Lexi Foxy Live Show October 6th
Lexi will be in shortly to discuss her interests and limits.

Tell us how you want us to hurt you, Lexi. We can't wait!!

Posted: Wed Sep 19 2018 11:11PM
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me too!

water tank, like leeches from insex?

Posted: Wed Sep 19 2018 11:12PM
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hahah I love the creativity. Leeches would be so friggin dope

Yay! I am here and so fucking excited! What are you going to do to me? Also, the shoot is on my birthday!!!

a water tank sounds amazing...where can we get one? haha

Hmmm...so I love bondage and corporal punishment. Electricity sounds fun :)

let's see ...some limits I can think of...no punching, light slapping is ok--but no hard face slapping. No biting. No kicking. No spitting in my face. I am mostly just super sensitive when it comes to my face

Light/moderate marks are ok. :)

Posted: Fri Sep 28 2018 2:33PM
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yummy (pref vegan ) cakes only! But spankings are allowed

Posted: Fri Sep 28 2018 2:32PM
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no anal.

Posted: Fri Sep 28 2018 2:30PM
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no puking, either. I'm a babyyyy.

Posted: Fri Sep 28 2018 2:27PM
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I will not eat pre chewed cake!

Posted: Mon Sep 24 2018 12:05AM
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Well, gross stuff doesn't have to involve meat! Even assuming you're not into piss or puke we could have another girl pre-chew the cake for you, or maybe make you eat it off one of a domme's dirty feet, or shove it up your ass and then make you eat after you push it out. We're plenty creative

Posted: Thu Sep 20 2018 8:59AM
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Well...I am vegetarian lol. You guys can totally force feed me cake haha and use the candles to drip hot wax on me! But I won't eat any gross concoctions or meat. I will leave that to Rocky Emerson ;) But, I love where your mind is at!

Posted: Wed Sep 19 2018 11:53PM
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Aside from face spitting how do you feel about gross-out humiliation stuff? Was thinking we could force-feed you some sort of fucked-up cake to "celebrate" your birthday!

Hi lexi, I'd love to see a water torture scene whether it be waterboarding or you are in a water tank and get gross stuff dumped in and see how long you could last. we could even add in temperature play with hot/ice water

Posted: Thu Sep 20 2018 2:16PM
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I have never done waterboarding and I am curious to try. I don't mind you dumping gross stuff on me, but i'd much rather be forced to eat vegan cake


Two electricity ideas for you.

1. An electrified sound for your piss hole.

2. An electrified copper bar for you to walk. The handlers would find that sweet spot where your cunt is an inch above the bar with you on your tippy toes. Your feet would be unable to lift much further. Right after the water torture part of the show would be ideal for this.

Posted: Fri Sep 28 2018 2:26PM
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oh fuckkk, not in my pee hole? But the inner thighs is ok

Posted: Thu Sep 20 2018 3:04PM
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You wouldn't be able to piss with the sound rod in your piss hole. You would get shocked when the electricity is turned on. In your piss hole. Maybe you would like to drink and fill your bladder during this time so when the sound comes out you could piss for us and gain some relief

As for the copper rod or bar, it's just a long copper rod that you straddle. You are able to walk back and forth as you straddle it. You have to keep your cunt and thighs from touching it. Or else you get zapped.

Posted: Thu Sep 20 2018 2:19PM
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Wow, that sounds intense! So I get shocked if I piss? I'm curious...

Hi Lexi!

If electricity sounds good maybe start with some cattle prodding?

About corporal, some single tailing could be fun maybe focusing on thighs (especially inner thighs) and the front in general.

I also like the idea of copper rod and electricity!

Posted: Fri Sep 21 2018 12:37PM
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omg sounds scary ahaha, I am willing to try!

Posted: Fri Sep 21 2018 10:05AM
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it is just a copper rod put in between your legs and you can walk forward and backward. Maybe the rod is not leveled but is getting higher as you walk.
Of course the rod is electrified very much and as you accidentally touch it with your leg it shocks. Also if it gets higher as you walk forward eventually it shocks your pussy as well.
And you can be motivated to walk forward with various things:
- whipping and spanking
- cattle prod
- vibrator you walk towards

I hope you like the idea!

Posted: Thu Sep 20 2018 2:21PM
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Wow, so explain how this copper rod stuff works to me I like where your mind is at ha.

feed me vegan cake or cupcakes and spank me!

Besides a water tank? What about a Vacbed?

Posted: Sun Sep 30 2018 3:12PM
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This is Vacbed


Posted: Fri Sep 28 2018 2:49PM
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what is that?

Hello Lexi,

It's a pleasure that you've deigned to entertain us all, especially on your birthday!

Since everyone else seems to be going with water and electricity, I'll play the nonconformist and suggest fire.

I'd suggest you start placed on a slightly raised and narrow platform attached by the neck to a post behind you with your wrists bound behind you and a crotch rope securely fastned to the same post via a tit tie. There would also be a wooden wedge placed slightly in front of the platform as a 'step down'.

There would be enough slack in the neck and crotch ties to allow strained movement to this wedge, but doing so would then put all your weight on those two bits, which you could chose to do so, as a heater would also be placed close to your starting position at lower back/ass level and turned on high.

So you could either cook and dance or choke and balance. We could even make you hold a lit candle in your mouth and every time you blow it out we vote whether you choke or cook for 1 second for each year you've been on this Earth.

No matter how it plays out, I'm looking forward to the show!
P.S.: Let me know if you like suspensions. I might have a few more interesting ideas.


Posted: Fri Sep 21 2018 12:39PM
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I love the creativity! Thanks for sharing your idea. That sounds hardcore---roast or choke! I am willing to try some variation of that idea heehee

Rubbing wasabi, icyhot or chile oil on your pussy and asshole sounds nice, for us. The electric bar sounds fun too. So does walking down a long knotted rope tightly pulled through your pussy.

Such fun.

Posted: Fri Sep 28 2018 2:48PM
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ouch, I will pass on the wasabi this time...but may be open to it one day in the future!

for limits I forgot to add: no anal

It would be completely remiss to not have a birthday 'spanking' of some sort. However, since this is a special kind of girl, a special kind of 'spanking' is in order.

I think having Lexi on her knees bent over a pipe frame that keeps her ass high and tight and her ankles secured to the floor. Her neck would be connected via collar to a U-pipe frame that would also keep her arms at full extension to her sides to make her arch her back, and with just enough slack to let her choke herself a bit if she takes any strain off her arms.

From this position, clamps would be attached to her nipples and labia and attached to the floor in front(nipples) and behind(labia) of her. We could put a cake with lit candles underneath her in this position and let them burn until she took wooden paddle strokes on her ass for every year she's been on this Earth.

Just another thought...I'm looking forward to this weekend!


Posted: Thu Oct 04 2018 10:00PM
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If we don't send you home with more good memories, welts and bruises than you walked into this with, then un-officially speaking for the members, we haven't done a very good job!

Salute, and here's to Saturday!

Posted: Thu Oct 04 2018 7:41PM
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omg, you wanna torture me! hahaha I love it. So excited for you to tune in and to celebrate my bday with you!

A row of birthday candles: To be extinguished with your cuntlips which will be fixed and opend with some clamps.
The wax from your pussy has than to be removed with a brush.

For your caning or spanking treatment I propose a kneeling position.

What about needles ?

Yours sincerely,

i dunno about wax on my pussy...lol sounds scary, but maybe I will surprise myself and be braver than I think. I am also scared of needle, but kinda curious to try...

Posted: Fri Oct 05 2018 12:23PM
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What about sewing of mouth?