Keira Croft December 1st Livefeed!!
Keira will be in shortly to discuss her show.

Posted: Tue Dec 04 2018 4:42PM
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Hey OT, hope you're well. I remember we discussed something during the last live feed and I got a reply saying to e-mail for more details. Lost the e-mail address but would love to hear more about it. Kind regards, Skinner

what is her limits?

will she doing double anal?

needles/ nail?

sewing of mouth and vagina?


Come out and play, Keira. We want to know what makes you wet. Playing coy will not do.

Hey guys! I am SUPER excited for my first live stream!!

I want this to be a really fun and intense shoot, so let's start brainstorming

I won't be able to do any sewing or needles this time, but I'd definitely like to try some anal fun, suspension, and more beatings!!

Help me think of some fun things we can do to make me cry :)

Things that will always get me excited:
-Suspension, hanging/choking positions
-whipping, punching, slapping, tickling
-anal, being made to squirt, any penetration
-being bagged or gagged
-water boarding
-anything with my feet
-mild electricity
-anything to make me squirm and scream and cry!

Things that I won't be doing this time:
-double anal
-strong electricity

Posted: Tue Nov 20 2018 11:21AM
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I second this idea! But when we run out of squirt to waterboard you with have the handlers piss on you as well!

Posted: Tue Nov 20 2018 9:07AM
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Hi Keira,

What makes you squirt? I'm hoping anal helps get you there.

I think a bowl should be placed under your legs. A pear of anguish should be opened inside of your ass and locked. The handlers can take turns slapping you. If you have any piercings they should be connected to a mild electrical current.

With that in place you should be stimulated, with a wand or whatever gets you there, till you squirt. And squirt. And squirt some more. Until you fill that bowl between your legs.

Which will be used later to waterboard you.

Hello Keira,

I’m so glad you you’ve decided to do your first show. Here’s to hoping it’s a pleasurable and memorable experience for you!

I like the ‘pear of anguish’ in the ass idea to start, but my thoughts would be to have you in a kneeling position, legs spread and ankles bound to the floor, with a bar underneath your thighs to keep you slightly elevated with the pear also anchored to the floor with a chain. In this position, you’d also have a rope or collar around your neck suspended above you, where you’re slightly choking yourself a bit and your arms bound at full extension to your side to provide balance. So from this position, you could either choke yourself more to take the tension off the pear, or kneel higher to take the tension off your neck, but increase the pear pressure. (No pun intended) From here we could question you on your background and thoughts with perhaps a little single-tail thrown in.

Since you mentioned suspension and light electricity, perhaps we could combine the two. I was thinking a hanging crotch rope, where your feet are only slightly off the floor. Just high enough to where you could take the tension off the rope if you wanted. From here you’d also have electrodes connected to your nipples with the ‘go’ switch for the electricity connected to a pressure plate under your feet at a low setting. Whenever you decide to take the pressure off your crotch and stand on the plate, the electricity flows to your nipples. If you wanted both the electricity and rope tension to stop and needed a break, that’s when the whipping would start and you could only stop it by agreeing to have the pressure plate returned at a higher electricity setting. At the end of this, it would be fantastic to see you ‘almost’ cum in this position.

Finally, since the weather has been so all over the place from cold to hot to cold again, maybe we can recreate that a bit in a scene. I’m thinking sitting you in an upright position with your arms bound above you and out to your sides, with your legs spread wide and ankles bound in a pillory. You’d be wearing a bagged gag in this position that allows us to un-blindfold/un-gag you when we need to. You would also be sitting on a block of ice. Your back would be oiled up and a heater would be placed behind you and slowly dialed up in intensity during the scene. From here you’d have ‘IcyHot’ applied to your armpits and your choice of either your nipples or labia, but whichever one doesn’t get the application gets clamped and attached by string to your toes. Your feet would then be tickled, whipped and stung with rubber bands until the tears really started to flow and you’d finally earned your reward for the day.

I saw you didn’t mention caning anywhere in either your pro’s or con’s, but if that’s something you’re into, by all means substitute that in anywhere you see fit!

I’m looking forward to the shoot! Cheers!


Hi keira.

what do you think about an intensive foot torture?

let´s bound your feet up and let you kneeling on some spikes by being alternativly whipped on your soles or beeing burned with a heater?


bound to a cross and your and some candles are placed under your soles... then you get some matches between your toes...
then you got whipped and you have to keep control of the matches, otherwiese they will fall down and inrease the flame..


you have to stand on a grate, with your toes bound...
then we will ask you some questions...
for every wron answer we will put one candle under the grate to increase the heat or 3 cane strokes on the toe nails ;)

all the best


hi Kiera,

my wish for your RTB-show is a lot of duct tape action.

this is my wish for every RTB-show but O.T. said, he can`t find a good quality silver duct tape. (-:

i don`t understand the problem because so many other bondagesites uses silver duct tape.

What do you think Kiera? Can you buy some duct tape on your own for the show?

greetings from Germany

Posted: Wed Nov 21 2018 2:15PM
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hi O.T.,

great news you`re the best (-:

i hope you buy more rolls for the future shoots on all insexsites (-;

the clear tape is nice but little bit variety by kinds of tape will be nice (-:

i am so excited for the mummification and hope that kiera loves the idea of a nice wraparound duct tape gag and/or blindfold for example.

Posted: Wed Nov 21 2018 12:52PM
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Hi Inflames,

You’re in luck. I JUST found a decent quality tape. I did a full mummification scene. We can definitely use the extra rolls for Keira if she’s interested.

Hope I'm not too late to add anything, following on azraels idea of hot/cold I would love to see some hot sauces or wasabi involved, perhaps have keira roll a dice and have 6 different substances that will make her gag/cry and make her eat it or spread on her pussy/tits whilst being bagged. this can be followed with lots of ice (maybe even dunk her in a tank of it).

Also would love to see waterboarding at some point, maybe with different liquids and her own piss

Dear Members,
since my internet connection died abruptly in the middle of Keira's live feed yesterday can You give a full recap of what happened after her mummification?
I'm very happy to see that next model will be Victoria. It seems to me she is very lovely and tough.