November 2nd Ava D'Amore Livefeed
On November 2nd Ava D'Amore will be joining us for a live show. Since Halloween will be two days before we will be celebrating during Ava's show. Ava has some fun ideas about how to celebrate. She will be in soon to tell you about them.

Not sure of Ava's limits but since it is going to be halloween themed i have some ideas.
have her tied to a stake or pole with coals or some type of heat source, with her head in a harness covered by a carved out pumpkin and throw in some spiders and spiderwebs to decorate it.
a version of trick or treat by having her pick random items of food which could be candy or a disgusting mixture of things. or be punished with different things hitting her with the treat being an edge to orgasm

Hey everyone! I'm super excited for my shoot, and had a few Halloween ideas. I'm a big fan of blood (needles, sutures, cutting) and have wanted to try genital (labia) sutures for a long time. I've never had needles anywhere on my genitals but have had them just about everywhere else and would love to test my threshold! And there are lots of fun opportunities when one hole is unreachable. Aside from that, needle play elsewhere (possibly with electricity) or taking blood to do something "sacrificial" with it would be fun.

I think doing something with a pumpkin would be fun, maybe carving it out and using it as a hood. As creepy and cool as I think live spiders would be, I don't think I'm comfortable with it. But gross stuff, or some kind of game involving "tricks" or treats sounds great.

I had another idea of bobbing for apples while in some kind of bondage, and doing some water play (dunking, breath play, etc).

A few other likes: gagging, spit/drool, squirt and piss (all body fluids really), nipple torture (clamps, weights), a variety of impact play, butt stuff (plugs, dildos), and objectification.

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas :)

Posted: Mon Oct 14 2019 4:00AM
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great to hear you're a fan of needles, now i'm excited thinking about you getting your pussy sewn up, any chance you'd think of getting your lips sewn?

would you be okay with shaving all your hair for a sacrificial scene

as for dunking, perhaps you could be dunked into a pumpkin filled with you and the decoration's piss, or ice water whilst getting paddled/caned on your ass.

maybe we could do some incorporate some ancient tortures like stretching by your arms/legs or a spikeboard/spike chair

Posted: Sun Oct 13 2019 4:58PM
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Oh, and my limits are: enema/scat play, vomiting (hardcore gagging is great, but no food/puke), bastinado (beyond light teasing), tickling, and rough anal penetration**

**plugs and dildos are great, stretching is great and slow anal fucking is great. Just no fast/rough in and out

Also, I'm 100% into interacting with the other girl performer in any way she's comfortable with

Hi Ava!

Thank you for performing for us; you do us all a great honor with your sacrifice!

An idea I had would be to incorporate your likes of needle play, electricity, nipple torture and anal all into one.

First, your legs would be spread with a bar and you'd be bound in a pillory that could be angled to point your head down forcing you to keep your legs straight for the whole scene. You'd then have that one metal gag that causes intense drooling inserted in your mouth, with a bowl placed underneath you to collect the drool. We can always find a use for that later, 'waste not, want not' and all.

You'd then have the suction tubes for the milking machine attached to your breasts and an anal stim inserted in your ass connected to a sound detection device, so your every moan and scream would cause a shock inside you. To determine the electricity level, we could do a Halloween trivia. For every question you got wrong, or didn't know, the stim level would increase by one. This could be done during the pre-feed.

Then I think we could make a 'Voodoo Doll' out of your ass. You'd have sterilized sewing pins inserted one at a time until you couldn't take it anymore (remember: the sound detection device is on). When you couldn't take anymore, the milking machine would be turned on and you'd have earned your reward with the Hitachi.

We could all take a vote to see if you'd taken enough 'pins in the Doll' to have the anal stim turned off for the vibration portion of the scene.

As a final thought, this whole scene could be done with you either in your high heels to accentuate your perfect ass, or if you're up to it, barefoot standing on the spike board.

Just a thought, I hope you like it and can't wait for the show!

Posted: Wed Oct 23 2019 11:56AM
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Hey there! I'm definitely into uncomfortable bondage and gags, and excessive drooling/getting messy with the drool is one of my favorite things. Suction is great, too and I really like the idea of incorporating a game into electricity play. I will say I've never used an anal e-stim device and I'm open but trepidatious about it. I'm curious enough to try it but I think there's a good chance I won't be able to take much. Anal pain isn't really my jam. As far as using sewing needles or going perpendicular to the skin, I'm not sure that's possible or within OT's and my risk comfort. Definitely down to take hypodermic needles on my ass though! And I don't know what the spike board is, but I'm curious :)

How about facial needles?

A long needle is pushed down thru the side of your nose, thru the upper lip,thru the tongue, and thru the lower lip. This is done on both sides of your nose.

Needles are also stuck thru the thick cartilage of your ears and also into and thru your cheeks. A crown of needles adorns your forehead.

This will hopefully be painful and will look degrading.

The fun also comes from the extraction of the needles with trickles of blood.

Since this show includes a Halloween theme, maybe our deco model can lick the trickles of blood - vampire like.

Posted: Wed Oct 23 2019 12:00PM
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The only facial piercing I would consider is a couple sutures (or staples) sewing my lips shut. I'm down to have marks and scars on the rest of my body but not so much on my face. I'm down to get a little messy in the blood though!

It would be really nice getting you pierced all over your body especially your clit.
Once all needles are in place I would suggest to have the pierced points covered with hot wax.
Once this step is completed I suggest a warm up whipping all over especially over the pierced locations.
If possible you can also swallow piss direct from cocks while you are getting pierced, waxed and whipped.
I am not sure you could take this but as a fan I would love to see this happen.

Posted: Wed Oct 30 2019 9:43PM
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Thanks Ava D'Amore for your reply. Looking forward to your live show and the pain that I would love to see in your face. All the best

Posted: Wed Oct 23 2019 12:05PM
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I love sensory deprivation, it's one of my favorite things! I've never tried them, no, but they sound fun

Posted: Wed Oct 23 2019 12:04PM
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Whew, I'll be honest, outer labia piercing for me is still very ambitious and will be intense for me. There is no way in hell I could take a needle to my clit. I'm open to the idea of wax play with it, though. And as far as impact and needles, I don't think it's safe to do heavy impact with the needles still in, as they could rip out the side of the skin. But it's fun to do impact after you take them out, it makes the blood flow faster :)

Posted: Sat Oct 19 2019 11:34AM
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Dear Ava,
it is a pleasure you decided to suffer for all of us.
Are You into sensory deprivation too? I'd like to see you blindfolded with various layers of vet wrap at least during the pre feed and hopefully with headphones on. have You ever tried blackout contact lenses?

I have some ideas for outfits for the show/prefeed, i would like for Ava to start off in some beautiful white lace lingerie and stockings or a nylon bodysuit/bodystocking something skin tight, appearing quite angelic. that way perhaps some of the needles could go through the outfit and as they are removed and as the "sacrificial" show progresses and gets messier it'll get ruined and broken down just like she does, as i think some blood stains on white lingerie would look nice.

and since she is interested in breathplay and waterboarding, maybe a clear latex hood/plastic bag that gets filled up with water and she'd have to drink it all to breathe, and if she does manage to get through it surely she'll need to pee later on, maybe someone would have ideas for that during the show.

Also Ava what do you think about using some staples instead of needles?

Posted: Wed Oct 23 2019 12:08PM
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That sounds really pretty! I'm not sure I can imagine a mask filled with water- if it's full of water then there's no air in it, right? I'm down to try something simpler with water/breath play though

Hey Ava!

I just would like to request a few things which are already on your list:

1) Girl on girl
please have lots of interactions with the decoration model (within limits of course) some ideas:
- have a race of who can make the other cum faster with a price of a trick or a treat :)
- decoration could help in getting you tortured by making some painful decisions for you or even directly help in a scene.
- also I love seeing impact play mixed with oral either by giving or receiving.

2) Games
- we could have some votes of what body part should be caned with unusual options like stomach, arms, calves, etc. with multiple rounds!
- memory games with electricity are always fun! I once would very much like to see a scene in which every time you fail with the memory game the decoration model has to shock you - tuckers telephone would be a suitable device which I havent seen for a while
- bobbing for apples would be great with the extra rule of every time you pop up without an apple something very painful happens (eg 4 non stop cane strikes)

I am sure this is going to be great, thank you so much for suffering for us!


Posted: Wed Oct 23 2019 12:13PM
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Absolutely, I love interacting with other girls, and all of that sounds great! And I like all the fun, playful ideas- it seems very fitting for Halloween :) I really love the idea of a game with electricity, and the other game ideas you suggested. Can't wait!

Hi all members!

Just a short reminder to all who want to watch the upcoming RTB live show on Sat Nov 2nd from outside the US: Be sure to check the actual time difference between United States Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and your local time zone, especially for european time zones. European Daylight Time has ended last Sunday while the Eastern Daylight Time in the US is still in effect until Nov 3rd. This means that in most european countries the show will start one hour earlier than usually.

Best regards

Dear Ava D'Amore,

It is so much so exciting that you are going to suffer for us willingly. You have a juicy Ass and a pair of perfect boobs. I would like your ass and boobs whipped with strips all over. With stripes all over our butt and thunder thighs you look like a tigress.
I also would like to see needles pierced in your Vagina. You have such an enviable anatomy that I want to see you writhing in pain of needles and whipping.
Caning is also my favourite and if you can try it would make wonderful stripes in your wonderful ass and thighs.
Deepthroating and puking and after that Licking and eating your own puke will also be a good inclusion to the live feed Ava.

Eagerly waiting for your reply with consent to my wishes so that all your fans could enjoy watching you suffer in pain.


Being a fan of Ava D'Amore I love seeing her cry. I have seen her tounge tied up in Infernal restraints. In this video I would love to see her tongue nailed while her tortures are continuing.
Piercing needles in all fingers, nailing her beautiful bust could add spice to the show



I wish there will be no video issues this evening.

Hi Ava;
It’s nice to have you suffering for the evening.
For the show I would like to have you in predicament bondage and gagged. Possibly by hanging by your cuffed wrists fully dressed and with high hails in strappado. A cord form the ceiling is choking you. Then, the shoes goes off and you must rest on your tip toes. Failing to do willl suffocate you the more. May be you should be standing on the spike board. After a while, de gag and the cord are taken off and you Thanks, with manners, your handles adecuately. A posture wide posture colla is then placed in your neck. The collar to be stretched time to time until you can hardly shallow. In the meanwhile questions are to be done, and answered quickly, truthfully and exhaustively - please use a good diction for those of us that are not english natives. Then the posture collar will be tied to some chain or cord coming from the ceiling. Between answers you are to get gradually naked. First blouse or whatever you have is ripped away, and needles are one by one placed in your stomach. In the meantime, the chain or ropes that supports your cuffed hands ar being slowly pulled. Form now on, your bra, skirt , pants or gown are cut with scissors. Then your pants are ripped of. And your tits, nipplles an cunt pierced with needles.
I don’t know decorations limits, but some girl on girl would be funny.
All this must take about 30 minutes. Then the needles are taken off and you are allowed for a break to drink something, from a bowl, in all fours.
Afterwards you’ll be tied in a hardtie, whith your soles expossed. Then you must ask for a hard bastinado, your hair, in a ponitail, tied to a plug in your ass. Then you mast suck Mr Pogo before it goes in your cunt, cleaning it with your tongue from time to time. Forced orgasms may be taken it’s a vibrator. Of course you mast ask permission to come. Failing to do will be punished lately. After a while you are to be suspended, still in a hard tied, and canes, floggers and whips used in you, the first leaving serious purple marks in you buttocs and things.
Then another break. Time to eat some nasty food, again in all fours, from the dirty ground.
After that time to punish your pussi and tits. May be some humiliating words?
Is these stuff within your limits? Will you enyoy yourself?
Thank you again for performing for us. Can’wait to see you suffering.

Hi Ava:
From my previous entry, and revisiting your limits I think bastinado is no more acceptable. So, why not some watersports instead, with handlers and/or decoration. May be, the drinking bowl would be filled with piss and cum (yours?).

Posted: Wed Dec 25 2019 11:56AM
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When will remaining vids be made available?