November 30th Anastasia Rose livefeed
Dear Anastasia,

Heart felt thanks for accepting to suffer for us.
I like your smile, so brilliant and sparkling. I would like to see your face expressing pain.
You have a prominent nose which needs some attention. Why not insert ropes in each nostrils, take them out through mouth and bind them. With mouth wide open your tongue can be nailed into a post.
A nice whipping at this position would be good.

Thanks again


Posted: Sat Nov 16 2019 5:06PM
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this seems absolutely insane! how cool!
very hot so maybe we can make something like this work, i do love the needle play... xoxo

Posted: Sun Nov 10 2019 12:18PM
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Please note that the RTB website shows the feed as occurring on November 30th - NOT on November 20th!

The time noted is 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

First at all thank you for performing live for all of us. Which your limits are? Is a good old bondage, namely hogtie or predicament, in order? I would like some thing like that as prefeed. Of course decoration is spected to match.
Wish you a nice and painful feed.

Posted: Sat Nov 16 2019 5:04PM
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Perdictiment bonage is some of my favorite types, i also prefer ropes.
but i do like classic stuff like hogties, etc then escalating to something more....tedious. i would love some suspensions or maybe something of that sort!

Posted: Sat Nov 16 2019 5:04PM
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Perdictiment bonage is some of my favorite types, i also prefer ropes.
but i do like classic stuff like hogties, etc then escalating to something more....tedious. i would love some suspensions or maybe something of that sort!

Anastasia has noted in the past that she has a piss fetish and that she likes anal sex. Maybe we can combine the two into a piss enema that is expelled and served up as a refreshing COCKtail.

Regardless of the specific activities, I'd love to see a feed that includes EXTREME humiliation and degradation of Anastasia. She does the filthiest of things with abandonment and I'd love to see that here.

Posted: Sat Nov 16 2019 5:01PM
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I loooove this idea!
the COCKtail would be delicious too.
hoping there will be alot of pee play.
also i hope tobe degraded lots, and i would really enjoy some abandonment play too!

Hello Anastasia,

Thank you for honoring us all with your performance!

I've always been a fan of predicament bondage, so an idea I had was to have you standing, tied with your wrists above your head with leather cuffs, as you'd be in this position for awhile. Another idea for this starting position, could be with your hands bound behind you and suspended upright by your breasts in a tit tie. Whichever you and OT would prefer.

In either position, your feet would be flat on the floor. Then you'd have an anal hook inserted and tied above your head, tight enough that it would be more than uncomfortable for you to remain on your flat feet.

At this point, with your feet flat on the floor as a base line, you'd be given the choice of whether you'd rather first have your nipples clamped and tied to the floor or have the spike board slipped under your feet. You could switch between the two if you beg convincingly enough or revert back to the original torment with an appropriate caning or paddling.

Another idea I had, was to have you sitting on a pipe frame made up of two vertical posts and three horizontal posts where you'd be sitting on the middle horizontal post and your legs would be spread and bound by your ankles to the bottom horizontal post with the top post resting under your breasts and a rope tied around your midsection attached to it to keep you from sliding around.

There would also be two more pipes attached perpendicular to the top of the frame which would keep your arms fully extended in front of you and your fingers vet wrapped to keep your hands open. From here you'd be told to keep your palms exposed for a caning. If you disobeyed, you'd have your hands tied and attached to your nipples via clamps, so every time you moved off the correct position you'd tug on your nipples. You'd also open up the option for having the rest of your body, not just your palms, exposed to punishment as well.

Just a few ideas, I hope you like them and I can't wait until the shoot!


Hi guys Hi Anastasia

I am back it has been sooooo long but had to come back for Anastasia. I have seen her on a few clips and cannot wait for the show. Hopefully I will get to see it all if not I can at least put forward a few ideas for old time sake.
Firstly as I always have done I need to check if verbal is ok or not and if anything is not allowed. I am still the same Scoosh and love a bit of verbal when it fits with the girl.
I have a few ideas some may be allowed some may not…..some you will possible get where I got the ideas from too. But this has never stopped me sharing in the past. It might not be something everyone likes but it might inspire others if nothing else. So here goes. Bear in mind I have not been a member for a while so some of these might have been done recently. I always check out the preview but obviously that does not show everything
I think Anastasia has to have a very very very tough preshow position. Maybe tip toes with neck not letting her down or something similar where she has her ankles tied to her thighs and raised onto her knees… cheating with the mat ha ha. Or if she is flexible enough legs tied to two posts feet flat but tied ankle and knees writs and elbows with her neck tied to the hook. (Think it was Mei Mara a long while ago that had a similar position) after a while it hurts.
As Minbari has mentioned looking at what she has done before I think it is a MUST to do a lot of insane degradation and messing her up. She is gorgeous but needs to be messed up A LOT ha ha. A full PROPER force feeding would be a good start. Lots of yuck food stuffs including the favourite dog food, cat food, fish guts you name it just complete YUCK. Tied down spat on and forced down her throat. Pushed down her throat with hands dildo etc to almost (or actual) puking point. No tame stuff pure force  If she pukes we use that too ha ha.
Maybe even go further and make her a trash slave. One where you save up crap for weeks in the garbage bin and then bring it out. Force feed her scraps and mouldy stuff. Wont be for everyone so understand if that is too much.
Then when finished we must wash her mouth out with soap. Either liquid soap on the gag or a bar of soap forced in.
All washed down with the pee enema fluid as Minbari requires or similar. Funnel forced down her throat put the fluid in a jug and pour it down her.
If we use the garbage bin we can tied her into it and close the lid for a while.

Another idea which would be cool would be to aim to push her limits to the max. Basically intertwined with the show (or as the whole show) you add tasks / tortures / goals which she GAMBLES against her earnings. You would do it in percentages so that we don’t see what she makes (unless she doesn’t care of course either way works)
So at the beginning or during preshow we create say 20 things. (Bare in mind that this is independent of the previous idea therefore will have some similar ideas.)

1..50 Cane strokes Tits
2..75 Cane strokes Ass
3..100 Cane strokes all over
4..10 Cattleprod zaps pussy
5..20 Cattle prod zaps tits and pussy
6..30 Cattle prod zaps tits and pussy
7..5 minute escape cuff hogtie
8..Legs spread wide on tip toe pins under feet 15 minute challenge
9..Eat WHOLE tin of dog food – 2 minutes
10.Eat WHOLE tin of cat food and dog food 4 minutes
You get the idea…….Then comes the fun bit.
There will be 5 large pieces of paper on the wall. Anastasia will divide up her earnings for the show into percentages on the 5 sheets EXAMPLE 10% 25% 15% 40% 10% = 100%
You will have a selection of cards with the task created. She will randomly (no looking) pick 5 cards. These she will select and pin them to the wall under each percentage. (Hidden at the moment of course)
When it comes to task time we reveal the first task and she has to complete it in the time if it is a timed one or last if it is a pain one etc  If she wins she gets that percentage of earnings….but if she loses she loses that money 
Hope that makes sense.
Its good to be back

Posted: Wed Nov 20 2019 6:25PM
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Thanks Day

It does feel good to be back and would truly love to have her take the "gambles" and the forfeits as you say would have to be super harsh to really push her limits :) You never know.

Really looking forward to this and being back.


Posted: Wed Nov 20 2019 12:26PM
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Hey Scoosh and Anastasia!

Scoosh, I believe a lot of people know you here from earlier shows, welcome back!

Just wanted to say I am a fun of the gambling against challenging goals idea, this would make an excellent theme for the whole show, I hope OT and the crew picks this up! Definitely has my full vote as the theme!

Even without the financial challenge (if that does not work for some reason) it could work really well just to ask Anastasia to randomly pick her member inspired task! :) but would be best with the extra motivation!

Also, the tasks have to be set on a high enough level, just as you described. Some of my other ideas for potential goals:
  • Alice giving a non stop OTK spanking for 5 minutes
  • 30+ stroke inner thigh caning / whipping
  • 30+ calves caning


Hi All Again

A few other ideas (sorry getting excited about being back)

A return of the ICE HORSE......For prefeed. Tied straddling a block of ice attached to the top of a trestle standing a few millimeters of the ice on two blocks. Neck attached to the hook and hands cuffed behind back. Then simply kick away the blocks and leave her.

If not I think ice would be cool somewhere if allowed.

How about a hot sauce rope walk. Standing hands cuffed behind back with a rope spanning the stage left to right. Pulled high to put her on tip toes. Biting into her pussy. Does not need to be increasing height just high enough to force into her pussy. Quick practice to make sure it is high enough then SMOTHER the rope in the hot sauce. The key at the other side....she just has to get it ha ha.

One like Londons chocking with the large bucket of water would also be cool.

Just throwing ideas out there again since I am back


Hello Anastasia!

First of all thank you for suffering for us!

In the last feed when you were teased with Ava and denied I noted that I love tease and denial! And you talked back a bit / got angry a little bit :)

I would like to see a bit more of that kind of reaction, before of course it is corrected by OT. So in order to help induce that state of mind I suggest:
  • strict protocol (repeating questions, thanking things, etc.) with cruel punishments to help remember (cattle prod, caning)
  • tease and denial of course (while watching deco cum if possible)
  • physical challenges
  • an interrogation
  • a nice, long whipping and caning

Looking forward to the show!



Another messy thing we could do would be to get Anastasia spreadeagle on the floor as tight as she can take it....through in a feet pussy kicks for good measure and one of those dental gags or similar to keep her mouth open.

then get the decoration (assuming she is a squirter) to stand over her and use the hitachi to cum all over her face and into her mouth.

Better still.....Anastasia is NOT allowed to cum the entire show but at then f each scene bring her close to it very close then deny.....then get the decoration to cover her in her cum


Dear Anastasia,

thank you so much for the experience to see you suffer!

When watching your "Turnabout" Show on infernalrestraints, I noticed the sweet socks on your Beautiful feet. It would be fantastic to see you wearing a pair of sweet, colored / patterned socks and having those stay on your gorgeous feet for some time, ideally caning those preety feet through your socks or something like that. During such caning, one could even remove just one sock and make you choose between one strike on your naked foot and three on the socked foot… Any way, having a thorough look on your socked feet would be a great Thing!

Looking forward!


By the way, you have not stated your limits for the show. I think it is a necessary for proposing specific scenes and scenarios.
Hoping you will do, have a nice time.

Hi Anastacia,

i will like to see some tapegagaction for you and the decoration. I love this kind of gagging.

Dear Anastacia and rest of crew

I realy look forward to the show - for once i have time and privacy to watch freely!

What i look for is not that evil or extreme - but can of cause be challenging and involving pain.

If there is a "decoration" model i hope for a lot of interaction - touch - talk - kiss. Comforting each other.
A central thing for me is gags - good looking gags - ball - bit - ring.
Hope we dont have to focus too much on cloth and tape gags today.
But love pump gags...
I realy hope for gag kissing! One or both gagged.

And please - as much collar use as possible - both as restraint and just being there - on main model and decoration.

Posture collar where the girls are instructed to tighten each others more and more.

Would also love to see the decoration - preferably gagged and collared - are made to "torture" the main model - cane - whip - clamps - zipper...

A few things i hope dont have to take up too much of todays show:

Tape gags
Cloth gags
hoods or otherwise covering a beautifull face
too messy action
too much "whore" and talk like that. I think you can do very challenging things to a girl in a polite and even loving way.

Just my humble input!!
See you all

Alex (alexcollar)

got video but whu no chat??

Dear Members and staff crew,
unfortunately I had to stop viewing Anastasia's LS due to a serious problem with my laptop.
I'd like to say thank You to all the staff for the blackout contact lenses idea. For me it was simply outstanding. Did she remain with blackout till the end of the show? I'd like to know which was Anastasia's reaction at the end of the show and I really love Mia would be willing to try these on next LS. I'd like to have a blind pony girl for New Year's Eve....
I'm looking forward to video's upload. I gonna change my laptop....