Site: Real Time Bondage Lydia Black's Live Feed: September 23rd

Hey guys! It's time to start brainstorming for Lydia's live feed!
She was soooo cute in the cage during our last live feed! Hopefully you guys will brainstorm a lot of wonderfully awful things for her!

She'll stop by in a bit to let you know what her limits are, and what kinds of things she's really excited to do.

<3 Kel

Hello all! I am so excited to come back and be abused

I am excited to be tied up, i love love love bondage and I always want to be suspended and put in other stress positions. I also love breath play especially choking and anything around my neck.
I can not be bruised heavily unfortunately because I have another shoot 3 days later that I can not be marked for, but small rope hickeys on my legs and arms will be okay. I would also love to be flogged, canned, slapped, paddled, spanked ect. but unfortunate we can't go too crazy.
I am looking forward to playing more with electricity I have not done too much with it before besides the violet wand and other electric play I have had here with Insex. I really had fun with the cattle prod last time!
I love piss, spit, and squirt. although, I have gotten pee shy before.
You can call me any names you like, I really love Slut!

my limits are: plastic bags and tickling. I like anal play and toys but not anal fucking with toys. please don't put me under water or cut my hair <3

So excited to see what you guys think of~ I had so much fun being your pet!

Shit Fuck Shit Fuck Shit Fuck Shit....I wont be able to make the show for this one as will be away....Ahhhhh

Still that has never stopped me posting ideas. Hopefully it will kick something off and get people thinking.

Firstly you must promise to get in a few Fuck You Scooshs for not being there.

Ok so what to do to you.

Here is one Idea.

You are standing on two boxes legs apart slightly more than shoulder width about 6inches high. Your hands are cuffed behind your back and your neck is noosed to the hook and is pretty tight. You must Carefully step off the boxes which would make you choke and go on your tip toes. You have to stay there as you take one cattle prod zap. Then return to the boxes for slight relief. Then you are ordered to do it again this time staying for 2 zaps. Then rest...this goes on until 5 or 10 zaps.

For the prefeed would could do the same and have you on a skate board trying to keep steady think it was done on a shoot a long time back.

As soon as the prefeed is over whatever tie you are in you should get a Spit Bukkake but you are not allowed to clean for the entire show....full face and hair from every crew member.

Another idea would be have you hands cuffed behind back and a chain attached to the wall. You would have a neck cuff also attached to the wall with a small chain. Maybe a few feet long. The guys place the keys in front of you JUSt within reach and you get out while we cattle prod you.

Shame I wont be there I am sure I could have thought of many many names to call you :(

I will think of more ideas and see what you think


Posted: Wed Sep 13 2017 1:05PM
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Since Lydia's so into body fluids, why not add some piss and (if any of the other ladies can oblige) squirt to the spit bukkake too? It's been too long since we've had a really gross/messy scene.

Since we can't do much corporal and it sounds like major rope-marks are even a no-go, how about an ever increasing bondage scene with some mummification?

Some gags would be nice. Socks or maybe even some soaked (one way or the other) panties.

Simulated bukkake might be fun as it has been done in the past.

Hello Lydia Black you would be starting for a scene of electric torture?

Hey guys lovving the ideas! I would love to get piss/squirt/spit all over me. And I am totally into some intense bondage ideas, I live for that stuff and I have not been suspended in too long ;)

I also love playing games so don't forget about that, with maybe some electro punishment?

helo lidia that's not telling you to be tied up like that?

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