ZIP Folder without any content
Hi there,

does anybody have an idea: I download the ZIP photo folders, it shows me that there is a content of ...Kbs or whatsoever, but when I want to unzip the system tells me that the folder is empty... and it is... any idea?

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Sat Jun 01 2019 9:48PM
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Try downloading it again. The zip was rencoded.

I'm having the same unfortunate experience. It's a real drag saving individual photos.

Your zips don't work and you have NO support whatsoever is what I'll be telling people about this site.

Which update are you having trouble with?

Nevermind. I owe this site a HUGE apology. I tried a different zip extractor program and it worked! Sorry. :

No worries. It happens. I’m glad you worked this out.

Again. HUGE apology.

What program do you recommend for opening your zip files?

Thank you.