August 10th Kira Noir Livefeed
Kira will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

Posted: Mon Aug 05 2019 5:07PM
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So is there no show this weekend? I was just wondering; with five days to go there's been no updates and no model feedback.

Come out and play Kira!

Hello Kira,

while we're waiting for your input, let me write down two suggestions/requsts/ideas:

-- During the last live show, Kira's beautiful and smooth skin caught my attention --> I'd like to see her sweating. Maybe we could have a straining crucifixion scene (with radiant heaters?) or some heavy workout (squats/push-ups with encouraging whip lashes?) ...

-- And, as always, I'd enjoy watching her being forced to eat gross and disgusting stuff.

I hope that not all of that is off limits ... In any case, I'm looking forward to the show!

Hello Kira,

What do you think to try to stand on the spikes like Juliette?

Also do you like hard whipping or caning?
Another idea is to have hot sauce in your ass.

Thank you

so will the live feed go ahead but with alice as the model as shown on the site? or will it be postponed due to no model response?

Posted: Fri Aug 09 2019 10:39PM
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Alice, are your limits the same as for your January appearance?

Posted: Thu Aug 08 2019 8:00PM
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We will proceed with Alice.

should we post ideas here for Alice?

I am happy to see Alice back, she was so great in the past on RTB!

Just a short wishlist:
- lots of single tailing please - I love how marks look on Alice's nice white skin!
- a nice caning, it could be focused on less usual areas maybe a frontal caning?
- if Alice behaves well I would love to see her torturing the deco model if that is an option! I know Alice would love that :)
- electricity? Some special predicment (maybe including electric rods) would be fun!

Have fun and welcome back!