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Join the fun of the Live Feed with Ashley Lane and decoration model Kel Bowie on July 1st.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 8:25PM
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I will take it as yes for challenge. All we need for this trick to work is washable ink/marker, small bucket to hold pee in, nipple clamps(hope you are fine with nipple clamps on your pussy lips, if not we use other contraption to hold bucket between your legs) . I will keep the rest of the idea a surprise for the live show. It will cover all your kinks i.e. humiliation, piss and servitude.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 3:45PM
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I'm good with humiliation. Bring it!

Posted: Tue Jun 27 2017 2:06AM
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Perfect ashley, i see you cute little girl is going all nasty. For water sport, i have very cool idea, i know you love challenges, i have one for you but well within your limits as long as you are fine with humiliation? Idea i have is very creative, will take your show to different level. Accept it, if you are intriqued. It might be a surprise you will love and never forget. So challenge accepted?

Posted: Mon Jun 26 2017 5:35PM
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Swallowing is fine :)

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 11:11PM
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Its great that you are into watersport, comfortable swallowing it? if yes than i have idea for you, if not its all good.

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 10:23PM
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Hello! I'm so happy I'm going to be your first live feed! I don't mind the nappy thing. Enema play is all good with me as well as eating nasty food and peeing.

Posted: Tue Jun 13 2017 12:04AM
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Let me know why you think of their ideas ladies

Posted: Tue Jun 13 2017 12:04AM
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Hi can we see Both models suffer and have more sensory deprivation and force to eat nasty food and wear a nappy and do the activities above

Posted: Tue Jun 13 2017 12:01AM
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Hi as it's my debut live show can you make them bag to cum using me name
And I email you guys on the live show when she can cum and can you make her wee and shit her self in her nappy use an enema. Please

Wow this could be epic. Really hope I can make the show not certain yet as next months work rota isnt out. But when has that stopped me putting ideas forward.

With Kel being the decoration how much are we going to use her. Usually the decoration isnt involved too much so with that in mind my first proposal is a stressful position of bondage which will get harder over time and leave her to suffer. I am sure you can think of something. Something like that start of Tess's but for a lot longer or standing on stones of on a ball that rolls about. that sort of thing.

For Ashley the first thing we need to work on is her Fuck You Scooshs. (Again if i am there) The last time she was too nice and polite to say it so we can beat that into her. :)

Secondly if limits allow we need some humiliation with the return of the dog food / cat food. Maybe even a card game between the two were the winner gets the nice chocolate cake and the loser gets piss and dog food.

Maybe even a Predicament bondage position where they really on each other to not choke of where you beat one until she passes it to the other. They might be too tough for this.

How about a position where Ashley is Spreadeagled on the floor ropes attached to eye hooks....You get Kel to help and London and the have to hold the leg or hand ropes and walk forward thus stretching Ashley. While she is being stretched move in and whip and cane her or kick her where it hurts...again limit dependent.

Maybe for Kel the full sensory deprivation position to leave her not knowing what is going on.

If memory serves Ashley was ok with pee so something like we did with Dresden would be cool.

Ashley is so beautiful we need to do something to mess that up....writing and things n the hair would work.

Again all ideas are dependent on limits but a good start point.


Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 8:29PM
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Thats perfectly understandable ashley. We can either make you stand on marbles instead of balls. That way you will suffer the pain and have to balance with being afraid of doing damage to your neck. We can also loosely tie your feet up so you will have to work. Which will break you down much faster than anything else.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 3:48PM
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I love neck ropes,however, I have horrible balance and I'd rather not actually damage my neck so that probably won't be the best idea. I do like the spike board though.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 9:36AM
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I think tying her legs up and made to stand on spike board will not break her. The reason why i wish RTB crew to use balls is because, with rope around her neck and arms tied up behind, she has to continously adjust and balance herself, so she doesnt get chocked. Not only constant pressure of standing over the balls tire her feet but also her legs, back and abdomen i.e. core.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 7:51AM
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Do agree with Master X that Ashley has perfect attitude and she is tough nut to break and breaking her is necessary.

During prefeed Ashley hands can be tied back , legs cuffed and she should be made to stand on spike board. Ashley can be whipped in that position so that she feel the pressure of standing on spike.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 12:14AM
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I like your attitude Ashley, you seem like very adventerous lady. I agree that you seem like tough little girl so breaking you down is necassary,it will only heighten sensation of pain that it seems you love. Starting prefeed with your hands tied up behind your back with noose type neck bondage around your neck while you are made to stand over small hard ball like cricket or field hockey ball each right under toes of your feet. It should tire you up and push you to focus your inner strength that will get tested with every passing second.

Posted: Mon Jun 26 2017 5:36PM
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Predicaments are always welcomed :) I like a challenge

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 11:18PM
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I like scoosh's idea but i can add something up to those i feel, if its fine with you scoosh, instead of card game we can pit these two models against each other in predicament where loser gets corporal punishment while we edge her and winner gets rewarded with orgasm subjected to permission of members ofcourse. Having Kel in sensory deprivation will be good till we need her, will fuck her mind up in anticipation.

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 10:27PM
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haha FUCK YOU SCOOSH I hope you will be joining us then.

I love the game idea and the spread eagle idea!


Posted: Tue Jun 13 2017 6:25PM
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I think OT should give us a demonstration of his titty torture skills!!

I like fearplay with sadism, what i suggest is after giving model a nice whiping, you should spray rubbing alcohol over her marks, the effects will be drastic if she isnt expecting something like that, sensory deprivation while doing it can also add to the effect. I havent try it on anyone but rubbing alcohol always burns so its quute a safe bet and if it had intended effect we can follow it after every few whips. That will make her feel helpless and will surely fuck her mind up.

Posted: Sat Jun 24 2017 11:33AM
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Yes, after giving her corporal Ashley body should be rubbed with alcohol, so that she feels the pain.

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 11:20PM
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perfect ashley, i have never used rubbing alcohol in play but i am hopeful that it will burn.

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 10:28PM
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loving the alcohol idea ;)

tape the girls in 69 position on a bed together. they of to lick each other. tape gag and blindfold kel and ashley (without pantyhose over head!!!). fuck the the girls with dildos and other stuff

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 10:29PM
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I don't do g/g however it would be nice to be in a compromising position with Kel.

All good ideas can we combine them all together and do all of the have hooded alcohol rub a nappy to do their business in and in 69 position so their have to smell each other Fawel business.

Hello all!

I'm so excited to be on RTB again :D

Here are some of my limits:

- nipple clamps
- hood and gag at the same time
- electricity on my hood piercing
- kicking or punching in the pussy & stomach

All I can think of at this moment...

Some things I'm really into:

- watersports
- corporal punishment
- choking
- rough body play
- predicaments
- anal

All ideas are welcomed and I can't wait to hear what you guys come up! xx

Posted: Fri Jun 30 2017 7:31AM
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Ashley gorgeous and beautiful body should be used as cardboard for drawing marks, welts and stripes & rough body plays, Ashley's ass & pussy holes should be used as dump for icyhot and Ashley's mouth should be used as dump for piss whenever required during the shoot.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 8:43PM
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I wonder how you will approach the idea of slapping the kel knowing she will only slap you back harder? Or we can give responsibility of slapping/caning to the handler. That way you wont have to do it yourself.

Since you are fine with icyhot, we can use fresh ginger root instead of icyhot, has same effect, is natural and its effect get fade away after a while. We can order kel to carve a buttplug from ginger root. After that it will be shoved up your ass and when it starts to burn, we can do leash and vibrator thing or just cane/whip your ass making your asshole to squeze that buttplug only making your ass to burn more.

Bringing both the models to pre feed by leash will be fun as well.

Sorry i got bit carried away, completely forgot nipple clamps are in your limits, so we can leave that idea.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 4:21PM
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Verbal humiliation is good. I'm not easily humiliated with words so I'd like to see you try.

Leash and collar is a cool idea! Don't get to play with that too often.

The question idea is fun, however, I wouldn't like to slap Kel only because I'm purely a submissive and slapping her would not be fun for me.

Objectification is fun for me! So like the footstool idea.

All corporal punishment is good with me!

Wax play, icy hot, clothespin are great too!

No nipple clamps. I put my limits are up for a reason.

Enema play would be fun but I know it is limited.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 10:36AM
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More ideas

Ashley hooded, placed in predicament bondage, then given corporal punishment. While in hood, Ashley is asked to fuck dildos with icyhot/hotsauce/capsaisum , while she is getting corporal punishment.

Ashley is given enema, and is asked to hold her for longer duration. While she is holding enema, Ashley is asked to lick boots of crew members and also during that time Ashley is given corporal. If Ashley releases enema without permission of members, the intensity of her corporal punishment increases.

Posted: Tue Jun 27 2017 9:23AM
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Few more ideas:

With Ashley's hand and legs tied apart, she is given baseball swing flogging by crew members by playing certain games like count from 1-20, with numbers not to be repeated, if the numbers are repeated baseball swing flogging starts again. Also Ashley can be asked to do dirty talks, failing which she will be flogged harder.

With Ashley's hands in handcans, legs tied with spreader-bar and being bent, Ashley is given baseball swing floggings, canning, whipping.
Also in the same predicament Ashley is slapped by crew members.

Suspended upside down, with hand in handcans, Ashley is whipped by crew members by taking turns for about 45 minutes.

Ashley in predicaments, she is made to walk(3-4 rounds) first on copper rod which has icyhoy/hotsauce/capsaisum coated. After this Ashley is asked to walk on copper rod with electricity while she is flogged, whipped and severe predicament.

Ashley is ask to sit on device(as in her 1st live RTB shoot) with her legs in spreader bar and then whipped by crew members who take turns whipping her, this time longer then her first shoot. After Ashley is whipped she is bend with her neck(as in her 1st live RTB shoot) and then caned by all the crew members one after the other. Crew members should remember Ashley's 2nd RTB live shoot where she voluntarily requested her to be caned on her booty.

Hope these ideas are with in the limits of Ashley lane. Wish to watch these ideas to be used on Ashley Lane if limits permits.

Posted: Tue Jun 27 2017 7:06AM
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I have given many ideas, here are the shoot where my ideas can be visualized and added few more ideas:

Ice Dildo torture scene:

Placed inside cage, roasted ,wax tortured and then suspended upside down then wax is dusted with whips,cane ,floggers.

Milked like human cow:

In Predicaments, then placed inside cold water tank and also hang by breast

Tied to post, given corporal turn by turn by crew members. Also in predicament, then whipped by crew members

Suspended upside down, with head inside piss bowl and Ashley is ask to swallow that piss with a straw.

Tied to backbender and then placed inside cold water tank:

Roasted in Predicament and placed inside cold water tank when in predicament.

Rough body play with Ashley asked to stand on spike, then wax tortured, cloth pins attached and pulled, all of these when she is standing on spike.

Hope now my ideas should be clear and hope that these are with in the limits of Ashley.

Posted: Sun Jun 25 2017 6:57AM
Posts: 31
I have one idea involving clamps and clothes pins, put nipple clamps, clothes pins on every sensitive bits while she is kneeling. Attach strings of different lengths tied back to a fixed object(back wall maybe) to those pins and clamps,then she has to crawl forward, making her take off one pin or clamp at a time. There will be so much anticipation. But it doesnt end there, there will be rice on the floor and ashley will be tied up in a way that only her elbows and knees touch the floor.To make it even more intresting we can tie those strings to clamps attached to pussy lips/nipples of caged Kel Bowie. We can name it "CRAWL OF SERVITUDE".

Posted: Sat Jun 24 2017 11:20AM
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Here are few ideas for Ashley Lane insex RTB live shoot:

During the initial question answer sessions Ashley should be used as footstool.

Tied with Ashley arm above her head legs spread you are whipped,caned,flogged very hard with baseball swing till Ashley starts sobbing and begging for more. This should continue for an hour..
She should be whipped by 5 Sadists at once on all parts of her body. I have seen Hazel whipped then by 5 Sadists. Ashley should beg the Sadists to whip,flog,cane her harder and harder loudly and beg for more.

Harder face slapping with she counting and begging to be slapped harder. Face slapping should be harder and should be given by PD, OT or other male crew members. In her first live RTB shoot was was given face slapping for not remembering members name. Ashley should not be allowed to let go such easily. Ashley should be given 5 cane/whip/flogger strokes and 2 slap for forgetting each members name.

Place her inside cage with her legs and hands tied to the cage and then with fire below her cage Ashley is roasted. Also after roasting her inside the cage, wax torture her ass,pussy and her whole body while she is helpless inside the cage. After she is removed from the cage, wax tortured her those parts of her body which are not wax tortured yet.I have watched Trina Michales wax tortured and roasted this way for love RTB shoot.
After wax torturing her body, She should be asked to take her tongue out, and with her tongue attached to some device and out, hot wax should be poured on her tongue. After tongue wax torture and device attached to tongue Ashley should be allow to drool on the floor and later she has to lick that drool' through her mouth.

Ashley standing on spike in with her hands cuffed behind her back and then whipped.

Big dildos with thick layers of icyhot/hotsauce/Capsaicin inserted deep inside Ashley's pussy and ass holes multiple times. After icyhot/Capsaicin/hotsauce is applied to her holes whipped,flogged,paddle her and then again apply icyhot/hotsauce/Capsaicin inside her holes. Ashley should enjoy the pain of her burning holes from icyhot/hotsauce/Capsaicin.
Ashley loves icyhot inside her holes, I have watched her few shoots where she takes icyhot deep inside her holes with great ease.

With spike under her feet and bend, milk her like human cow like it was done in earlier insex shoots. I have also seen Cici Rhodes doing such milking for her live shoot.

Ashley is given enema and she is ask her to hold them for longer duration, failing which she is given corporal punishment.

Place Ashley inside frozen water tank in predicament bondage. I have watch Dia Zerva, Sister Dee, Elise Graves taking such awesome torture. Elise was tied to back bender and then placed inside frozen water tank. Ashley can be given such torments.

Since Ashley loves messy ides, here is :Ashley is pissed on her mouth and ask to drink that piss.
Ashley is ask to collect piss of all the crew members in the vessel through out the shoot and at the end of shoots Ashley is ask to take bath with that piss. Ashley should also be rolled on the floor where piss has fallen. Ashley lane should be used
as Urinal dump whenever possible during the shoot by crew members.

Since Ashley loves watersports, place her in inverted suspension like it was done with Dresden with her head in piss bucket. Ashley is also given straw in that position to drink piss.

Ashley has the habit of screaming, Ashley should be punished for that especially with corporal punishment and icy hot on her holes. More the Ashley scream more brutal corporal punishment should be given and more thicker icy hot to be applied on her holes.

In her 1st RTB shoot Ashley was made to walk on electric copper rod, this time also ask her to walk on electric copper rod with more intense electricity, predicaments and corporal. Also place hotsauce/icyhot/Capsaicin in those rod as well, so that she feels the real pain.

Hang her by her breasts.

Make Ashley clean and lick the muddy shoes, failing to clean and lick the muddy shoes properly she should be given corporal punishment.

Since Ashley loves rough body play: Put cloth pins on all her body and then pull all of them together in meaner and merciless ways.
Scene could be placed her inside a cage with 1 door opening, put cloth pins in her body with rope attached to the door which opens and pull that door with ropes at-once, so that all the cloth pins are removed.

With Ashley's hands and legs in handcuffed, give her ice dildo which has keys, which she has to melt using her holes only. Failing to get out of the cuff with in certain times, her corporal punishment intensity increases.

Hope my ideas are clear and these ideas suits Ashley's limits.

Posted: Sun Jun 18 2017 6:37PM
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Making these models slap each other will be great as well(ofcourse if kel is ready to participate to that extent), everytime they slap each other they have to come up with the reason(it should be negative or humiliating, again if they both fine with it) as to why she deserve to be slapped. Then while we deprive kel of her senses, we come up with tasks for ashley, as we decide on rewards/punishments we ask kel if her answer is yes or no. Based on her answer we do that thing to ashley, lets say we agreed to cane ashley 50 times, we will ask kel if her answer is yes or no. If she says yes ashley gets caned 50 times if no she doesnt. but things wont be that easy, we can also ask " shouldnt ashley be caned 50 times?" now if kel says no ashley gets caned otherwise not. ofcourse kel wont know the question she will only have to chose either yes or no. After we are done with the ashley, they have to slap each other again, where ashley can take her frustration out on kel while kel can either chose to calm ashley down or point her out she is acting silly.

Posted: Sat Jun 17 2017 11:07PM
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Excited to have you as well Ashley, i am very much into verbal humiliation, is it fine with you?

I will love to see you lead to every act with leash and collar and you stay on your knees every time you get a break.

and now for the act

How about making you work to earn your orgasm, you will have to fuck a fixed dildo in some tiring stressful position, for every 6-8 strokes/seconds of dildo you get one second of vibrator,you earn time over the vibrator by fucking a dildo and if you cannot cum within the earned time over the vibrator, you have to go back to fixed dildo but every time you go back on fixed dildo more and more weight is attached to you and ofcourse motivation or should i say discouragement will be provided by cane or whip. There will be twist though, you cannot cum without the permission of me and 2 other members nominated by the crew.

Making these models slap each other will be great as well(ofcourse if kel is ready to participate to that extent), everytime they slap each other they have to come up with the reason(it should be negative or humiliating, again if they both fine with it) as to why she deserve to be slapped. Then while we deprive Ashley of her senses, we come up with tasks for kel , as we decide on rewards/punishments we ask ashley if her answer is yes or no. Based on her answer we do that thing to kel, lets say we agreed to cane kel 50 times, we will ask aahley if her answer is yes or no. If she says yes kel gets caned 50 times if no she doesnt. but things wont be that easy, we can also ask " shouldnt kel be caned 50 times?" now if ashely says no kel gets caned otherwise not. ofcourse Ashley wont know the question she will only have to chose either yes or no. After we are done with the kel, they have to slap each other again, where kel can take her frustration out on ashley while ashley can either chose to calm kel down or point her out she is acting silly.
This is basically master x ideas but the other way round if one get to do it to one then they other model should get the same opportunities and can both have nappies on from the start of the live feed after the pre feed.

Posted: Mon Jun 26 2017 3:26PM
Posts: 606

Actually Kel is what we call a "Decoration" model. Her job is to watch the show and get informed for her own live show later on. In this case Kel has already done a livefeed in the past, but she wanted to be in a scene with her friend Ashley. So for at least one scene Kel will be the decoration. As brainfucked suggested we should focus on Ashley.

Posted: Mon Jun 26 2017 2:57PM
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Brain fuck their are two models in this live feed Kel Bowie and Ashley lane so all ideas should relate to them both

Posted: Sat Jun 24 2017 11:55AM
Posts: 12
The center of attraction should be Ashley, its Ashley live shoot, so tortures should be focused on Ashley.
Hope Ashley's torture are not shared by deco

I think Ashley should be slapped by crew members, so that she doesn't escape getting slapped harder.

Can both the models have humiliating word wrote on their bossy like piggy, pig tits, Joel's whores, pussy, big baby, slut and so on and could they have piggy masks for the pre feed this will make the pre feed even funny and they have to answers questions as piggys with the masks on.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 4:22PM
Posts: 45
Having humiliating words written on me is good

Since we have a model who seems genuinely into watersports I'd like to add to the opinions that we take heavy advantage of that. A few ideas, starting with the obvious:

*The crew should use Ashley as a urinal as needed throughout the shoot (especially any female crew members).

*Put Kel in a diaper at some point after having her down large quantities of water. Once she wets it, Ashley gets to wear it as a hat for the rest of that scene.

*An idea that was mentioned for London's shoot a while back was to collect piss in advance of the scene so there would be plenty to work with. I don't know if that's feasible in the studio with a shorter time frame, but if so it would be great to have a big tub to submerge her in or a bucket to dump over her.

*A twist on the old food dilemma game: dog/cat food that only Ashley has pissed in or normal food that everyone on set gets to piss in first.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 4:24PM
Posts: 45
all of these :)

Idea for Aschley lane, we have not tried that yet.
Hung by the feet upside down from the electrodes connected to the breasts and the clitori,
Imagine the reaction when electric shocks ....

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 4:25PM
Posts: 45
I like this idea however it can't be too close to my piercing because then that reaches my hard limit.

Hello everybody,
having Ashley on RTB Live Feed is wonderful. May I add a few a my ideas for her treatment:

rope walk
let her walk with a tight rope between her pussy lips, the rope should slide through her lips while she walks, each meter should be a node that will torture her clit, in addition the nodes could be covered with salt, wasabi, etc. Let her walk forward and backward a few times

nipple and clit suction
how about fixing a needle in the inside of a nipple/clitoris suction cup, by pumping the nipple inside the cup, the nipple/clit will be sucked into the needles

nose-throat-nipple fixation
insert a small rope through her nostrils, let them come out through her throat and fix the ends on her nipples/clit, if she wears an anal hook at the same time bending the head forward will pull on her ass, bending her head backwards will pull on her nipple/clit.

I hope my ideas are interesting and understandable for you.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 4:32PM
Posts: 45
I love the rope walk idea but the others may be too intense for me. I also need to add needles to my limits list.

The nappies are designed to be the girls only method of goon toilet throughout the show the have to wear them even when the have done the business in them. And also we not have both girls tied hands behind both of their heads and an anal hook on both their ass tied to each other hands on the opposite side of their girls. Now let see what the girls think about the ideas we have all prospers to end the show and a food spin off the have to eat each other shit out of the other girls nappy

Posted: Sun Jun 25 2017 6:10AM
Posts: 31

I'd like to see you upside down and see you move under the impact of electric shock on the chest

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 4:34PM
Posts: 45
I love to be upside down so I'm all for it!

Posted: Mon Jun 26 2017 3:04PM
Posts: 41
Another idea is have both girls facing each other both hand tied behind their back or above their heads emir are blindfolded and have dildo mouth gags with the cock sticking out and their have to have cock fights but their problem is the can't see and have some head phones and play white nose so their cant hear too the win of the cock fights is decided by myself only and then emir loser gets whip and caned by their number the win picks. This could by a repeat game thoughtout the feed and let each girl win so their can both win and suffer in the feed. And this also have their nappies on at his point too to make it more humiliating for them and their have to have humiliating words writing across their chest like pig tits, Joel's whores etc
Let me know girls what you think.

Hello everyone, I agree with Pierre, but we should bend both side by side. Another idea:
In the old Insex period there was a scene with 411 and 731, both hands are tied behind their backs, they get anal plugs with hooks and have to pick up buckets of water and carry them away. Who will win at five will win the most. The other punishes.
Greeting Gero

Hello everyone and Ashley lane. If it is possible would like to make a request to Ashley and Realtimebondage, to have Ashley in strict bondage with either an arm binder or a tight leather straightjacket with one of the bigger leather or rubber gags like a ball gag or a nice ring gag and have ashley plugged with a inflatable plug in her ass.

As for what to do with ashely during this predicament, I have a couple of ideas. First, if Ashley is OK with choking, have ashley collared to the wall, or ceiling, or anything. Then, place a stand or a pillar to tie/attach a vibrator, a bit far from ashley's reach, at about half her torso length, tall enough to touch Ashley's clit. Not too far, not to close so that if ashley wants to pleasure her clit with the vibrator she'll have to walk over to the vibrator but at the same, the leash will hold her back, choking her. Of course, the vibrator will be placed at the point where the leash is at it's very end choking and pleasure Ashley at the same time.

Second idea is to basically have ashley down in a frog tie, kneeling position and ring gagged and have a good old fashion ring gag/forced bj while you guys play with her ass plug and play with her pussy.

What do you guys think ? I'd like to know your thoughts on this

Posted: Sat Jul 01 2017 2:11AM
Posts: 3
or being shocked instead of caning or whipping. Also every third time or so, when ashley pleases herself, she gets a small or large pump from her plug.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 8:46PM
Posts: 31
Leash and vibrator idea sounds cool. Ashley will be whipped/caned everytime she takes her pussy of the vibrator. So breath you get punished, please yourself and you get choked. That should fuck you up ashley.

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 4:35PM
Posts: 45
love these ideas!

Posted: Tue Jun 27 2017 1:23PM
Posts: 3
for the human ashtray idea, it can be done the same for ring gag blowjobs. Just keep Ashley ring gagged and sitting pretty while anyone can come over and fuck her mouth anytime they want.

Posted: Tue Jun 27 2017 9:32AM
Posts: 12
Here is another one

With Ashley's head inside ground in box and Ashley kneeling with her booty up, Ashley's is paddled, spanked, caned, whipped on her back and booty. In the same position after corporal, icyhot/hotsauce/capsaisum are applied to her holes.

Ashley to be used as human ashtray. Crew members should use Ashley as dump for ash whenever possible during the show.

During the break Ashley should be kept inside cage with her hands and legs cuffed/chained.

Its great to see the forum so busy since I have been away.

Hope you have been practicing you "Fuck You Scoosh" because you were crap at it last show.

Losst like I should make the show unless the guy covering my shift lets me down I will be there.

I have an idea that I think Ashley would like and would be great but not sure we can make it work with show restriction but when has that ever stopped me asking.. ...

Ashley will be Sitting on the floor leaning agains a post arms tied stretched behind. Legs secured apart. Kel is tied kneeling on the table legs apart.
Below her is a funnel and the funnel has a hose which goes directly to Ashleys Mouth and is taped in. Kel has to pee on the funnel thus forcing Ashley to drink it.

If this isnt allowed then could we have ashley tied on top of a plastic sheet kneeling....she has to piss in a watering can. When she is done Kel pours it over Ashleys head.

I really think we need to get the dogfood / pee game going think Kel and Ashley would love that. How about doing it differently. 6 can 1 dog food one cat food and 4 nice ones. Kel and Ashley chose 3 eat. and they must then decide which on the have one spoon from which one they eat half of and which one they eat all of.

You have mentioned already but I always really like to check is verbal ok. is there ANYTHING that you have as a limit. Are looks, size etc ok if intellegence ok (i think you look fantastic but it all adds to the scene especially for me as the guys know) Feel free to give me verbal back again he he

Cant wait for the show.


Still like these idea

How about a position where Ashley is Spreadeagled on the floor ropes attached to eye hooks....You get Kel to help and London and the have to hold the leg or hand ropes and walk forward thus stretching Ashley. While she is being stretched move in and whip and cane her or kick her where it hurts...again limit dependent.

Maybe for Kel the full sensory deprivation position to leave her not knowing what is going on.

If memory serves Ashley was ok with pee so something like we did with Dresden would be cool.

Ashley is so beautiful we need to do something to mess that up....writing and things n the hair would work.


Would Ashley like the London / Kel Block predicamnet. that would be cool...although lets make it a little harder he he.

Or even the water bucket one we did on London. Simple but effective


Would love to see Ashley take a huge amount of face slaps, bonus for lots of tit and pussy slapping. Is tit punching a possibility?

For piss, can we collect Kel and Ashley's piss to use as a piss enema that Ashley has to drink straight from her own ass?

Posted: Wed Jun 28 2017 8:38PM
Posts: 31
Piss idea seems nasty!! Just the way i like it.

Ashley i am pretty sure, i am not the only one who thinks you have very pretty face and i am sure, you are aware of it as well. I am telling you, answer to this question has consequences.

Hi Ashley and Kel would you be happy with having Joel's slave write on your body and doing thinks that I like an their members like. Would you wear a nappy and you kel for the whole sessions and what do you think of the cock dildo face gags fight scene do you like that idea

Posted: Thu Jun 29 2017 8:47AM
Posts: 12
Since OT has already mentioned in this forum, that this is Live shoot of Ashley and Kel will be deco model, so all the torture scenes will be focused on Ashley.

Posted: Thu Jun 29 2017 7:39AM
Posts: 41
I also have a surprise idea if you wish to accept me challenge it's exclusive to me and I control what happens and you have to do what I say. If you want to find out more say challenge accepted and all will by revealed on the live feed. I shall await your response if not get kel to accept the idea and challenge


What about getting Ashley fixed like in the IR Oral fixation shot, and then get her very pretty ass fixed by an asshook as well. Once in that position let's start to fist her pussy nice and deeply, maybe starting with London and depending on how it's going we can raise the bar and use a bigger hand like OT....


Stretch the cross and connect her crocodile clips to the breasts and send the electricity do not leave her any respite

I have very lovely idea including piss and corporal punishment. Fill a bowl with piss, toss two dices in it. First few members will be asked to get their names written on asscheeks,back of thighs, inside of thighs, face (Slap or duster only) and crotch. Those members will be asked to chose either cane, whip or flogger(one by one). Ashley has to take out dice from piss with her mouth, swallow the piss and spit out the dice and do the same with other dice. Multiple of numbers on dices will be how many times she get hit on spot where name of the member is written.

Posted: Sat Jul 01 2017 10:48AM
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MaterX: 20 caning/flogging/whipping when the count is less than 5, but if the dice count is more than 5 then she will get the number * times decided by members.
Ashley still will be guessing and praying that the number is more than 5.

Posted: Sat Jul 01 2017 1:22AM
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Yes hanging upside down with electric torture on her breasts

Posted: Sat Jul 01 2017 12:21AM
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Man thanks for agreeing with me but i wont like putting a limit that you cant hit her lesser than 20 times. It takes out the fun out of the game. It wont be as fun if she knows that she will get a punishment atleast 20 times everytime. I want her to feelthe excitement of the game. She will feel disappointment,joy, relief with roll of every dice and alsowhen she gets punished. Thats the whole point ofthe game, to stimulate emotional/psychological response.

Posted: Fri Jun 30 2017 7:53AM
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Do agree with MasterX, I would like to add 1 things, if the dice numbers is less than some pre defined number suppose 5, then Ashley will be given corporal punishment with the instruments 20 always, if the number is more than 5 than some multiple of it. This will make sure that Ashley does not escape from corporal incase number are small, suppose if 1 comes and if we do 5 times of 1 then it will be only 5. But since number is less than 5 Ashley will get 20 whips, cane or flogger beating. This should be done along with piss drinking.

Also Ashley's pussy and ass holes should be fucked with dildos with thick layers of icyhot and these should be done multiple times during the shoot. Ashley should also be given corporal after icyhot are applied in her holes.

Wax torture and cloth pins torture should also be used, since Ashley loves rough body play.

While hanging upside-down Ashley's boobs, pussy and ass holes should be given electro torture.

Impatient to see the show with Ashley Lane.
She's fantastic and unbelievable girl with bdsm.
Why not for her show a challenge with the food:If Ashley don't want or cannot eat all the food given during the show,at the end I'd like to see a punishment incredible for Ashley: I'd like to see her head shaved in live.

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