Victoria Voxxx April 18th Live Show

Victoria will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to be back and even more excited to hear what you guys are interested in seeing me do.
My limits for this session are:
No anal — plugs and small toys are okay
No enemas
No chemical play ( wasabi, tiger balm, icy hot, etc..)
If I think of more as time passes I will post them
I am really excited to hear from you guys.
Things I particularly enjoy are:
Breath play
Face smacking
Impact play
Forced orgasm
Orgasm denial
Hot wax
Thank you so much for tuning in— can’t wait to play💋💋💋

Hello Victoria!

It’s so good to have you performing for us all again in the ‘Age of the Apocalypse’; Thank you! I hope you and yours are safe and healthy right now!

An idea I had for the shoot would be to put you back on the electrified ‘one-post prison’ from your last time at RTB. However, this time you’d be bound in a standing spread eagle position. Wrists suspended above and ankles secured to the floor. You’d have clothespin zippers running down both arms from elbow to armpit, up both inner thighs from knee to groin and a last one around each breast and down your stomach.

From here, we’d have a little trivia game this time. I’d suggest something dealing with current events, just to try to add a little levity to what we’re all going through right now. For every wrong answer, you could choose (or we could) to have one of the zippers removed or a shock administered. If you choose the shock though, the intensity will be doubled until a zipper is removed. OT would obviously be the final judge on which punishment is used.

Another idea would be to place you in the pillory, but the post would be short enough so as to make you have to bend your knees to stand but tall enough not to allow you to kneel. The spike board would be placed under your feet here and you’d have the vibrator used, but denied an orgasm at first. If the anal hook is a toy that you deem acceptable here, having your hair tied to it in this position would be hot! Face slapping could be a big portion of this position, although the key to this scene would be to use the milking machine. The intensity of the milking machine would be increased until you begged for more face slaps. If you wanted any of the previous tortures in this scene removed, you’d have to agree to a hard paddling and then you could have an orgasm.

I hope you like the ideas and I can’t wait for the shoot!


Posted: Sat Apr 04 2020 6:10PM
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Like the general idears - and of cause there should be a nice collar.

Hello Victoria!

i want to see rope bondage , a lot of rope bondage. i know you like device bondage, how about rope? box-tie ,ball tie and orgasm denying .

what do you think ?

Another shoot comming up - i guess you have practical problems getting a decoration too??

As always i hope for good cleen lines - love pillories - collar on pole - neck and hand/feet shackels - stuff like that.
Very important is good interaction.

I realy hope for the use of nice ball and bit gags - and even better - a pump gag harness gag - so many small games possible...

And of cause - collars! Love both steel and leather - but well fitting.
If there is no "role" for a collar in the planned bondage why not let her wear a ring collar for he intire session - like peach pi - or better - stack a couple of them.
Also gives such nice effect if Ms vVoxxx should end up head down.

Stuff i would be happy to go without:

Cloth gags
filty scenes - food and so.
nose hooks

Just my input...

Hope for a nice show - and that i am not send on Corona work...


Posted: Mon Apr 06 2020 4:14PM
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Alex, we are intentionally not having decorations. There are several reasons for this. We may or may not have decorations again, but even then it won't necessarily be every time.

Posted: Sat Apr 04 2020 6:24PM
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love zippers and nice "interactive" whipping too "is this the worst you can do"
I would never compare models - but the best shoots on this site is imho the ones with Katerine Kane - mostly due to her personality and cute smile - even when challenged.

Given the circumstances, there's gotta be an isolation themed show at some point, right??

Here's my (admittedly extreme) version:

Act One: Instead of starting off doing her makeup or something, she starts off in a box. She's only able to breath through a tube that connected to a hole that can be covered/uncovered at any time. She's not allowed out till she's pisses herself.

And here's the really fucked up part: Through all this, she can only hear the voice from chat. Even the crew/handlers communicate with her using the chat - no human contact of any kind. And this continues even after she gets out of the box.

Act Two: When the box is finally opened, she gets out to an empty room. She's told by the disembodied voices to make a zipper and connect one end to a string extending out a hole in the wall/door. The string, of course, is then yanked and the zipper torn off. Similarly, she could be told to light a candle connected to a device that tilts it, dripping hot wax on her. And she could be put in a different uncomfortable positions as each pain is inflicted - like kneeling on rice waiting until for the zipper to be pulled or pinned between two dicks (one in either hole, front and back) to keep her in just the right spot to pour wax on her (extra points if the poles for the dildos can be worked by unseen hands and used to fuck her).

Act Three: At some point, she puts on a blindfold and after a little waiting (just to fuck with her), the handlers finally come into the room. But, even then, the guys/gals don't talk to her or even touch her - not at first. The handlers can attached poles with metal clips to D rings on her collar/cuffs and work her like a stick puppet. Using this method and chat commands, I'm sure the talented crew could manoeuvre into position for some device bondage where she could be caned, whipped, what have you. And then sexy time. And then, finally, as she begins to be aroused, hands. Or even lips. Or tongues or dicks. Finally, sensation. Contact. Release.


[If anyone is wondering why I didn't address this to the model and wrote it in the 3rd person - without even using her name, I thought that way fit the theme. :P ]

Unfortunately with the travel restrictions and stay in place orders we are going to have to cancel this live show. We are hoping that the May live show will go on with no problem. We will still be updating the site with the previous shows.