Juliette March July 13th Live show
Juliette will be in soon to give you her interests and limits. In the last show she mentioned she wanted to be manhandled a lot. Let's make that the theme of the show.

Posted: Wed Jul 10 2019 5:23PM
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Honestly, making you vomit all over yourself sounds even better! Especially if we get to make you eat that after too

Would be fine with seeing your butthole peed in too, so long as you or the deco drinks it once you expel!

Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 12:55AM
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SO on the topic of forced feeding- Its a huge turn-off for me but its not on my no-list. I love to gorge on delicious food after sex but I don't even like to eat my favorite foods right before so gorging on disgusting food DURING will defiantly make me throw up on myself. I don't know how much I'd even be able to eat, but I'll enjoy the vomiting just fine.

As much as I hate forced feeding, I love forced object insertion and gross enemas. In a previous shoot I am unable to eat the disgusting blood-red slop OT tried to force feed me, so he gives the rest of it to me via enema bag. I still jerk off thinking about it. I love humiliation and extreme objectification. All I'm saying is that if you MUST make me a toilet, please ask them to pee in my butthole. I'll beg.

Posted: Wed Jul 03 2019 2:28PM
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I second the request for force feeding Juliette gross things, and pissing on her if she is ok with that. Since she wants to be manhandled maybe forcibly handgag her til she throws it back up on herself too?

Posted: Thu Jun 27 2019 3:55PM
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Manhandling? Oh yes, please let's have some rough hair pulling and a lot of face slapping (we want to see tears) ...

And, depending on Juliette's limits, I would very much like to see some forced eating of disgusting stuff (dog food? (raw) offal? oatmeal soaked in spit/piss/vinegar?).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading about Juliette's limits and to watching her being forced towards them

Hey hi! I love to be MANHANDLED I really enjoy impact play and being physically dominated through choking, slapping, spanking, hair-pulling and smothering. I would love to be spanked till I cry! Nipple and G-spot stimulation will make me cum, heavy leather paddles and singletales will make me cry. Ideally I would have both at the same time

The only limits I can think of at the moment are my standard limits during every shoot- No electricity or chemical/temperature play. No metal between my teeth.

I am very open to trying new things! I have never tried any type of needle play and have NO IDEA how I would respond to it. I'm sure OT has lots of toys I've never tried before. Please let me know what you want to see during me show. I love being watched and I'm SO excited to do RealTimeBondage, it's a long-time dream cum true. Thank you all for participating.

Hello Juliette!

I would like to be some feet torture.. like feet caning of feet electricity.

Do you like that?
Thank you.. cant wait :)

Posted: Wed Jul 03 2019 12:29PM
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Absolutely I will take some foot torture :) I enjoy thuddy impact play (heavy paddles, floggers, leather, etc.) so caning would definitely be a punishment for me.

Hello Juliette!

Thank you so for honoring us all by modeling for RTB; I'm looking forward to your upcoming shoot!

A thought I had was for you to be bent over a pipe frame with your knees bent slightly, while standing on a spike board with your ankles chained to the frame with just enough slack to allow you to take some pressure off your feet. Your wrists would be cuffed to a separate pipe frame raised higher than your waist, keeping your torso stretched at an elevated angle and your wrists wide apart.

From here you'd have a selection of paddles and canes used on your ass, thighs and calves until your skin had achieved a proper shade of crimson. You'd then have suction tubes attached to your nipples and vulva, with bells attached to the tubes. Your hair would be tied to an inserted anal hook and the single tail would then be applied. For every time the bells on the tubes ring, you'd earn a needle that would be placed under the skin of your upper thigh under your ass. I'd suggest the 'Max' would be four needles per leg, but I'll always defer to OT's judgement.

Once you'd hit the limit (if you hit the limit), the tubes and needles would be removed while you have the Hitachi applied to your pussy. If you were making too much noise at any point during this position, I'd suggest filling your mouth with the big, black dildo.

I hope you like the suggestion, and again, I'm looking forward to your shoot!


Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 3:26PM
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Hi Juliette,

I'm glad you liked the ideas. I forgot the part about your waist either being pressed between two pipes on the lower frame or simply tied to the one your bent over to keep your knees bent! I hope that clarifies the visual of the position.

Another idea I had; since you like being gagged by the big, black cock, butt plugs and nipple torture, was to have you suspended by your ankles with said cock spiked inside your mouth and a rope around your neck tied to the ground to keep you stationary. You'd have the locking butt plug placed in your ass and a hook in your vagina with fasteners hanging off both.

During the scene your nipples would be clamped, and strung through the vagina hook using it as a fulcrum. Weights would then be periodically added to both the nipple clamp strings and the butt plug.

From here, I think hot wax down your inner thighs and crotch would seal the scene nicely.

Again, thank you so much for performing for us and I can't wait for the show!


Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 1:06AM
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Oh AND hands down my favorite way to be gagged is impaled on a cock. Or dildo. fine. If you fuck me while you do it it'll probably make me squirt!

Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 1:04AM
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OoooooOOOoooOooo. I'm having a bit of trouble imagining the exact bondage of the position but I'm absolutely WET over all these suggestions. I love the idea of getting my skin warmed up and red with leather and canes and nothing makings me hornier lately than those suction cubs on my nipples. Unless the extra is allowed to twist and pull and pinch them while I get beat!

The needles and the Hitachi sound like the perfect way to make me cum. Since I've never tried needles before I'll also just be deferring to OTs judgment and we might have to make some adjustments along the way but I'm very excited for the ride.

Love this plan :)

Hello Juliette!

I second to have you spanked until you cry, maybe that could be done multiple times in different scenes!

For a first scene I suggest something physically challenging like holding a half-crouching position for a long time or having to keep legs or hands straight in 90 degrees is always nice to see. It is even better if that is made into a game for example you have a small weight in your hand and you have to hold it straight ahead for 5 minutes. If you lower it before 5 minutes you get 10 cane strikes for each remaining half minute.

In a later scene I recommend tying you down on the tremor for G-spot stimulation while you are getting a hard frontal single tailing , this way pleasure and pain would mix nicely! Depending on your performance the caning could be changed to leather paddles or single tailing.

Oh, maybe that would be a nice bet for a challenge, based on your preferences if you complete a task well in an early scenes you get a paddle for the last scene if you don't you get a single tail, with a proper task this could be a great bet! Would you be in?

Have a great shoot!


Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 4:12PM
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Love that idea as well! Extended Teasing and frustraton is always great!

Yes, I wanted to explain the same, the tremor is like the sybian, but OT said it is even stronger

Also Juliette I am happy you like the chellenge idea, I am sure a proper one can be found with a proper difficulty, but the bet is settled then

Looking forward to your show! Have fun!!

Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 12:51PM
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To answer your question about the Tremor: have you ever been Sybianed? The Tremor is a descendant of that.
I for one would like to see it used as a finale- ideally you would be prevented from cumming all show and then spend the final 15-20 minutes on that on cumming yourself into an incoherent wreck

Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 1:23AM
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DAMN This is another A+ idea and I'm so into it. My favorite way to get spanked till I cry or cum is by Daddys hand, in a position were I'm held down close to them like over their knee or crushed face down on the floor

I am very competitive so I love the physical challenges, although I'm not always as tough as I think I am. I'll try real hard though! I love getting rewarded if I win- the paddle challenged you mentioned sounds great- and I will be totally ashamed if I lose.

WHAT is the tremor?! Whatever it is, I'm in because being tied down for rough g-spot stimulation is my favorite. Shove a cock down my throat and you will get a sloppy wet squirting mess.

Thanks for all these hot ideas!

Julietta seems to be the perfect slavegirl for us:

Beatiful body, submissive attitude and willing to suffer from intensive pain while serving mem ers.

Lets warm her up with an intensive tit slapping, giving her boobs a purpelred makeup for the rest of the show.

Anal plug and nipple clamps can be applied as a kind of long term challenge, only to be removed at the very end of the show.

Her wish for needles can be best fullfield on her cuntlips.
Different to previouse shows I presume also Juliette dreams of somewhat thicker needles which should be pirced slowlier through her flesh - to extend the exciting moment to the maximum.

Canes and belts will give her little ass an impresive finish.

Yours sincerely,


Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 1:53AM
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I love tit and nipple torture and that sounds like a great start.

Anal plugs are my favorite. I have some uncomfortably angled plugs I'll try to bring to stretch out my ass for you. I love all kinds of clamps but there's so many things I want to happen to my nipples during the live shoot so I hope we can mix it up. I'd gladly take a variety of hands and toys torturing my nipples throughout the entire show.

OOoooooo Needles on my cunt lips! I'm going to defer to OT on anything needle related but that sounds terrifying and so hot. I hope he straps me down to a gurney before he makes me bleed.

Thanks for the hot ideas TaskMaster.

Lots of great ideas here, and a very willing victim to face them ... This is going to be a great show!

I'd like to push the idea of forced eating of gross stuff ... we haven't had that in a long time, and Juliette has just the kind of face where I'd love to watch the struggle!

Second, speaking of needles: I agree with TaskMaster's suggestions ... but I would also like to see some needles in Juliette's breasts. Maybe even safety pins?

And what about forcing her to orally pleasure the decoration (maybe by hair pulling?) and belt/strap her ass until the decoration is fully satisfied? The longer it takes her to make the decoration cum, the more it will hurt?

Posted: Mon Jul 08 2019 2:20AM
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YES I love being beaten or fucked into a hot girls pussy. But I'm warning you, I know this deco model and if you let me at her untied I'll hold her down and show you a dripping pile of cum drunk fuck doll immediately.

Albester, I'm glad my suffering face is so cute because the forced-feeding will definitely make me pout. I'd love to try for you though! Would you trade feeding me slob for piss in my ass and forced feeding for impaling all my holes octopus tentacles?

Safety pins are probably a no-go for me, since my body has pretty crazy reactions to cheap metals. It's also why Chemicals are on my no list. But those medical-grade needles will work fine on my skin. I used to work in a body piercing shop when I was a teenager and I always fantasized about one of the body piercers fingering me on the piercing table and then piercing me while I came. I was thinking out asking OT if he would be able to pierce my hood so I could have a slutty token to remember you all by when I jerk off. What do you think?!

Posted: Sat Jul 06 2019 8:22AM
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I just would like to +1 your idea about Juliette orally satisfying the decoration while getting belted (or maybe even single tailed?), until the decoration says she is fully satisfied!


Dear Juliette,
with many regrets I think I'm going to miss your RTB live show.
It's a pity since I've been following You You from WP and DB but I have huge problems with my Internet connectivity lately. Anyway I hope You will be blindfolded and hooded in some scenes like for example the outstanding scene You had many years ago on PD.

Posted: Sat Jul 13 2019 12:58AM
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Rusharkadi! That name sounds familiar! I love that RealTimeBondage has so many of my long time fans :) I'm sad you will miss my show! I'll beg for a hood and blindfold just for you.

Juliette looks fit - could we exercise her hard?

Posted: Sat Jul 13 2019 1:02AM
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I am very fit! I will try to work out for you :)

Dear Juliette,
do you like to wear clamps on your nipples and cunt? I really like to see women wearing these and then they get pulled hard and pull off without opening them. Best is by far when the women actually are forced to pull them off by themselves. Something for tomorrow?

Posted: Sun Jul 14 2019 4:28AM
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As I said in my previous post, with many regrets I didn't have the chance to view the LS yesterday. I'm so eager to see the edited videos because Juliette is one of my favourite models.
Anyway can anyone kindly do a small recap of what happened only to spice up and to increase my appetite...?
Thanks in advance

Posted: Sat Jul 13 2019 12:59AM
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I do like clamps but not as much as I used to. I can take some weight on my nipples for sure. It would be a fun challenge!

I missed the show but have just seen the posted pictures and I was pleased to see you had not shaved your beautiful pubic hair I have not watched the videos yet but cant wait to see more of your full beuty