Site: Real Time Bondage Riley Reyes' Live Feed: August 26th
Hey guys! It's time to start brainstorming for Riley's live feed! I know you guys were eager to get her into the play during the last live feed so let us know what you definitely wanna see us do with her this time!
She'll stop by in a bit to let you know what her limits are, and what kinds of things she's really excited to do.

<3 Kel

Posted: Fri Aug 11 2017 3:05PM
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One thing for Lydia is to see here tied up in corner of stage and gagged and just to watch show don't make it too uncomfortable for give her a nice see. For the prefeed have both models in the neck tie and have them hooded and all the have to do is answer questions from the members. Will await rileys limits to decided what to do with her how ever I would like to see her have a nappy on both girls and if the want to pee the have to use that dipper as their only source of going to toilet. But will await limits before deciding on what to do with Riley. Also can ot stick to what the memebers have asked for and not chance it because it does not suit what the are trying to do it is the memebers show and not his. He needs to do what we want and not say will do that late or we may consider that next time if it's in the performers limits then do it if not then I have no problems with it being altered but stick to what the members have asked for and do not take too long messing around with different bits also. Many thanks Joel sorry to say all that but that's how I feel


I understand how you feel. We make every effort to do as much of everyone's ideas come true within the circumstances we have available. Our jobs are to take what each member requests and turn it into something most of the members can enjoy. Unfortunately that means sometimes we have to wait to fulfill a request. Sometimes it means we have to ignore a request. This is particularly true when multiple requests are being made by multiple members.

We will do our best to pay more attention to the member requests. I can make no guarantees though.

Ok here goes with a few ideas to see what you guys think.

Am i correct in saying Lydia was decoration way back with Dixon. Are they one in the same.

Anyway I will try a few ideas without Rileys dos and donts and see what she thinks she can always say no

Ok I think we should maybe look a quick abit of electricity for this show so a must for Riley is an electric dog collar. She appeared to be a bit bratty as Kels decoration so we could keep her in check.

A strange or at least unusual on that might be good for the prefeed or just as we go live. Riley not tied at all. just standing against the wall in a spreadeagle position legs WIDE with a line drawn just below her wrist and one just inside of each ankle.

She has to stay like this for a period time...and then we start whipping and caning her but she is not allowed to move her hands inside the line. If she does she gets a FULL load of electricity to the pussy and nipples. Oh and the dog collar.

Think this was also done a while back but might be interesting Riley tied like a hammock by writs and ankles to two poles about 3 4 feet high. Lieing on a box. Copper plate below wires attached to nipples. Take away the box and let her hold herself away from the electricity.

then the ever increasing electrified pole. Riley stradling a pole electrifed trying to keep on her twos to avoid the shock with nipples attached to a pole at the far end and hands behind. Steadily pull her nipple ropes to make it harder.

And finally with the dog collar we start the show with getting her to start by telling us her best ways to "motivate" the handlers ie shout them down tell them they are pussies etc if we like it and she is good she doenst get shocked. This brattiness must continue through the show (nothing better than a brat it handle )

For the decoration we could simply have lydia in a box / cage with electrified floor and a timer. She wouldnt need to be touched but she would enjoy looking at the clock counting down to zap

Appreciate that this all depends on Riley allowing electricity and even if she does not certain all will be good but just some ideas.


Posted: Tue Aug 15 2017 12:35PM
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Hm, regarding verbal stuff, I don't know if I'd be good at being a total cunt all preshow. I am more sassy than outright bitchy, just as a personality thing. And I tend to talk back in response to stimuli, not just right out of the gate. I can definitely talk some smack though! ;-)

My one verbal limit is that I hate having any insults to my intelligence. Call me a whore and a cunt all you like, just don't call me a "stupid whore." That is a scene-ender for me.

Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 5:24PM
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Being honest Riley the whipping and caning I added to not go all in with electricity so quite easily remove them

We can add in plenty of spit and if possible the sensory deprivation and we have a winner

better warn the electric company there may be a power surge

There is nothing better than silencing a brat so prefeed should be all about YOU and as mentioned bad mouthing the handlers.

Maybe then a short start scene where the handlers all come over to you and tell you what they are about to do and spit on you.

I always like to check is verbal ok and if so what is not.

All things being well I should be there not certain yet but hopefully.


Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 3:09PM
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I love the electrical scenes. I'm not sure we have the right tools for the copper pipe, but the rest we can do.

Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 12:46PM
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You're right, I'm a total brat.

I love the idea of doing a session that's very electro-heavy! Especially into being put into a difficult predicament in which I end up shocking myself, if I understand that "hammock" scenario correctly.

As for that whipping and caning session, it might not be compatible with my need not to have marks. Because my pale skin marks easily. That's the only thing in your scenario I'm hesitant about.

Hello all!
I am excited to go on live!

Some of my favorite things are electro, medical play, sensory deprivation, spit, suction/pumps, anal toys, and breath play. I've played with a lot of these for Intersec sites, but I would love to see what we come up with for the live show.

Limits: tickling, inverted suspensions/positions

And I unfortunately can't have marks outside of light incidental rope marks, so we can't beat me too much... I would be open to leaving with some needle holes in me though. Or redness from electro. <3

Posted: Wed Aug 16 2017 1:06AM
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Hi Riley sorry my confusion you would be gagged before the challenge and after the challenge during the challenge you need. Clearly voice so I can hear your answers what to do ou think will you accept me two minute challenge with Lydia if so I can start preparing questions for it. Let me know Joel

Posted: Tue Aug 15 2017 6:05PM
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I am not entirely clear on how I would answer trivia questions while gagged, but I am open to having some kind of challenge that I could get punished or rewarded for. Orgasms vs electro sounds cool!

Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 3:23PM
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I am also thinking of a Riley and Lydia I know she is just decoration vs memebers 2 minute challenge where their girls are given 2 minutes to answer a series of questions from various topic I'll shall write the topics and questions both girls are tied to chairs electronic tied to their tits and pussy and two vibrators strap to the pussy. If the girls win the topic the win 30 seconds of orgasms from the vibeators which the can make up over the course of the challenge. If the members win the girls get 30 seconds of electric shocks which we build up over the course of the challenge. So simple if the girls win 4 rounds the get 2 minutes of orgasms and if we win 4 round the get the opposite. The scores are to by keep by the handlers and relieved to the members only.
Let me know what you think Joel

Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 3:13PM
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No problem Joel. I'd like to do as much member suggestion as possible. Let's do some cool stuff.

Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 3:11PM
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Thanks ot I'll have a thank over the week and let you guys know many thanks Joel.

Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 3:08PM
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If you want us to do what you tell us to you're going to have to come up with new ideas. We just did diaper play with Ashley. We just did writing on the model with Tess.

As for nailing Riley's mouth shut we did something like that with London. We can't just repeat the same extreme fetishes. Please come up with something everyone might enjoy.

Posted: Sun Aug 13 2017 2:58PM
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Hi Riley can we see you catherzations and made to wear a dipper as an incontent pad you have to be catherzatied then instead of having a bag on the end of the Cather your Cather leads directly into the nappy. Can you also have your mouth nailed shut. Can see be in full sensory deprivation have a blindfolded ear muffs playing white noise and a gagg if not nailed shut and for the pre feed can both models by neck tied and hood and have to wear hood throughout the pre feed until where ready to move into scence one. Can Lydia have Joel's bitch write on her chest and Riley can you have Joel's slave written in your chest please and thank me by saying Joel your a cunt

Wanted to say I loved the Soundex play in your recent vid. Shows a lot of faith in your handler to allow that to be done. I enjoy suction as well as needle play. I understand needle play has its own issues on a live show because of blood issues but if it can be worked in, electrified needles are always a great way of punishment. Nipple and clit suction are always a crowd pleaser. Amazing to see fluid leakage from nipple suction. And I really hope you are a smart ass; always enjoyable to see a sassy mouth. Look forward to seeing you.

Posted: Fri Aug 18 2017 10:50AM
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If you wanted to do some suction, I find a small cup or tube which will just allow the nipple to fit is awesome; letting the nipple get really distended is amazing. Same thing for the clit; as opposed to a large cup the extends the breast but not really the nipple.

Posted: Thu Aug 17 2017 1:36PM
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Everything here sounds great! I'm glad you guys enjoy a smartass, and that you like so many of the activities I enjoy... I can't wait to see what combination of you guys' ideas they use for the show

Riley Reyes actually a scene with electricity
I imagine you in jeans tied to a chise as in this photo
And subjected to a questionnaire and in case of bad response no mercy the sending of electric shocks on the breasts should produce a spectacular effect on such a beautiful model as you then leave?

Sure its true that, as Kel say, we "guys were eager to get her into the play during the last live feed". But in some way I am disappointed that you present us a Model that does not want to get Marks for a live feed. I guess that is the first time in Insex history. Next time we get a Model that does not want to get nude?

Beside this words (sorry, maybe I see it too dark), I am really eager to play with Riley. I think she has a great body for hard predicament games. So lets make her doing difficult and painful positions and tasks for long time. If she fails she gets tortured with electro and needles. Can you use the cattle prod again with her?

Maybe we can make some Pony play with her. and every mistake gets her punished hard. Make her walk around in circle in different ways (gallop, knees high, etc. :) ).

Also some "sport play" or "Bootcamp" with Trainer London would be fun. Push ups, sit ups, stay for long time in difficult position with flexed muscles, Muscle posing, ... And every mistake will be punished hard with the cattle prod or similar. Maybe we can make her hold herself up on a bar, with an electro plate und her feets, or an electro bar between her legs...

Or what about some long time fun with a wooden pony? And can we use hard clamps on her body, or give this too much marks too?

Ok, I guess we can have a lot of fun with her. sorry for my reservations at the beginning (and my bad english)...

Posted: Mon Sep 18 2017 12:32PM
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Hello Riley and Crew!
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the great show! When can we have fun with Riley next time? Hopefully soon and often ;).

He guys imagine this blonde like that ....