Katie Kush January 25th 2020 Livefeed
Hello everyone,

Katie will be in to describe her interests and her limits soon.

Posted: Tue Dec 31 2019 5:13PM
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Hello Everyone!

I am so very excited to do my live show with you all!! I absolutely love being stretched to my ability and bound. So any suspension ideas you would like me to play around with is great! I am very flexible! I am also interested in wax play and looking into possible fire play. My hard limits are ANAL, caning and degrading/humiliation. I am very open to ideas and what you would all love to see me do.


Dear Katie,
thanks for having accepted to suffer for all of us.
Only for this You deserve the utmost respect.
What about nose hooks and facial torture and distortion? I was thinking about something similar to Jessica Kay's RTB.
Are You also interested in trying blindfolds or even better blackout contact lenses? I know OT has just done something similar in one of the latest RTB show but I have a sort of "scientific" approach to BDSM. This means I'm very interested in seeing how different models reacts to the same predicaments.

Posted: Tue Jan 21 2020 10:14PM
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Hello dear, due to also creating mainstream adult films close to the shoot I am unable to do any crazy face torture or any type of hooks or needles in the face and I am honestly not keen to needles in the slightest. However, I am very open to trying the blindfolds, and if I can get the blinding contacts in my eyes im maybe down, however my eyes do not do well at all with contacts, I have very dry eyes. I will for sure discuss some ideas with OT.

Thank you for your ideas.

Hello Katie!

Thank you for agreeing to perform; you honor us all!

I always love when a model is interested in suspensions; they are so beautifully done here!

An idea I’ve got for this shoot would be to see you test your flexibility during the pre-feed. You could be tied with your arms above you and have ropes tied around each of your ankles. From here OT would test how far you could extend each of your legs individually both laterally and longitudinally. In each of these positions for both legs, for each inch of measurement your ankle is from your head (longitudinally)and away from your solar plexus (laterally) at full extension, would translate into some kind corporeal punishment for possibly exaggerating your flexibility. In this case, it might be a good time to try out the cattle prod and if that was too extreme a solid paddling is always on the menu!

Another position to explore would be to have you sitting on a board, with your legs spread and feet flat and bound to the floor. Your wrists would be manacled to a post behind you allowing you to slightly lift your ass off the board should you choose. You’d have your breasts in rope bondage in this position. Even though, as your time as a deco-model last shoot, you thought yours weren’t big enough for this; I think you have the perfect breasts for a tit-tie! Once you got ‘comfortable’ with this position, you’d have a spike board placed under your ass and your tits would be tied loosely to the floor. From here you could choose to take the pressure off your ass at the expense of your tits or vice versa.

One last idea would be to have you suspended by your legs, spread eagled, with your wrists anchoring you to the floor allowing you to spin around freely, but staying rigid. From here you could have hot wax dripped onto your legs from the knee down. You could then be lowered down to have the wax dripped onto both your back and your chest.

Just a few ideas, I hope you like them and I can’t wait for the shoot!


Posted: Tue Jan 21 2020 10:15PM
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Hey Katie!

A few ideas came to my mind based on your interests.

I wonder if sitting on a pre heated spike board would be possible. Of course to a reasonable temperature :)
After that your heated ass could try the single tail and a good spanking!

Is hot sauce within your limits? That could also be very interesting!

Also, I hope you will also have some nice oral interaction with the decoration model!

Very happy that you will be on rtb and have fun!


Posted: Wed Jan 22 2020 12:37AM
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Thank you, welll OT has a special sauce for special ladies it is usually applied to the pussy / ass and has been used a few times here. It creates a burning sensation for a period of time. I am sure OT can tell you more about it

Posted: Tue Jan 21 2020 10:16PM
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Interesting ideas. Hot sauce what are you trying to do with the sauce? lol

Hi Katie,

Wax play is interesting. Here's my idea:

Your legs are spread obnoxiously wide and restrained that way. Your arms are restrained behind you. Your outer lips are pulled apart with clamps that wrap around your thighs, leaving your cunt open and vulnerable. Your tits protrude out with your arms pulled behind you.

Heavy amounts of hot wax are applied to your cunt and tits. Shortly after the wax solidifies, but before it cools, the decoration removes enough wax to leave your cunt and nipples exposed again.

OT aims at these exposed parts with a water gun filled with ice water.

If the screaming gets to be too much a gag is applied until the target practice session ends.

Posted: Tue Jan 21 2020 10:17PM
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Oooo i do like the wax with water gun play. However, not trying to get wax inside my vagina that is not very healthy with the wax being used I do not think. But maybe we will look into it.

Will you be opened to rubber hose penetrating nasal passage (bagged). I know it is a very difficult challenge.

Posted: Tue Jan 21 2020 10:19PM
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Honestly love I am not very interested in sticking anything up my nose. I have experienced this recently with the doctors office and I already know im not good with it ha. Plus this was just done on London, I do not really want to repeat or copy much from such a recent shoot ya know?

Nowadays there seem to be no reply to the ideas :(

Despite this, what if there would be even more interactivity during the stream, some example ideas would be:
- present two alternatives for a scene like “we either tie her to a pole or to the ground” and put up a vote for it or
- even better, choose her punishment with a vote eg 3 minutes of single tailing or 5 minutes of tickling (just examples :) )

Also, there could be a general reward or punishment based on the model’s forum activity

Just some generic ideas, and don’t get me wrong I am very excited about the shoot and have fun!

Posted: Wed Jan 22 2020 12:40AM
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Thank you for getting back on the ideas, I hope you are going to have a great time!

Posted: Tue Jan 21 2020 10:20PM
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Sorry my dear I have been a busy bee but I am trying to be a bit more tentative the closer we get! I am so excited to do this Live with yall!