Lydia Black September 7th Livefeed
Lydia will be in to discuss her interests and limits.

Hey guys! I am super excited to be back for a live show again, I love hearing about the depraved things tou guys wanna see me do. Im thinking it would be cool to do medical themed live feed, maybe some fun zapping tools.


Really looking forward to having you on display.

I think a medical theme is wonderful. Here are a few ideas.

1. Urethral sounds. They can be electrified if you want something zapping you.

2. An inverted lampshade style neck collar. Like they give to cats and dogs after an operation. If you are into humiliation I think that would fit the bill for humiliation and medical.

3. In addition to the urethral sounds i would love to see some deep speculum play. There is an infernal restraints shoot with Elise graves where pd and sd open her wide and deep with an electified speculum, and then inspect her insides with an electified instrument. It is one of the hottest scenes in the whole insex collection, and if you are into medical and electricity I could see you really enjoying something similar.

Hope my ideas tickle your fancy. And really looking forward to your show.

Posted: Tue Sep 03 2019 11:18AM
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Hahaha I love the doggy shield idea,
I've never had any sounding done or anything stuck in my urethra but that sounds awful so I'm willing to give it a try.

Hi Lydia,

Thank you for modeling and performing for us, you honor us all!

Since you’re interested in a medical theme for your shoot, maybe you’d be interested in trying an exploration of all the odd cures for psychiatric illness throughout history. (Please note: In no way do I think you’re crazy! LOL)

For the Pre-feed, I was thinking of having you standing, with your ankles spread wide and bound to the floor, and your arms tied down also, keeping you bent over at an extreme angle, ass-forward with your head between your legs facing the audience. A rope around your neck attached between your legs would help to keep this position static. This would simulate ‘Trepaning’ or letting all the evil spirits or bad blood escape through the holes in your head. This would be the position you’d be stripped in.

Next, I was thinking using ‘Rotational Therapy’, which uses centrifugal force to lessen ‘brain congestion’ by increasing pressure from constant spinning. We could make this happen by either suspending you ‘spread eagle’ from the ceiling blindfolded or placing you in that small cage that was used on you before, also blindfolded, and spinning you repeatedly. In either case, you’d have clamps and weights attached to your nipples and labia and solely weights attached to the spacers in your ears to increase the intensity.

For another scene, you could try ‘Insulin Shock Therapy’. We could simulate this by having you eat your weight in cupcakes divided by 10. That should affect your blood sugar level. If you can’t finish the treatment, you’d receive some kind of punishment dictated by the users. Obviously disregard this scene if you’re diabetic! LOL

Another idea would be to incorporate ‘Hydrotherapy’. What I would love to see would be you bound and submerged into an ice bath up to your neck. When it became too much to handle, you could ask for your feet to be raised out and caned. If this wasn’t possible, maybe having ice cubes ‘vet wrapped’ to your body in specific spots during a vigorous waterboarding session with periodic hits from the cattle prod. The water used to board you would vary between ice cold, room temp, and warm.

Finally, the shoot would end with ‘Orgasm Therapy’. You’d be suspended, arms bound behind you and blindfolded on the ‘Tremor’ with your legs hanging to your sides. In order to finally cum, you’d have to ask for weights to be added to your ears, nipples and ankles. Or possibly, the ‘Milking Machine’ could be used here as an alternative to the weights. Then the power would be turned all the way to 11. According to this therapy, “the patient's repressions and ailments would melt away.”

Just a few thoughts, I hope you like them! Regardless, I can’t wait for the shoot!


Posted: Tue Sep 03 2019 11:21AM
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I feel like OT might be really excited about building some sort of rotation device 😈

Posted: Tue Sep 03 2019 11:20AM
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I have never been drowned but I've always wanted to give that a go! I'm liking that idea.
I'm gonna have to say no on the insulin although I don't have a problem with needles I don't want anything injected into me.
Needles could be a good thing to play with though like acupuncture torture.

Hi Lydia,

a medical theme? Sounds exciting, I'm looking forward to it!

As to my suggestions: A medical scenario needs a fair amount of needles, I'd say ... and as long as the needles are in, they could be used for extra-intense electro-therapy.

Secondly, I'd like to see some really harsh belting/paddling/caning with heavy marks on your tits and ass ... and afterwards, the welts and bruises need to be disinfected with rubbing alcohol -- after all, we can't risk infections in a medical setting, can we?

And finally, as always: Some forced eating of gross stuff would be great.

Thank you for suffering for us! See you soon!

Posted: Tue Sep 03 2019 11:23AM
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Can't wait to suffer for you!
I agree I feel like paddeling/canning is something that would happen in a bad scray psychiatric ward

Hi Lydia,

I'm very happy to see you again.

Medical theme sounds very interesting Looking forward to have some sensual deprivation and see you in very tight bound positions.

Is it possible for you to wear a latex- or black leather straitjacket ? What do you think about blind lenses ? It is a long time ago that it was on a live show.
One thing would be really see you with black latex hood only with open mouth and nose or a breath play hood .

Could we have a scene with a enema or Is it possible to play with hot sauce or hot salve ?

Hope one of the things is possible and interesting for you

Thanx and see you.

Hello Lydia!

I think I have a very fitting idea: The Milgram experiment with tuckers telephone.

So basically:
1) OT secures you in a very fixed position
2) members tell you words to remember (each member can give a word in chat)
3) electricity gets attached preferably to pussy
4) the decoration model gets the control for the tucker telephone’spinner’
5) OT asks you each word as a memory game a possible spin would be to ask the words and guess the member name who said it
6) every time you make a mistake the decoration model spins the electricity control as a punishment and we restart. But here is the most important part: for each mistake an extra spin should be added to the punishment.

So the main goal here would be to assess if the punishment increase helps with learning skills or not.

In addition I just wish for a heavy caning and single tailing, maybe that can be also experimental to assess what is the most painful area to fit the theme :)

Have fun, looking forward to your show!!


hi Lydia, I am a big fan of impact play and belly punching. Please let me know if you will be open to do this. Here are some ideas:-

1) May be you are tied on the floor in an X, someone stands on your stomach pressing deep while a vibrator is used on your pussy to make you orgasm

2) Your nipples are pulled hard and you have to tell on the scale of 1-10 how much pain it is.

3) your stomach is punched and you have to tell on the scale of 1-10 how much pain it is while a vibrator is used on your pussy

4) your face is slapped and you have to tell on the scale of 1-10 how much pain it is while a vibrator is used on your pussy

5) a knife or a electric wand is approaching your belly and you have to keep your stomach sucked in deep. If you relax your stomach gets shocked. In that position your tits are being whipped and tortured mercilessly.

Let me know how you feel.


Given that the live show was cancelled, what happens? Will there be a retry or did you make a shoot offline?


Hello Lydia,

I'm pleased to hear that there is a new date for your shoot. As you are doing a medical themed shoot, i was wondering if you could incorporate some "medical clamp gag"? I myself own a rather special model consisting of four metal rods, that put pressure on your lips and tounge, pinching them in place quite firmly, instatly assuring that you become as quiet as a mouse. I am trying to upload a photo of it along with this post, It is quite staggering how much anxiety you can cause by pulling someones Tounge out of their mouth an holding it in place.

I do not recall seeing a device with this mechanics being used on realtimebondage. Do you guys own something similar?

If you do:

@Lydia: Do you think you can handle this specific type of gear? If you don't have this stuff available or if you consider this to be too much for you to handle:

Are you O.K. with some sort of simulated mouth "surgery" with simple tounge clamps? Maybe we can snatch your tounge with those?

I think i recall seeing some tounge retaining with two sticks and two rubber bands being used on RTB. If you put a large metal ring on the tounge before installing the sticks,
you can theoretically attach some weights or a rope on the ring...

Do you guys think this would work?

Given Lydia's other work (and my own preferences haha) maybe we could try making her into a piece of medical equipment herself: a urinalysis machine to be used by the crew ;)

Have everyone piss in mouth and she has to give feedback on what she thinks they've been eating/drinking, their hydration levels, etc. Can have her drink her own too an analyze herself.