Dolly Mattel September 8th Livefeed
Dolly will be in soon to describe her interests and limits.

Posted: Tue Aug 21 2018 4:10AM
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Welcome Dolly I am sure we can work with that


Posted: Mon Aug 20 2018 11:50AM
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Hi friends!!! I'm Dolly!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ’•

I'm into average gross girl things like being choked/suffocated, being slapped/punched in the face, being bitten (i don't bruise easily & this is one way that always makes me bruise & i love bruises sooooo), sensory deprivation, being talked down to (specifically about my intelligence), dollification/bimbo type things? and probably more that dont immediately come to mind πŸ™ŠπŸ’•

As for limits, I'm not interested in electricity or stingy pain(i prefer thuddy pain). I'm not okay with body shaming, so as long as nobodys calling me a fat ugly bitch ill be great πŸ˜šπŸ’•

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm so looking forward to my livefeed with you guys!!!!πŸ’˜πŸŒΈπŸ’“πŸŽ€πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ’ž

Hello Dolly!

Glad you could join us again! Hopefully we'll get good weather this time! LOL

The first thought I had was having you ride 'the horse' in varying phases of sensory deprivation. It should be a 'rocking horse' for this scene, so you're constantly in motion. You'd have one sense taken away at time during your ride, ultimately leading to them all taken away before you could dismount. I was thinking hearing first, then sight, then speech, ending with full sensory deprivation. You'd be holding your panties in your hands, which if you dropped them would be the signal for your safe word when in full sensory deprivation. Weights on her legs and clamps on her nipples could be added liberally at each phase of the scene. And since you like 'thuddy' pain, being hit with the thick, plastic tubing on your ass, calves, thighs and tummy during your ride would be exquisite.

Another idea was to have a nice question and answer session to gauge your intelligence, or lack thereof. You'd be placed on your knees with your hands bound by the wrists spread at full extension to your sides. Your ankles would be bound to keep your legs widely spread apart. From here you'd be asked various academic questions. For each one you got wrong, a binder clip would be added to your body.

There will be a lot of questions and not answering them using correct protocol will immediately count as a wrong answer.

When all of the questions have been exhausted, or we run out of binder clips, all of the clips would be linked together in a zipper and tied to the floor. You could either stand on your own or be pulled to your feet by your neck to remove them. I think that would produce some interesting 'bite' marks.

Finally, It'd be nice to 'doll-up' Dolly. Give her an extensive make-up treatment to make her look like a doll (or clown) and tie her down to the 'Tremor'. Keep her hands bound above her head and her ankles bound so that they can be raised up slightly to put all her weight on her knees unless she places more strain on her arms. Then turn on the Tremor, give her the full 'rock and roll' treatment, and watch her mascara run.

Looking forward to the shoot!


So just to check - No body shaming but calling you Thick as shit, dumb, stupid etc is all ok.

I am sure I can work with that

Slapped and punched sounds like a perfect starting point. Seeing OT slap you harder than we have seen in a long time would be amazing. Especially with a few punches to.
Lets cuff you ankles and hands behind back then attach a rope to the ceiling from your neck.
Write "PUNCH BAG" on you and get the boxing gloves out for a beating :)
Then more slaps and more punches.

We could then lift you and get you to balance on a thin beam neck still attached to the roof and more slaps.

I do like the idea of really testing your intelligence (or lack of he he) so we need a quiz, similar to Azreal suggestion is good. If you ever answer any correct then you get nice things other than that bad things happen

If you want to be a Dolly we can make you nearer WAX

We need a set up where you are pinned to the floor and more wax is thrown on you top to bottom than we have had in ages. REALLY covered in wax.

Thuddy pain will mean we have to get out the bats rather than the whip....Well lets do that huge plank of wood and lets just go to town on you.

Biting sound fun get all crew members and the decoration if there is one to simultaneously bite you huge bits and marks all over your body.

I do like a predicament so why not a simple one to do the prefeed. You are attached to the wall with the neck cuff and hands cuffed. The key hangs tantalizingly close but out of will really really have to choke yourself to get out.

I am not sure if we have in a while so we need a simple crouch rope and bucket. We could incorporate that into the questions Crouch rope and when you get a question wrong we throw in a huge boulder then another then another.

Sorry for the ramblings just thinking allowed to get started


Posted: Fri Sep 07 2018 1:17PM
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Though I understand that it's an intelligence shaming comment, but "Thick as shit" can too easily be heard the wrong way. So no on that one. The rest are great though.

hey Dolly,

What do you think of the following suggestions?

- breathplay bagging - timer - suffocation;

- breathplay facesitting - bound - facesitting by another model;

- enema (similar to London River’s new vid/ similar to Cowgirl insex enema vid on table;

- enema in tub, tub filled up with water (similar to London and then caged down;

Hi Dolly,

I like the horse. It would be great with a high and tight strappado that pushes your clit hard onto the horse. It would be delightful to have a small pen vibrator pushed up to your clit from the front and watch and listen to you go from pleasure to extended punishment. Especially while we deride your intelligence for getting into this fix.

Of course, your delightful titties need to be tightly bound. Either a brutal harness or popping out from thin rope wrapped round and round. Topped with clover clips pulled down to the front of the horse.

You like thuddy pain? How about you getting all of your body beaten with straw sweeping brooms or with stringy mops. Or both. Wet and dry. Wet should be more thuddy.

The straw broom would be good to sweep out your nasty crack.

So you want to be a doll. I should have known that from your name. What kind of doll should we, your doll makers, make you into? A love doll, a posing doll, a latex doll, a marionette. I vote for all of the above.

I especially want you to be a marionette, so that we can be your puppeteers and pull all your strings. It would be a delightful recipe for disaster to have you put on your lipstick and other makeup while you're our puppet. Maybe one of your strings needs to be a crotch rope.

Then you can cum unstrung onto a hard sybian ride. You can always find a use for your strings on your ride.

Your too perfect to be a Barbie, but we can try to make you into one. Lots of overly tight plastic wrap around you waist to make it much smaller. And a hood with a head rope pulled up tight. Then lots of punching with thuddy things like fists to see how much it does take to bruise you.

Just suggesting...

Should be fun. I'm looking forward to it.

Hi Dolly! I'm excited for your shoot it's less than 5 days away and going to be great. These breathplay ideas are awesome especially since you are into it. Can you put a bag over your own head and trust your handlers for your next breath? Perhaps cuffing yourself or leave enough air to allow time for you to be put into bondage. Maybe they can slap you around inside the cozy confines of a produce bag.

Since Dolly is into sensory deprivation and breath play. . . . what about an inflatable hood or latex rebreather hood?

Ah!!! Ok sorry for my lack of responses, I genuinely couldn't figure out how to post another reply.

BUT ALL OF THESE IDEAS ARE GREAT!!! Though, I forgot to mention enema's and nipple torture are also off the table for me! And maybe, being called "thick as shit" could also be Otherwise, most everything sounds like a terrifyingly, humiliatingly, perfect time!!

There's so many ideas I dont even know what to touch on first! The idea of being a puppet/marionette has always been a huge fantasy of mine, the lack of control is most always my favorite thing about these scenes. I can't say that I've ever been hooded either so that would be some new fun. Being a punching bag? Helllllllll yes please!!!!! I'm so excited for this!!! I hope you guys are too!!!

What about Vacbed? Or water bondage (water tank) or caged in a tank or lower caged in water tub?

Can you match the intensity of this vacbeds

Or this breathplay hood


With the new information supplied by Dolly, if the Q/A scenario I suggested earlier is still on the books as a possible scene, I'd like to suggest a few changes.

The binder clips for wrong answers would be applied symmetrically on both sides of her body (2 per incorrect answer) starting at her under arms from the elbow, AROUND her breasts (no nipples), down her sides from the armpit, then down her inner thighs to the knee and ending with her labia, should we get that far.

The start of the tie point for the zipper would be around her mouth, acting as a slight gag, and it would culminate at a tie point between her legs so she would have to watch them all come off when she stood up.

Also, and again if it's still a possibility, for the 'rocking horse' scene, since nipple clamps are a limit, in addition to the weights on her legs, maybe consistent hits with the plastic tubing on her ass and stomach in rhythm with the movement of the horse to keep her in motion would be a better option.

Just a thought, and I'm looking forward to the weekend!


Fair enough. Scratch clover clips - tits still need to be tied though.

Seems like we doll makers should be able to figure a way to incorporate being a marionette into the horse ride. We still must have all the other marionette action.

Dollies need to be dressed. How should we dress our doll? Ruffly panties and a cute baby doll top? An american girl school girl outfit. Think of the possibilities - a bare bottom, over the knee spanking. That should be thuddy and make things bright red.

Of course, we know the clothes get cut off.

Maybe our doll is one that drink from a bottle and wets her panties. What fun - she can wear rubber panties to keep the piss in. Of course, the panties need to also hold vibrating dildos in her holes as well.

We need to make sure her holes get filled in many ways for a long time. And we must not forget about bruising by biting - so many tender places! Biting with hoods so it comes as a surprise a plus.

Oh, so looking forward to Saturday! It will be delightful.

How dumb does a girl have to be to sign up for this?