your reply.
Oh what a pity. I hope at least to see her blindfolded at least for a while and subjected to breast and electrical torture.

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:15PM
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I’m more than willing to be blindfolded during part of the live stream!


We are all looking forward to your live show.

What about a predictament where your ass and breasts are open to being whipped/caned while your pussy is electrified. A speculum with a current running through it would be amazing, though an electrified clamp on your clit would also work. Who knows, maybe both can be arranged.

The real excitement to this predictament is you control the switch to the electricity. Maybe a three sided die gets tossed, or your answers to questions, or something else determines whether you feel it on your ass, breasts, or pussy. If it's ass or breasts you just accept the sensation as the handlers beat on you. If it's pussy, you have to flip the switch, turn the crank, etc, to jolt yourself.

Hope that idea tickles your mind.

Posted: Tue Mar 12 2019 1:30PM
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My mind is indeed tickled! Not sure how much room why would have for dice but the thought of having to push a button to electrocute myself? It makes me sadistically (is that a word? Let’s make that a word) excited. That’s getting into playing with my mind a little bit!

Hey Brooke!

First of all let me say you were so great in Alex’s shoot as well!

Since you very much enjoyed Alex being edged and denied at the start I would recommend the same for you to start with!

They already mentioned above, but I would also like to mention that I would love to see some hard caning especially on your calves and tighs and electricity is also a great idea as always!

Looking forward to your shoot!


Posted: Sat Mar 16 2019 3:35PM
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It takes a bit of time to make me cum but edging is always fun! OT has made me cum lots before so I’m not worried at all

Hi Brooke,

would be very nice to see you with a black latex hood and another one to see gagged with panties.

What do you think about breathplay ? Is it an idea for the shoot ?

best regards

Posted: Sat Mar 16 2019 3:36PM
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I love breathplay and gagging on panties is always fun! Not sure what hoods OT has.

hey brooke
I am excited for the show! Thank you to suffer for us :)

here are my ideas/ wishes for the show:

as already mentioned i really would love to see your face dunked in pee. And i would love to see you drink it if we can do this scene at the end ;)

second and third wish which was already mentioned too: nose hook
and sewing mouth. Would that be possible? I would really love to see that! Even better it would be if we can put your slip in your mouth behind your teeth before sewing your mouth, so we will have our own kind of gag

it would be wonderful if we can sew your mouth in the early beginning of the show, so you are still "gagged" while electro play and/or caning

i hope my wishes are not too much for you Brooke
sorry for my bad english
waiting for the show and big thank you to you! :)

Posted: Thu Mar 21 2019 3:35PM
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This is my first time EVER doing needle play. Needles used to be a hard limit so it’s a big deal that I’ll be doing needle play during this live feed. I am not comfortable with anything sewn shut yet. Maybe in the future! I’m down to play with pee and drink a bit near the end! Drinking pee upsets my stomach and I don’t want to have to tap out because of my tummy. I’m so excited!!! It’s so close!!!!

Hello Brooke!

I had a special idea for you: would you ask OT during the interview to give you a non-stop 7 minute single tailing some time during the shoot?

It would be so exciting and intense, also it would be great to see you asking for it for yourself!


Posted: Fri Mar 22 2019 1:54AM
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Yes, it depends on OT, you just need to ask it nicely :)
I am happy that you like the idea and very much looking forward to the shoot!

Posted: Thu Mar 21 2019 3:41PM
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That would be SO intense. It’s up to OT but that sounds like a challenge. I would like to take that challenge one day!