Sybil live shoot
Does anyone know when the Sybil live shoot will be posted. It seem that a month after the shoot is enough time to post it. Tomorrow is the live feed of Star and I have not seen last months show. It took a long time to post the feed from the month before that. I know we were told that there was a problem but in two months you would think that they sould be fixed. let's hope its posted soon

I couldn't agree more!

Once upon a time there was a kingdom named Insex. Live feed were happening for the pleasure of the visitors.
Then the articles corresponding to these live feeds were published later, sometime months later as regular articles.

The only difference now is that we have a patchwork of sites instead of an "all in one". We pay for RTB, yes, but we pay for what?
I personnaly pay for the "Live" part of the thing, for the interaction (I use or not) with PD and all the staff (hi all!) and for the exchanges and push forward with long time friends. I know the vids will come, when is not important.

Of course I am too waiting for the publication... but you know, keeping archives for more than 10 years teachs you to be patient.

Could it be that they get paid by the shoot and not by the hour? Yes, it would be nice to see the shoot sometime soon since I was unable to see the live version with full interaction.

Finally... The Sybil update is up and running- enjoy!

For all of those who missed her in real time, it was really an amazing thing to watch. Those stunts that she did was a task that has taken YEARS to accomplish. Both the hair and breast suspensions have been in negotiation with PD since she first came here. She needed to know that she could trust us, and we were lucky enough to share it LIVE with our members.

Thank u Sybil for all your wonderful gifts!