London River Livefeed on May 18th
London will be back again!!! She'll be in soon to discuss her limits and interests.

Let's come up with some really interesting predicaments and breath play ideas.

hi London
great news! can't wait for Your show

if breath play, I have one suggestion.
and because of London, we need some special, really special
would be cool to see some games with bag, and stockings...


I’m super excited to be back. My limits haven’t changed much. Just no sudden cold and no hair bondage.

I really want some physically challenging predicament bondage.

I look forward to seeing your ideas.

Posted: Wed May 01 2019 11:49AM
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Thanks London, I think I understand. Predicament bondage, let me think. How about you’re naked wearing some stripper heels. You’re impaled on a dildo extended up from the floor. It can be in your ass, pussy or both. You’re stuck, you can’t lift yourself off and you have to maintain your balance while you’re tormented. Nipple torture, whipping, having your clit vibed. Your leg start to shake but there is no escape. How does that sound?

Posted: Tue Apr 30 2019 11:13PM
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Live shows don’t generally involve storyline but there can be a general theme. However, nothing is faked (like the “mind control” plot you are referring to) and communication between me, the crew, and the audience tends to be fairly free flowing whenever possible. While there is not a strict story to adhere to and we are not playing fictional characters, there is occasionally a theme to these feeds. I would like to focus on predicament bondage if possible.

Posted: Tue Apr 30 2019 10:29PM
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Thanks for getting back to me London. I know you’re not a stranger to electro play. You’ve been on electo sluts and Daniel has used an electro butt plug in a few scenes. I’ve really enjoyed your recent scenes on Jerky Wives where a remote was used. I thought a remote controlled e-collar would be hot. I guess I don’t know how this works for a a live show.Are you guys going to decide on a general plot? The weather might be nice, maybe start outside. Tell me a little more about how it plays out.

Posted: Tue Apr 30 2019 9:06PM
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Hi Todd,

I’m totally okay with electric shocks, but I doubt I will be “obstinate” during this live show. That’s not really how I am. I’m not one to brat. That said, there’s no reason why we can’t use electricity for the enjoyment of it.

Posted: Mon Apr 29 2019 10:11PM
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Hi London, it's Todd in Seattle. I just signed up and I'm super excited for your show. I can't wait to see the new scenes you did with Daniel last week. As for the live show I'd love to see you wear an e-collar to force you to obey your masters commands. You can get a small quick shock, or if you're being obstinate a continuous one until you obey. i'd be willing to supply the collar. Todd

Posted: Thu Apr 25 2019 8:39AM
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Dear London,
welcome back to RT.
Physically challenging positions?

I was wondering if You are referring to some position you were put in "Cosmic Orgasms" for example. The strappado was good but the best part was the inverted suspension. Breath Play? We can do a strappado with your arms and your back arched back and we can also add a rope neck just to add some fun. I'd also like You can try again blackout contact lenses as in Piss me but I think this wouldn't be possible. Also something like facial and nose torture as in Jessica Kay's RT would be awesome. And why not start straight away with electro torture like the one Wenona experienced in her ordeal?
You are one of the toughest model I've had the pleasure to see and in my humble opinion You have to tell us what do You want to do so I can focus my devilish mind to your likes.
Please forgive my bad English and have a nice day

Hello London,

Glad to see you again in a RTB shoot :)

I don't have any ideas of bondage and breath play but it will be corporal punishment like hard caning, whipping etc?

maybe we can think something on this area :)

thank you

Posted: Fri Apr 26 2019 4:13AM
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Thank you for your reply I will try to think something but I have some desires which I want to share them with you and OT (I know maybe it's hard to be done)

I like the idea of pole dancing before the show and to be a female dominatrix with OT for double whipping (double torturing in general) like your "London weekends" shoot with Helena

Posted: Thu Apr 25 2019 2:09PM
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I imagine that there will of course be whipping and caning. I also enjoy belting.

I’d like to think of an interesting zipper idea.

Since we are collecting interesting breath play ideas:

What about having London wear a tight-fitting "pet cone" (or whatever they are called -- those transparent cone-shaped plastic collars that dogs get at the vet to prevent them from licking themselves) and then slowly but steadily pouring interesting liquids (her own piss? the decoration's piss?) into the cone so that she has to gulp it down if she wants to breathe?
Kind of like a "piss aquarium" around her head?

Posted: Tue Apr 30 2019 11:19PM
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I like the zipper idea. A bowling ball might be too heavy for my teeth and I’ll have to let go early. To lengthen the scene (clamps hurt more when removed the longer they are left on), perhaps we could attach the zipper to a line with an empty bucket that OT incrementally adds water to?

Posted: Sat Apr 27 2019 2:28AM
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I fully endorse the "piss aquarium" idea! I'd also like to see London made to puke again and forced to lick it up, or have it poured on her this time (been craving more puke play with you since your FacialAbuse scene, London). We haven't had enough gross-out stuff lately, and London seems gamer for that kind of thing than most models. Still can't get over the dirty enema dunking scene from last year!

Posted: Fri Apr 26 2019 10:56AM
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I'd like to add my two cents to this forum regarding breath playa and zippers.
One is a more psychological one so to say and the other is more physically challenging. I've found these ideas scouring my BDSM library yesterday.

In the first one you are secured in an open frog position with pipes attached against a platform.

A blindfold is applied to Your eyes and a rope to your neck.

A black zipper is threated against your skin and the neck choke is increased and decreased.

Then a vibrator is attached to your labia and OT can do whatever he wants with You.

In my humble opinion this position is interesting because You can't see anything OT is doing and also because You can't move any part of Your body and also because you are spread wide open and so vulnerable.

Second suggestion:
OT will put zippers on you along both parts of your torso and the string is attached to a bowling ball which is tied to a bit placed into Your mouth.

In this way you have full control of the zippers as long as You can hold this bit with Your teeth.

But when it is too much to bear....

To spice things a little bit up we can secure You to a Sybian so it pushes down hard on your cunt....



Hallo all and greetings from Germany,

First I am a great fan of spit. Spiting in the face, in the mouth and everywhere. The perfect form is with pre-chewed food or with a great swallow out of a beer bootle.

Eating prechewed stuff out of an other models mouth would be great, or stuff things in the ass or cunt and then eat it.

Bodywriting is the next cool thing. I read the idea to write all the names of the members down with a biro all over the body. Maybe you can write the tasks the model shut do in the lessen down on her legs.

Next Idea is playing with fear and disgust. Games with insects are very special. My favorits are slugs and snails. You will not find a lot of videos with snails on the body.

Or you will use a plastic bag full of flies or better Mosquittoes und put it over the model.

For this time the last idea is playing with the face. Make her grimaces, pull the lips or nose. You may use fishing hooks in the lips and pull the fishing-line through the ear holes or other points.

Maybe you will drill a hole through a board. As great as the mouth. Pull the lips through the hole, turn the lips and pin them in the wood. That is a perfect face!

Hope You understand my English

Yours countnumber

Posted: Tue Apr 30 2019 11:50PM
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Hi! The facial distortion idea sounds great! I haven’t gotten to try that yet.

A lot of you are suggesting scenes involving “gross” things such as bodily functions and bugs. Know that none of these are off limits for me, although some things might be logistically difficult for the crew. I’m willing to do as much as we can manage. I love a vomit challenge. So hopefully we can do that for sure.

I’m actually not afraid of bugs. I keep spiders as pets and I handle roaches, worms, and crickets all the time since they are prey animals for my pets to eat. Consider whether you might want to save bugs for someone who might find it more challenging.

Mosquitoes were mentioned above. I will draw the line at mosquitoes because of safety. They spread too much illness.

Posted: Wed May 08 2019 5:06AM
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Hope we get to see the vomit challenge part! Would love to see you lick up your puke this time, or have it poured over you, or the deco made to puke over you or something! I feel like you're one of the few girls willing to get truly gross live for us so I want to take full advantage haha

Posted: Sun May 05 2019 5:02PM
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My apologies.

What rubber rope and water bondage?

Posted: Sun May 05 2019 4:35PM
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Even if roaches and worms were captive bred and unlikely to have been exposed to diseases I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with killing innocent animals in such a painful way for entertainment.

Posted: Sun May 05 2019 2:17PM
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Hi London,

Are the following suggestions possible?

- rubber tube rope in nasal passage (you have done this in internal restraint), and the saw of mouth and bagged.

- forces swallowing and eating of worms and roaches.

-water bondage (similar hydrophobia part 1 insex - with cage).

Welcome back London, always great to have you!

Breath play is a great idea. One option would to be to have a pump gag with a tube and a nose clip to provide total control other your breathing. alternate setups to accomplish the same effect would also be cool. I enjoyed the old set where the model had a gas mask attached to a tube and bellows and had to pump to breathe, I think there's a lot of potential there, and I also very much enjoyed the old sets where they had to breathe their own piss through a mask and bottle contraption. You got a catheter last time so it's certainly ok if we need to give that a rest for a bit but it would be awesome to incorporate that to collect your piss and then make you breathe it. It's also great just to have another function of yours controlled, and maybe we'd make you trade breathing for a minute in exchange for peeing. Possibilities are almost limitless. It would also be great to incorporate the deco and make you breathe through a tube in her pussy or maybe do the same with yours.

Looking forward to this session!

Hi London!

I love to see London get face slapped and count how many she can take until she cries. Maybe combine that with a wooden pony ride :)

Dear London River,

Nice to have you for another session!

Your predicament:
Kneeling, legs open, arms raised and fixed to e.g. a chain from the ceiling.
Not too tight, giving you some freedom to move.
You get bulldog clamps on cuntlips and nipples.
Nipples are lifted by a ribbon connecting the nippleclamps tightly with the chain above your head.
So far you can manage as you try to kneel with upright body trying to push up your boobs as high as possible.
As soon as you arranged yourself with this we lift your ankles and connect them with the pussyclamps.
Perhaps you manage again by taking some additional tension on nipples and cuntlips.
But you can already guess that we will further shorten the ribbon connecting your ankles with the pussyclamps until you are forced to kneel and keep your feet lifted.
Lets see how long you can keep this and which decision you will finally take.

Some others:
Tabasco treatment for your torn pussy lips?
Enema - what maximum load can you take and hold?
Belting would be my preferred treatment for your ass and boobs - I expect nice sound effects.
Needles always welcome.
Intensive breast slapping and squeezing.

May we expect submissive and obedient behaviour?

Excited to see you pushed close to your limits.

Yours sincerely,



Some easy, but very funny predicament: Make her sit on her knees. legs little bit spread. Then the hands behind her head. She is now not allowed to move. She has to keep her eyes open and look straight forward. And she has to keep all her Muscles very hard (legs, belly, chest, neck and biceps).

She has to sit like this for maybe 30 minutes.

For every mistake (move, muscles not hard, eyes closed, ...), she gets punished very hard. Maybe caned on her legs, feets or titts. Whipped. Or electro shocked.


Hello again,

electroshok ist a Nixe thing. What about a Microphone what is conect with the shoking Tool and the Decoration girl is Made Tour so noises. Maybe by slapping her face or tickling.
What about this?


Thanks to London, OT, and the crew for a great show!

Loved what I saw of the show but unfortunately had to leave early. Heard you did the piss/puke aquarium idea which is great but I can't believe I missed it! Are there any pictures? Otherwise I guess I'll just have to wait for the uploaded version and hope it survives the CC companies