London River December 28th Livefeed
Hello all,

Maya will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits. Since we'll be shortly after Christmas, Channukah, and shortly before new years maybe we can do a theme.

Posted: Sat Dec 21 2019 8:00AM
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oh yes,

some Cloth gags with tape (-: that will be great to see. Maya, please buy some duct tape which will you like to be gagged with. (-;

Posted: Tue Dec 10 2019 9:32AM
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I would love to be collard either for a portion of the stream or maybe possibly after I’ve overcome/ gotten through some intense corporal! I love collars but I prefer having them put on after I’ve made who is dominating me proud by being able to take what they give me whether it be canning, a stressful bondage position or something else. I’m very excited to get to kiss (and hopefully more) the cute little decoration I’ll have and I love the idea of having her comfort me! You know me well because I love challenging myself and pushing my limits but also a comforting/loving environment with lots of encouragement and positive affirmations. And honestly I think cloths gags are my least favorite so fingers crossed we won’t see any of those!

Posted: Fri Dec 06 2019 2:52AM
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I look forward to that shoot!
Last shoot i tried to get a litlle input in during the shoot - understand it can be a problem when the greater lines are planned. So i was advised to use the forum for the next shoot - so i will do that :-)

As my chat name say - i hope for the use of collars. Metal or leather- Love the wide brown leather one and the double puckle one you has used.

Would love girls to collar each other - and be instructed to tighten each others collars.

And i love girls kissing both without or even better with gags. Ball or ring (maybe one of each??) Best off all harness gags.

Would love if the decorations allowed to comfort the main model while punished. Or even being told to do the punishment - and comfort her in between (i am so sorry - but i has to do this to you)

A simple thing could be a posture collar on decoration girl for the whole shoot.

I also love if some of the gear stay on in the talk breaks/aftertalk (collars of cause - gag around the neck).

So the general theme if i should make a scene would bere strictness and toughness in a loving setting - smiles and kisses mixed with some scream and tear.

IMHO you could avoid cloth or tape gags - plastic bags over heads - needels - "filthy" scenes (food items and worse)

Must be enough - i of cause know i cant expect the shoot made after my preferences but i hope it wont hurt to forward what i would love to see.

And a very good x-mas to all of you, models, staff and fellow members.



Subject to your limits, perhaps a 12 days of Christmas theme would work.

I'll leave some of the "gifts" for others to determine, but for starters....

A pear for your cunt or ass.

Five golden rings. Two for your wrists, two for your ankles, and a pretty posture collar for your neck. A spreader bar or chains between those cuffs, whether restricting you or opening you or both, would also be fun.

Eight maids a milking. Perhaps a milkingachine for your tits, or a suction device to make them really pop.

Nine ladies dancing, ten lords a leaping, and twelve drummers drumming. Maybe a whip, flogger, cane, etc could get you dancing and leaping. Or the Spike board on your feet in addition to the whips and canes and floggers to differentiate the dancing from leaping. Ot can be the drummer.

Eleven Piper's piping. The tremor makes a lovely sound, doesn't it? If nothing else I bet it brings out certain sounds from your pipes in a "spirited" way.

Anyway, just some thoughts, subject to your limits. I hope you enjoy.

Posted: Sat Dec 21 2019 8:37PM
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I love this idea!

To offer some input on this possible scenario:

1.) The pear stays in Maya's ass the entire time. (The pear tree is there for all 12 days after all.)

2.) For the leaping, dancing, etc., have Maya walk a knot rope on a spike board path (hands bound behind her, with a noose around her neck guiding her along). Or throw some Legos down, for an authentic 'Home Alone' feel. She can walk to the first knot, but once past that, she has to high step (leap) to the next, dance to the next, etc.. A chain should be attached to the pear, which she drags behind her, with increasing weight attached to the end as she moves across the line. Hey, we can get some 'Christmas Carol' Jacob Marley in here as well.

Can't wait for the show, and have a Happy Holidays everyone!


Posted: Tue Dec 10 2019 9:39AM
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I love this idea! Maybe I could be made to cum on the pear inside of me ( hopefully my ass) and eat it afterwards with all of my juices on it. I’m super interested in the “milking” I’ve always loved the idea and I’ve never tried any kind of suction/ pumps before because they’ve intimidated me but this may be the perfect time to try it. I generally prefer to be tightly bound when being hit but I do also love the task of trying to stay still or quiet because I’m naturally quite squirmy and loud. I’ve been eying the spike board for a while now and I know my time will come with it. Thank you for your very creative suggestions!!!

How about Maya as a Christmas Tree?

Ornaments hung from her with real hooks.

Melted red and green wax for additional seasonal color.

Barbed wire garland.

Flashing lights that shock as they cycle on.

Her feet in ice water to keep her fresh or on pegs to keep her "sturdy".

She could also be a singing tree ... treating us to Christmas Carols.

Posted: Tue Dec 10 2019 9:49AM
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Your ideas are making me nervous and very excited! I’ve never tried any needle play and I am curious though I want to wait until I’m completely ready for it. I’ve had very enjoyable experiences getting my ears and nipples (back when I was 18) pierced so I do think that in time I’ll want to try it.I would love the idea though of hanging ornaments from some clamps or clothespins/ binder clips until my skin turns as red as the ornaments. I haven’t done wax play in years, I’m not sure why it’s so scary to me, possibly just the drawn out anticipation of the process. I’m very open to try it again though! Maybe we could do blue or white menorah candles so we can represent as many December
Holidays as possible. Maybe we could decorate me with wax and barbed wire or some other sinister material OT has in mind. Possibly I could even get whacked with some smaller pine/evergreen branches if OT confirms that that is safe and doable.

We know nothing about your limits. Is is har to plot an scene without them. A posture collar should be in order and no problem for you. Handcuffs and ankle cuffs also necessary. All those in black leader. Then a gag -a spider one- for adding a last touch. Questions to be answered only “yes” or “not”.
Then, the gag goes by so you can answer more complex questions comprehensively.
Decoration should stand also in bdsm looking.
I would like the shoot to encompass full high protocol all along.
Nice shoot and merry Christmas for you and the team.

Hey Maya and All,

If that is within Maya’s limits I would be very interested in seeing OT’s new cane in a proper usage which would mean for me:
- Maya tied up in a comfortable position (bottom lifted)
- proper protocol, Maya was smiling so much last time, I would like to see you smile while asking and receving the cane strikes in the same beautiful way!
- there should be a good amount of cane strikes preferably not only on the ass but on legs and calves as well

Looking forward to the shoot!


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening everyone! I’m excited to start plotting for my post holiday demise with you! I’ll post tonight about my limits and try to make it a little easier to come up with appropriate diabolical plans for me!

Posted: Wed Dec 25 2019 11:55AM
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Hi Maya,

Will you be opened to the following:
- rubber hose penetrating nasal passage (bagged - breathplay);
- breast skewered;
- water tank with leeches (Insex classic leeches video);
- hanging by hair.

Hi Maya,
hope to see you in ballet-boots which make it difficult to stand, add tight corset and posture collar to restict your breath, then breast torture and ass caning. Tease and denial till your smiling is gone ans you beg the members.
Looking forward for the show.


rubber hose penetrating nasal passage would be nice!

Due to an illness London River will be filling in for Maya.

Posted: Sun Dec 29 2019 5:52AM
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I also fully agree, it would be best to combine some heavy corporal with girl on girl, London should be put in a position to lick the decoration and she should be motivated with whipping and caning to make her cum. Also decoration could decide to increase the punishment if she is not doing a good enough job :)
Also some cattle prod usage could be fun and decoration model could help in the punishment.

Of course if the above is within limits. Have fun!

Posted: Sun Dec 29 2019 3:38AM
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I agree. Nedddle play is not a mayor for me. Instead, serious bondage, collars, cufffs, forced orgasms, role play, humiliation, water sports, girl to girl and corporal punishment, preferably with marks, are. High protocol is a must for me. I don´t see the point of electricity, part from de terrorifious face of some models. I like see suffering and anguish.
Hopefully we will have an uneventful shoot today.

Posted: Sat Dec 28 2019 1:10PM
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Well - that is not bad either!

I realy hope some of my wishes for the Maya shoot can be used.

Collars of cause - preferably on both models - all the shoot on the decoraton??
Ball - bit and ring gags - personally i see nothing sexy in tape and cloth.

Kissing - and of cause gag kissing.

Decoration involved in the punishments (as reluctant "punisher" and comforting in between).


I has seen London in some very hardcore needle scenes - i hope not today - i realy hate that stuff - just as much a turn off as the above is a turn on! Was happy when Maya was reluctant on needels.
Maype because i work in health care?? Also a reason i realy dont like tubes going in and out off various body openings.

I know - we are many members and i cant direct a shoot - but i can hope i can push it a litlle the way i would love to see it.

I promise - if i see a shoot i feel is a litlle my way i sign up for all 2020!

Posted: Sat Dec 28 2019 4:07AM
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would maya be back the month after? or sometime soon?, i'd love to come up with some ideas but she never mentioned any limits so hard to be creative

Posted: Sat Dec 28 2019 1:52AM
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Hi OT,

great replacement under the circumstances.

Are these possible and within London’s limits:

Will she be opened to the following:
- rubber hose penetrating nasal passage (bagged - breathplay);
- breast skewered;
- water tank with leeches (Insex classic leeches video);
- hanging by hair.