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Hi guys,

I'm excited to do another live feed. Please post ideas you have for me!

I'm excited for getting whipped, bound, being in predicaments, verbal humiliation, squirting, fear play, maybe some electricity, etc.

I don't like needles, water squirted in my face, cutting any hair I didn't already remove myself, permanent marks, or things that are just ridiculous/physically harmful.

Can't wait for Riley and I to suffer for your entertainment!! See ya soon!

<3 Kel Bowie

Posted: Fri Jul 28 2017 8:45PM
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I asked for some blindfolded fear play to happen, so thanks to London for that.

Posted: Wed Jul 05 2017 5:31PM
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For fearplay can we run another forum which riley and you are not able to access, because fear comes from unknown, if you already know it wont have the same effect. Ofcourse we need to know your limits regarding fearplay before anybody can give any idea.

I will suggest complete Sensory Deprivation. Then we can make you pick one card from deck which will have numbers on the card( we can ask all our members to come up with any number before the scene which will be written on the empty cards along with the name of the memeber, also its easy way to process so many requests). Then you will have to pick cards from another deck which will have lets say whip, cane, nothing, whip on butt, cane on feet and so on written on it. Punishment and number on the cards will be what you will get. But twist is you wont be aware of the location, number and tool of punishment.

My only request on this one.
Kel was the chat bitch on the Ashley feed.

Cane her ass 20 times.
After each stroke,she will say= I will be a better chat bitch.
If she forgets to say it,start the count over.

Posted: Fri Jul 28 2017 8:48PM
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I'm sorry I was such a shitty chat bitch, I shall repent tomorrow. And hopefully keep the repeat requests to a minimum with bans in the future

Hi Kel

Not certain I will make the start of the show but should be there before the end. You never know though I might still be there the whole time.

This time for the prefeed we should test her balance. Think it was on another shoot somewhere but Tie Kels hands above her head, neck would be preferred but not sure if allowed. She would then have to stand on a small see saw which with legs wide apart. each movement would choke her a bit. Could use a skate board if that is easier.

I obviously propose a dog / cat food game but nothing new there. With Riley if she will play but just Kel would be good. Could be the blank tin game three tins no label choose one that sort of thing.

Maybe even a crucified Riley watching down on the show. something that will get pretty sore / tiring before the end. Nothing too serious but a little challenge.

For a bit of fear play we could cuff Kel into a cage preferably on something we can adjust height. Then set fire to something in the metal bucket. It could put on tray that could be pulled under the cage and we could pull it slower and faster depending on how scared she is and adjust the height of the cage (would like this one but be careful)

Before the final scene we put earphones in with white nose blind fold and gag kel. Then we all put in a few ideas of what we will do to her then vote on the final scene. Maybe even OT / London could put forward three and we choose then she wont know what is coming.

I appreciate that this would need to be done with London on Chat so may not be possible but how about Kel lieing on a bed of ice cubes tied spreadeagle pulled tight while there are 10 candles hanging above her. Light the candles and watch the candles drip wax all over her. Would be even better if the are hanging and can be swung randomly.

Thats a good start at least.


Posted: Fri Jul 07 2017 4:26PM
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To expand on the see saw we could put both girls one each end and put the canilever in the best place for balance based on height and weight (very scientific) and one chokes (or is stretched) while the other is ok.

Posted: Fri Jul 07 2017 4:25PM
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Yeah firemen on standby with big hoses - I did wonder if it would be a good idea in the studio. Still the Ice bed sounds promising.

Posted: Fri Jul 07 2017 1:10PM
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Unfortunately we cannot do fire play in the current studio.

I do however love the idea of the ice and wax. I will see about doing that.

Posted: Thu Jul 06 2017 7:10PM
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I really liked candle and ice cubes idea. I will like to add to it, before wax even touches her body , we should cool down her torso with ice cubes it will heighten the sensation.It will be soothing first and burning pretty soon.

One request is Kel face the tremor, the being dunk in the fish tank and then Riley as her spank bench Kel faces whip, cane, belt, paddle and cattle prod whilst being in sensory deprivation and then she has to by bound with full sensory deprivation still with numbours ropes around her neck each handler has a implants of their choices they beat her to she begs it to stop and myself and five other members agree for it to stop. Can we also not have Riley as chat bitch but bound on set please

Posted: Fri Jul 07 2017 1:12PM
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These are some great ideas, but this is almost an exact duplicate of the last show. Let's try to come up with some new ideas for each show.

We need to see return of crotch rope. Preferably crotch rope predictament involving both the models(if possible) we can also use buttplug(if anal is on cards) under the crotch rope for double stimulation. She will only taken out of tgis predicament once she had cum but we will take it very slow. Edging her over and over with crotch rope squezing her pussy and crotch rope will also push buttplug deeper everytime she loses any control over her asshole.

Hi can we get Kel suspend upside down and have a big trash can full of left over food and dump her in it head first blindfolded, then can we see her whipped by the handlers for smelling fawl. Maybe also make her bath in mud or the left over food and then have to act like a pig and eat the leftover food like a pig and have shitty breath, piggy written on her chest and ass. Can Riley also by bound on set please to watch the show better. Can we also have full sensory deprivation for Kel please to enhance the fear aspect and may use a single tail on her ass, thighs and calfs was she is being dump in the food wastes. Then at the end dump the content over her and get every handler to say how smell she is and what a dirty whore bag she is and have her get caned 50 times or for how much she complaines throughout the sessions.

Could we see Kel like this or like this

Posted: Sat Jul 08 2017 3:39PM
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Only the second picture came through. What about that one do you like? The shorts? The one leg up?

This is how Riley should be

Posted: Sat Jul 08 2017 3:51PM
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We can definitely do that. Kel like this please but blindfolded too. Ot what do you think other by trash can idea for Kel that's my other post

Posted: Sat Jul 08 2017 3:56PM
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The plastic bag might be possible.

The trash idea is not possible. However, we might be able to do something messy. Can we possible have Kel like this maybe if we can't do trash can idea what about being dump into a fish tank or large pool of leftover food would that work ot

Posted: Sat Jul 08 2017 4:02PM
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Suspensions are difficult. Unfortunately we don't have the ability to "dunk" Kel. However, we can work on something messy for you.

Can we have Kel in fully sensory deprivation and each handler ask memebers to name an activity or tasks they wish Kel to do and then she performs the tasks if the memeber is satisfied with her perform then she get no punishment if the memeber is unsatised then she gets a punish that the memeber who set the tasks chooses and how many of these is admister to her what do you think of this ot can Kel or Riley try the tremor or can Riley by in that position in the photo is sent and by set on the tremor or sybian throughout the show what do you think of these ideas ot

Posted: Thu Jul 13 2017 8:52PM
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It's hard to understand this suggestion, sorry!

Making these models slap each other will be great as well(ofcourse if kel is ready to participate to that extent), everytime they slap each other they have to come up with the reason(it should be negative or humiliating, again if they both fine with it) as to why she deserve to be slapped. Then while we deprive riley of her senses, we come up with tasks for kel, as we decide on rewards/punishments we ask riley if her answer is yes or no. Based on her answer we do that thing to kel , lets say we agreed to cane kel 50 times, we will ask riley if her answer is yes or no. If she says yes kel gets caned 50 times if no she doesnt. but things wont be that easy, we can also ask " shouldnt kel be caned 50 times?" now if riley says no kel gets caned otherwise not. ofcourse riley wont know the question she will only have to chose either yes or no. After we are done with the kel, they have to slap each other again, where kel can take her frustration out on riley while riley can either chose to calm kel down or point her out she is acting silly. What do you think of this idea ot I know Riley is only their to watch

Posted: Sat Jul 08 2017 4:28PM
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Riley is the decoration. It is a time for her to reflect on her own livefeed. She may interact with Kel at some point if needed, but there are no guarantees. Please try to focus on Kel.

I have put an idea about Kel performing tasks it's the first part of my posts before the bit about Riley above the face slapping idea what do you think of that ot

Posted: Sat Jul 08 2017 4:40PM
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That sounds like a fine idea. However, if she is in full sensory deprivation how do we give her commands?

She does not have to have headphones on until she has to perform the tasks the memeber picks for her and she has to have them on when she is being punished

Posted: Sat Jul 08 2017 4:43PM
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Sure that might work as an idea.

Can I give Kel the first and last tasks and punishment if I am not satafied with her performance as it is my idea and on both of these can she say through her gag Joel you are a big cunt and I hate you and love you at the same time. Thanks for my punishment

Ot what do you think of my last idea and can we get Riley to say thank you excessively to my for her position she will by put in too by have Joel's slave written on her chest

I know Kel Always likes a challenge so here is one you guys may or may not like

A pole / post in the middle of the stage. Kel has her ankles tied tight to her thighs and arms bound in a hogtied position with the pole between her legs. Her neck is attached to the pole but not too tight. In front of her to her left are three bowls. Kel has to transfer all the contents of the bowls to a bucket that is on her right. The catch is that the neck rope is ONLY JUST long enough to reach the bowls. Obviously the bowls contain Dog / Cat food Mayonaise I remember she loved that.

We give her 10 minuts 15 if we are having fun and mark a line in the bucket / container that she has to pass. She gets it passed the mark she gets an orgasm if not we cane and whip her.

We could do this first and if she fails she gets NO orgasm for the shoot.


Posted: Thu Jul 27 2017 10:53AM
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Hi Kel let's see you get trained like a dog you have to act like a dog, eat like a dog and even speak like a dog. Second idea is to have you used by all the handlers as their toilet we can have you as their toilet for them to piss down your throat. A three idea is to have you bound in a dogs cage and have you espace from the cage the handlers have to stop you from getting out. A four suggestions is to have you decerition model tied on top of you and you have to fight against her to get out of cage first one out gets and orgasm the last one out get their head out in water or water board. My final suggestions is for you to say thanks Joel for my punishment your a one massive cunt.

Posted: Thu Jul 27 2017 3:52AM
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Could she by standing on some uncomfortable objects like rice or Mables or shape objects and can she have all members named wrote on her and then she has to give each member a reasons why she is such a whore and why we should not punish her and why she thinks she is a good girl and if the members are not happy the she gets 10 stokes of an implement or can she say I am big fat Whore who needs punishment thank you Joel you cunt. Could we see Kel get trained as a dog or pig and have to spen some time in the cage which could by electricfiled and each time she touches the bars she get a shock.

Posted: Thu Jul 27 2017 3:30AM
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Can we have Kel tied in a hogtie and given 10 minutes to espace and if unsuccessful she gets punished and can she by brought in to the set in a dogs cadge and put back in their for the last part to protect the members lol

Posted: Thu Jul 13 2017 8:50PM
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We did pretty much that same thing on my last live feed so let's go with something new!

If Kel is wondering about electricity, maybe try having her stand with her hands tied above her head and her feet in heels in a spreader a foot apart with an electrified copper pipe running between her legs just enough that the heels and spreader she's wearing keep the pipe away from her enough to keep from getting shocked by it.
Start by clamping her nipples and running the current through both the clamps and the pipe and give her a good old fashioned interrogation. When she can't, won't or doesn't answer a question to member's or staff's approval,remove her clamps and heels and let her try the rest of the session on her tip-toes.

Posted: Sun Jul 30 2017 12:07AM
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Thanks girls for a wounderful show. See u next time

Posted: Fri Jul 28 2017 11:41PM
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Electrified nipple clamps maybe could be a thing.

Thanks everyone I had so much fun!!

Kelter Skelter Part 2 is broken

The videos have been reuploaded. They work now. Please let us know if there are any further problems.

ok Thx