Site: Real Time Bondage reactions to Nikki Darling with Bella Rossi show (January 18 2014)

2:40pm EST PREFEED nikki hogtied and bella in cage answering member questions, nikki is challenged ot get free and gets ankles untied

3:10pm SCCENE 1 CROSS HANGING: bella hands handcuffed outside cage then Rain plays with bella and gets feet licked etc. nikki tied stading on a box to a beam with hands horizontally tied ot cross beam. box is removed and nikki is hanging off beam. nikki is whipped by Jack and Elise with help from Matt that use toothbrush on stick to vibrate nikki. nipple clamps applied with strings hanging with weights. Rain writes WHORE on nikki forehead. nikki is gagged with black ball gag.
candle is put under nikki feet and other candle is positioned between legs dripping wax on feet. then 4 lines of zippers are put on nikki torso side and middle. bella is asked ot pull zipper strings from her cage - slowest is the most painful. Elise put needles under nikki toes, slowly. vacuum tubes are put on nipples. Elsie works with toothbrush stick to wrangle orgasm from nikki.

15 min of no video after bella is let out of cage (coincidence?)

4:20pm SCENE2 DAMSEL IN DISTRESS FRIEND CHOKING: typical scenario with nikki having to keep legs up or choke bella by rope attached to nikki ankles pulling on bella throat - bella is suspended upside down and with dildo in.

4:50pm SCENE3 BACK THROAT GIMP: nikki tied to a beam lying on it with arms stretched. her head is back and needs to balance leaning backwards. fucking machine dildo is put into nikki cunt. bells in gimp outfit is fucking nikki throat with big dildo making noises with bells attached ot her nipples, hands tied back in mittens cross strapped.

5:30pm nikki eats chicken wings from floor with her hands handcuffed behind

5:50pm SCENE4 BOX ASS FUCK nikki with hands behind arms to arms has upper body part put into wooden box and made stands in high heels leaning forward and then box is attached to a pole and ankles tied together. nikki is caned by Matt, Rain, Elise (strong), and even Bella (nice). Then bella proceeds to ass fuck nikki with her gimp dildo.

6:30pm girls chat with members

My reactions: Nikki show is my dream come true, Bella made it better than I expected, only downside - too short and wanted Nikki pushed more - I feel we could see more of Nikki.

I hope for Nikki to do extended show with more devices in NY?

i enjoyed the show nice pace to it two good subs just getting on with it taking it well and a good caning too so thank you nikki and bella and staff
and i love the way rain get so turned on by almost any sexual contact
looking forward to bells show

I thought the show was great!

Thanks so much to Nikki and Bella for suffering beautifully!