Alice Livefeed January 26th
Alice will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

I'd like to offer an idea for one scene of "Truth or Dare". Any ideas.

Posted: Thu Jan 24 2019 9:36AM
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Yes, Truth or Dare is a brilliant idea, I think. The idea of uncertainty of what to expect is stimulating for some activities ;)!

Alice is very beautiful. I prefer her to have clothes and to have normal conversations to build up some mysteriousness ;)

Also, a general question. I have never been a sub. Is it exciting for a sub to have just punishment and no pleasure? I see that vibrators and vaginal penetration are in the 'no' list.

super theme idea !
I may have some to sugest but I will wait for Alice to give us her limits.

Can't wait for the show :)

Come out and play, Alice.

We have lots of fun ideas for using you up, but need to hear your interests and limits first.

Okay so I have some ideas that don't involve the model's limits (I think ).
First, please forgive my english, I hope it will be understandable.

If I remember correctly the Truth or Dares game we were playing as naive kids, we were not choosing dares if we were playing with too cruel
players. So I think that it could be an improvment to answer Truth questions during Dares and have some system where answering will reduce the amount of time/the number of strikes/whatever we are using to count and not answering will increase the counter.

In the same way of remembering this game as a kid, dares were more often things to do than things done to us. And since, if I remember
correctly, during the last show, Alice offer her resume to help OT as an handler (or something like this), let's see how good she can be
as an handler when it's involve herself :p So I really think most of the dares should be things Alice have to do to herself
(or at least most of them, I assume that tieding can be complicated otherwise) and if she fail to do it, OT will take care of it, double of course !

Another idea : I really really love random things. So I'm thinking of involving dices in it. Let's say for the dares we have some boxes
like : Action, Position and Body's add-on with some pappers in it with a lot of propositions. When Alice picks one of them, she throws 2 dices.
They will define the amount of time /the amount of strikes/the quantity... whatever we decide. For example a 4 and a 3 will mean 7 minutes spend
in a position and of course a double 3 will be 12 minutes in this position
Since it's random and random can sometimes be mischevious/boring, let's give some jokers to OT where instead of alice picking something he can decide what Action/Position/Body add-on will be pick and Alice will throw dice on this. Let's say we have some ground round rules (like saying "yes master" or the repeating the question before answering one) and everytime Alice fails the rules, it's add a joker for OT.

I really hope these ideas will please you and it doesn't go against what you had in mind, OT, when you propose the Truth or Dare theme.

I already have some Dares ideas but I will wait for Alice limits ^^

Since Alice is such a shy girl i suggest that we start the show by having her wear some exposing stripper outfits-maybe like some see through lace under a mesh suit, and have her show herself off a bit to bring herself out.

Would also love to see some humiliation involving food or piss or spit but dont know her limits.

Posted: Sun Jan 13 2019 8:54PM
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I hate/love this idea of the clothing lol

Would love to play into my hatred of exposure. Would also be fun to degrade me while I'm in the slutty clothes. Call me all the names! Maybe even use my slutty lipstick to write things all over my body??

Any ideas on what should be written on my naughty self?

hmm don't know limits

would love to see her drinking piss
and some face play, so spank her face while she is in bondage and gagged

Howdy howdy folks! Sorry it took so long for me to get on here but I'm gonna put my limits below :)

No fluid exchange
No piss
No scat
No vaginal insertion
No anal insertion (small plug or hook is ok)
No vibrators
No bottoming to women (the other model)
No paddles
No cattle prod
No insects
No ageplay

DEAR LORD NO NASAL FUCKING OR INSERTION (hahaha never thought I would have to say that)

Shame play
Boot worship
Kicking, punching slapping (anywhere and everywhere)
Obedience training
Breath play

I'll try and think of some more ideas in the coming days. we were thinking of having already formulated ideas for truths and dares and then I could be given the two options?
Or I do like the idea or the truths to be answered while the dare is underway or as a way to get the dare to stop.

As for the issue of me doing the dare, you can just dare me to get punched in the face or dare me to take 10 with a cane.

Drop some dare ideas for me!! I'll be back to add more. I can't wait to suffer for yall.

Sensory deprivation (sesnsory deprivation mask with gag)
Water tank?

Posted: Fri Jan 25 2019 3:30PM
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What’ about water tub and lower the cage and add water

Posted: Tue Jan 22 2019 9:30PM
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I think water may be an issue of set-up in the studio. However, I LOVE sensory deprivation. I know they have a few awesome hoods. Maybe some headphones? Thanks for the ideas<3


I have an idea to combine humiliation, degradation and obedience.

You wear an electrified dog collar. Your ass is available, and one hand is free. The controls to the electric current are in your free hand. The truth or dare game is played. And depending on how it goes you have to take cane shots to your ass or shock yourself. Like an obedient animal.

If you do an extra good job the members can call out what you look like while shocking yourself and taking cane shots and the handlers can write out our thoughts on your body.

Also, we rarely get such pretty little things (emphasis on pretty and little) as you. I hope you let the handlers go extra hard on you. That would be truly tremendous.

Posted: Mon Jan 14 2019 9:23AM
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Hey, I love you idea of self-shock, I really hope to watch that :)

As you, I would love to see the handlers going extra hard on Alice's little body.

Since you have a really lovely pale skin (wich I assume mark easily ?), maybe we can start with some single tail from OT all over your body to add really nice stripes on it

hello Alice, I'm glad you reach us :)
I love that you gave us idea for your own humiliation, I really want to see you with degrading writting on your body too.

Just to be sure, I understood that verbal humiliation/name calling is okay for you ?

Anyway, I have some ideas too ^^

Truths :
Remember some stories to tell us, like some time in your whole life that as been the most humiliating/degrading times (not only in your sex life, maybe at school or whatever )

Some Dares ideas :
-I notice when you were decoration girl that you seems to be shy and you were covering your body whenever you can. So as buzz142 said above we should play with that ! and after getting nude why not have some kind of clamps on your pussy lips to help you display it open
And while you are at it, you can describe every parts of your body (filthy way or not ) and tell us what you like or dislike about your body (truths in dares, kind of Inception )

- Maybe during this unveilling we can add some wasabi/hot sauce/that sport cream I don't know the name on your pussy and on a little plug for you ass ? ( you made very clear in your limits about any nose penetration ahah, so none in your nosetrils )

-I saw on your Twitter account that you won Best New Female Spanker Award (Congrats on that by the way :) ) so let's how good of a spanker you are... on yourself. Let's play with cane, belt, your hand of course, etc... and what about handbrush ? Is it consider as a paddle ?
-In the same way you seemed to really enjoing slapping Victoria, let's see how hard you can be to yourself (red marks on your face will be proof)

-Some knealling on rice (would love to see this one) (or standing/sitting on a spike board but I really prefer rice or gravel )

-Some food play, did you ever taste dog/cat food ? ^^ I loved the cocktail Rocky emerson had some time ago, I think you should play the same game and drink your own cocktail :)

-What I think is called "castration elastics" on nipples or at least very strong bands
-zipper clothes pins
-walking with ballerina shoes

-since you said you suspension, I saw an old show with hair suspension can we do that ?

I wanted to add orgasms in this list but since vibrator and any insertion are out limits ( I was thinking of ice dildo and timer to reach it ) I will try to think of another idea to combine orgasm and a little bit of pain

I don't really know how to describe bondage positions in English but I assume other will be better at it ;)

Posted: Tue Jan 22 2019 9:37PM
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Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas! As for the dares, I love the third idea about me spanking and slapping myself. I wouldn't mind a hairbrush if I was the one holding it. I also love the kneeling on rice or spikes. They have a wooden board with spikes on it that I have tried and it is KILLER. I have bruises for a week. So that's totally an option!

I think I will add chemical play as a limit. But thank you for the ideas.

***ALSO I WOULD LOVE BALLERINA BOOTS!!! We recently got two pair that are my size for another film and I LOVE THEM. I would love a chance to wear them again. They hurt like a mother fuck. Lol excuse my language***

Hello Alice! It’s a pleasure to have you perform for us; I hope you like some of our ideas and have a great time participating with us!

I was thinking of placing you backside out, but leaving your breasts open on a pipe frame St. Andrew’s cross. The novelty of this idea would be that the frame could be rotated on a horizontal axis allowing you to be rotated around and ultimately positioned suspended upside-down. OT, would the hand/feet ‘cans’ allow a position like this to happen? You could have the deco-model work to help you rotate Alice around if it would. During this constant change in position Alice would be caned, single-tailed and hit with the PVC tubing and elephant tail. If the position or punishment becomes too intense for her, then she’d have to beg for the small anal plug or hook that she said was ok to be inserted to have the scene changed.

Another scene could be having Alice sitting in a slightly reclined position, either on the wooden wedge or the spike board with her arms extended out to her sides in a ‘T’. Straps could be placed around her neck and torso to keep her securely motionless in this position. Her fingers would also be secured and fanned out with pipe fittings, palms out. Her feet would also be secured, ankles together, toes secured in a similar fashion. 10 votive candles would be lit next to her. The endurance portion of this position would be that a pin would be placed under each of her finger and toenails. If she didn’t want the pin, she could opt to have the wax of one of the candles poured over her sensitive areas. She has to take at least four pins though, but the pins and wax pours must equal ten.

One last idea: Alice could be secured in a pipe pillory attached to a central post. The pillory post would be allowed to rotate around the central post with her in a fully bent over position, but could also be able to be rotated to have her head facing up making her bend her knees and arch her back. She’d also have nipple clamps attached that would allow weights to be added in increments during her time in this position. In both positions, she’d be made to walk around the central post and if she didn’t move enthusiastically enough, more weights would be added and cane strokes would be applied.

As for Truths/Dares:

Truths: 1.) [Edited]? 2.) How long have you gone without cleaning your apartment. 3.) Have you ever sexted a significant other while on the toilet; if so when? 4.) What’s the foulest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth; alcohol/tobacco products don’t count? 5.) What’s the dirtiest habit you’ve ever had/have and smoking doesn’t count.

Dares: 1.) Completely eat a jar of baby food off of OT’s boots 2.) Self-apply weighted clamps to your nipples and clit and do some twerking until they all fall off. 3.) You need to snap your torso and leave a decent mark with a thick rubber band as many times as you roll on a 6-sided dice.

I hope you like the ideas and can’t wait until the show!

I think that whatever Alice and OT agree upon will be awesome. I know we all have our preferences but either way it's going to a great night. Have to thank the team at RTB/HT/IR for being so friendly and providing quality content.

Dear Alice,
thanks for suffering for us on Saturday and please forgive my bad English.
You deserve the highest respect for this decision.
For ballerina boots do You intend pointe shoes? I'm a man and I have tried them once and I completely agree with You. They are very painful.
If OT agrees You can even try some ballet movements on pointe shoes.
I used to dance in the past and I can suggest You some simple movements.
What about sensory deprivation? Have You ever tried it?
I'm looking forward to your Live Show on Saturday

thank you Alice for sharing your limits and for giving us a show

I would love to see any kind of suspension
and what you said by yourself that you love kicking, punching and slapping everywhere
i also would love to see any kind of face torture, so slapping ect. Alice's lovely face

thank you very much and see you tommorow

Can't wait for the show, I love all of this ideas, I hope it's not to difficult to choose ^^

OT, just a quick question, why there is no profil for Alice on ?

See you all tomorrow :)


On your knees you will wait for your treatments.

Your cunt has to be displayed wide open for caning and hot sauce.

Face slapping will be given unexpected and intensive.

Tits should be squeezed before nipple twisting and breast slapping until they turn purple.

Yours sincerely


I'm soooooooooooo sad. I just have a kind of an emergency and I will not be able to be there tonight... I was so excited, so many expectations and now I will have to wait for the replay in 2 months.... 😭😭😭😭 Please make the replay with less cuts possible, even better without cuts at all

Please if you write the members names on Alice, if it's possible to add mine anyway... 🙏🙏😇😇😇
You have no ideas how disappointed I am, missing it at the last minute...


Sound problem at 32' in 3 part Alice live


I can confirm the sound issue, also in the downloaded version, is this fixable?

I found the issue. It’s fixed. I’m uploading the movies right now.

Posted: Tue May 28 2019 1:38AM
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Hey OT! Sadyl it still doesn’t have sound, could you pls check? Thank you!

Posted: Tue Apr 09 2019 3:54AM
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Great news, more content! :)

Posted: Mon Apr 08 2019 2:22PM
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Hey OT!

thank you so much for fixing the audio, it was an exceptionally great shoot!

I would love to see Alice back any time in any manner (sub / handler / switch)