Site: Real Time Bondage Dee Williams live feed
Hi can we create a live forum for dee Williams live feed that is coming up soon


I was wondering if we might see Dee on the Tremor during this show. The sybian has made regular appearances in BRS shows, including one of Dee’s live shows, so it might be interesting to see her on the tremor instead and to hear what she thinks of it.


Posted: Sat Jul 15 2017 4:02PM
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Thanks to Dee, Sarge, Matt and the entire Insex crew for a great show. Too bad we cannot close Dee so we could each have our own. Such a sweetheart.

Posted: Sat Jul 15 2017 12:27PM
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really? so little comment? can we think of nothing else we want to see Dee suffering?

such lovely breasts demand rope. maybe flogging or caning?