Trans Performers
Hello All,

This forum has been quiet for some time now. I thought I would post a question that's been on my mind. Please post your feelings and thoughts. Do not be rude or insulting. If you are unsure about how to word things please do your best and accept that you might be corrected.

We have had quite a few trans performers requesting to work with us. How would everyone here feel about a shoot featuring a trans performer?

I think it could be quite hot but, context is everything.

I wouldn't care to see OT dominating in the scene (or any man). For it to work for me the TS would have to be topped by an extremely hot and extremely cruel dominatrix suggestively dressed. Consider the possibility of a hardcore scene where the dominatrix binds the TS' cock and bites and teases it or forces a female deco to do this.

Within the limits of "processor consent" water sports and needle play would enhance such a scene.

Just some thoughts.

Hi O.T.,

this is not very interisting for me, but this is only my opinion. Do some shoots for Insexondemand and everyone who loves this can buy this movies?

On Hardtied i miss the blowjob and fucking scenes PD did. Those content is missing. You do great work with the girls but the movies are not very varied in the last months. the same settings and the same positions the girls are bound and gagged. More movies like the new Katie Kush Update please.

A nice kidnappingmovie like the "Safe House" shoots will be nice espically the first one with Elise Graves but with onscreen binding and gagging in the beginning of the movie (-:



Posted: Thu Dec 05 2019 11:25AM
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That’s a good idea.

I agree with the idea of some shoots on In Demand. I would be interested in seeing some trans women given the Insex treatment especially since most sites are glamour focused. I particularly some face bondage and extreme gags would be nice. And some CBT bondage could be explored which could be fun if taken to an Insex extreme like the boys from InsexM back in the day.

I say go for it, but some clear tape gags por favor.

Posted: Thu Apr 02 2020 1:11PM
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I'm definitely for CBT if Trans bondage is done. I"d especially like to see some hard core organism denial. in fact I'd like to see that on both mail and female bottoms.