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I'm a member of infernalrestraints, hardtied & realtimebondage. I love all 3! You guys are by far and away the best website/content producer for this category I can find.

If you were able to fit in more Edging or orgasm denial for any of those sites then it would be amazing?!
I do mean that the woman in the scenario would either be made to wait and hold in the orgasm or be denied of it completely! Guess you could make skipping a very much wanted, maybe begged for, orgasm a punishment?

Also there is one feature scene on hardtied;


More similar to this would be so appreciated!




You might like ruined orgasms on Hardtied. Also Bruises and ruined orgasms on Infernal Restraints. When we start shooting again I can definitely do some more orgasm denial.

Insex Live was fun to make. What in particular did you like about it if we were to replicate it?

Posted: Sun Jul 19 2020 6:50PM
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We do them all the time on We don't advertise them in the trailers, but most of the story oriented updates are non-consent based and include some form of forced sexual contact.

Posted: Sun Jul 19 2020 5:51PM
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I know videos where the main subject is kidnap or rape (all be it re-created safely, legally and with consent from everyone) probably cause more issues than they are worth.

Posted: Sun Jul 19 2020 5:39PM
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Posted: Sun Jul 19 2020 5:39PM
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Hi OT,

Thanks for trying to fit some more orgasm denial in the future.

As for what I liked about the insexlive video with Ednza,(
Although I did enjoy the way it was filmed etc (live style) it was more the content & storyline of what was happening that I was referring to. Like kidnap or consenting, legal rape roleplays. Not sure if it is something you'd consider doing more of?

Yes infernal restraints does have a lot of what would be, in real life, non consent categories on there. I guess the reason I didn't link this insexlive video on hardtied with them is because that video is filmed or set at normal every day house with a lot more standard equipment/toys that people could actually have. Not many people have a BDSM studio with as much equipment in it as infernal restraints does!
So really badly and long worded answer to your question, what I liked about the insexlive video is... it felt slightly more realistic than most others.

Dont know if that has helped at all! 😂

I see, so you liked the impromptu nature of InsexLive. We often shy away from doing too much in a "normal" (house, apartment, office) setting. Our thinking is that the characters probably don't have bondage and torture devices/implements. We'll often start in the house and then move on to a studio setting where the captor has set it up with a bunch of devices.

We'd be happy to do things that fit with your interest. I'd like to hear more about the activities you'd like to see. Let me set the scene:

The victim is in her house ... vacuuming. He comes in and incapacitates her. Then what? Does he tie her up with something he finds around the house?

Posted: Sun Jul 19 2020 9:17PM
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So off the top of my head...

2-3 guys break in to the house and find a mum and her daughter there
Obviously catch and restrain them both. Would be good to see some people being tied up etc on camera as its regularly cut out.
Guys then start asking for money etc but get very little or nothing at all, so they start abusing the girls (face slaps, touching them over their clothing) one of the girls announce during this that they need a piss, guys find a bucket or something make them do it in front of everyone else.
At this point you could,


Make it a consenting sex abuse/rape scenario and keep everything at the house. Where the guys end up forcibly removing the girls clothing and with some abuse etc in between end up 'raping' them both in front of each other and then leave quickly, leaving the women tied up, naked somewhere.


The guys could take the women somewhere else (studio) and abuse them etc there but end up keeping the women and train them as sex slaves or maids

Could actually combine both those ideas, the guys go to rob the house,get annoyed that there is little/nothing worth taking so just take the women.

That's a great idea. I actually had a similar story planned out with two performers who look like mother and daughter. We only have one person (me) topping right now. Some day we might have other people topping as well. This means we can't really have a group of people breaking in. Is that important to you?

So you don't mind the performers being brought back to the "dungeon" eventually, you just want them to be tortured and raped in the house setting first?

Does something like "I spit on your cunt" work? Was there something in that you didn't like?

Posted: Tue Jul 21 2020 5:30AM
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Thanks OT. I don't mind how many people "break in" so just yourself is brilliant. As for at what point the women are brought back to the "dungeon" I'm not too fussed. For me it's more about the fact that they have been captured in a setting away from the "dungeon". If you wanted to bring them back to the "dungeon" to "rape" them then that's all good. It's more about capturing them, humiliating and torturing them slightly in the "house" for me personally. A few ideas for humiliating/torturing them could be:

Either making 1 or both of the girls piss themselves or piss in front of the other. Obviously not in a toilet!
Making them take their own clothes off and play with themselves in front of you but not cum.
Chaining themselves up and doing tasks (you decide) round the house naked

Lastly the only other idea I had to humiliate the girls even more would be to transport them from the "house" to the "dungeon" whilst naked, bound, gagged and blindfolded. Not sure how possible is as nudity etc outdoors isn't allowed and very difficult in a lot of places! I know you have done outside scenes before though so thought I'd suggest it.


By the way I think you and Insex are amazing for letting us come up with ideas like this for you to even consider producing them. So many companies wouldn't!!
I love the idea!