Maya Kendrick March 21st Livefeed

Maya should be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

Hello everyone!

Maya was awesome decoration in last feed with Anastasia. Looking forward for her experience, limits and preferences.

Personally i would like to see more strict show with rules implemented for Maya to talk and behave, e.g. talk to handlers properly, repeat questions from memebers, keep the correct position in breaks, e.t.c. I hope this can set the right tone for the whole show.

Would be great to see some kind of humiliation or interrogation scene if it wont contradict Maya's limits and wishes :)

Maya's going to be in with her interests and limits right? Or are we just going with the Christmas feed ideas in March?

Really looking forward to see this shoot. Liked her as decoration. Nice to see a woman not totally covered by Tattoos.

Will the show take place as scheduled? Or will it be a victim of Corona?

We will still be having a show, but Maya unfortunately could not make it this time. Due to quarantines we will be doing the show with Alice.

Posted: Thu Mar 19 2020 2:20PM
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Thank you for the fast reply!
Alice is also awesome, but I don't know if I will be able to join. :-(