RTB article "Kelter Skelter Part 2"
The downloaded files kbowie5.mp4 and kbowie5_high.mp4 are ways to short, kbowie5.mp4 (293.640 kb) stops at 13:32 mins, kbowie5_high.mp4 (420.080 kb) ends at 7:48 mins. Both files should be 47:05 mins. Could someone look into that please?

Best regards, Bernhard

Hi. I'll reupload the videos. Give me a few hours.

Hi OT,

that was fast, thank you very much!

Is it working now? I just got to the studio. I haven't changed a thing yet. So maybe it was just a glitch. I'll check to make sure it's working here.

It doesn't look like it's working. I am uploading the non-corrupted videos. I'll let you know here when they are done.

The videos have been reuploaded. They work now. Please let us know if there are any further problems.

Posted: Tue Sep 05 2017 3:19PM
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ok Thx

Hi OT,

just downloaded the videos and they are working now, all is fine!

Thank you for your fast response and help,