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Dear members and staff of RTB.

I have seen with pleasure, which are recovering ancient devices used in long sessions Insex, as the machine on tiptoe to be applied to Sybil in the latter live feed.

A device a little more recent that I really like was the "chair" and the position where Melody sat while her questioned PD in "caged cumslut" on Infernal Restraints.

I think it would be interesting to see a Star in this chair during the pre show, or sometime in the show responding to the interrogation of members.

For decoration, if any, could be a girl chained to a swing hanging.

Just an idea

Hello members and Intersec staff,

just another idea for the Star live show.

What about to encase Star in this body box which was used in an old insex shoot called "Main Visit"
The model (sorry I donít remember her name) was securely locked and encased in that box which looked like the coffin from King Tut-Ankh-Amun. And then she was in that box carried in a van to whole way to the farm. Hope some members and the Intersec staff can remember.

It would be nice to see Star in that device. Maybe the pre feed begins with seeing this box and hearing Star moaning in there from getting electrical shocks every 30 seconds and a vibrator who is placed to her crotch. She can hear the questions from the members with earphones and must repeat and answer every question clearly without consideration of the stimulation from the vibrator and the electrical shocks. If she donít repeat and answer clearly she gets extra electrical shocks. The box can hang in the air and sometimes PD knocks with a thick cane against it. Maybe Star is locked in there one or two hours before the pre feed starts.

Or this box is used during the live show and we can see how Star would be locked in there and the electrical pads and the vibrator and/or the dildo is placed.

I'm happy to hear more evil ideas what can be done with Star in that box from the other members.

xoxo- tiger

Thank you Tiger and Nabetse for your suggestions.

I only met Star once, and she holds her head high with her demeanor. She reminds me of a Yale student who could be running a law firm or signing up for Congress. It would be nice to explore her mind and ask her various questions about what she knows- and quiz her on various subjects. Everything from Algebra to World History. For every question she gets wrong, a shock is administered to various areas. Better yet, each subject is coordinated with a body part- For example the topic of geography can be paired with her asshole. When she answers wrong, her asshole gets shocked.

How does that sound Star? Want to be broken down and humiliated for our satisfaction?

Hi SD,

Your idea to quiz Star about her knowledge about several subjects and for every subject she answered wrong she would be shocked on another body part is so genius sadistic and mean but also very creatively. It sounds like music in me ears. Thanks you SD for that brilliant and "EVIL" suggestion. An absolutely highlight. For my taste it is absolutely necessary to do this in the next live show. Hope the other members like it too.

Normally I donít want suggest one thing in a short period of time twice, but because I think the "Machine" is a very hot and challenging device and it was not used in the last live show I suggest this device for Star to put her into for the extraordinary quiz with the electrical shocks at several areas of her body.
I think it is very hot to see her very strict locked in a metal device that she can't move an inch and then electrified.

Star what do you think about this scenario? Would you like to try it for the members satisfaction?

xoxo- tiger


Love the scenario you layed out of shocking her based on incorrect answers to trivia. I'm a big fan of humiliation play. It might be nice to make a dunce cap for her if she gets a certain amount wrong.

Not sure how practical it would be but I often imagine a dunce cap with some sort of netting on the inside where things could be put that would drip onto someone's head. For this scene I'd think ice would work well. As the water drips down it would intensify the electric shocks.

I can not wait to see the live feed with Star. Here a a few idea I have. Once on an old insex live feed with Star I saw her tied naked to a cross that might be nice to see again. Also wire her up and when she give a wrong answer to a question have a bucket of water dumped on her, so the next wrong answer she give she get a bigger shock.

Again I can not wait till the live feed and see what you have in store for her.


with a name like Star, humiliation play carries the day. like the dunce cap idea and for sure she should get messy and humbled.

I know another simple torture, find some 4 inch heels with sling-backs and install some thumbnails or spikes on the heel area. This way she's forced to stand on tiptoes or hit the nails, nice predicament as well!

Dunce cap sounds like a nice prize... and the thumb tacks sound great too. Tacky fashion is kinda in style anyway.



Hello MrJaques,
refers to something like the picture? ... oesc19.jpg

With respect to the name "Star", you could do:

Rising Star (suspension)

Flaming Star (fire play)

Shooting Star (pee shooter or blow gun)

Follow your Star (whip her from behind as she crawls around the stage)

Star Studded (piercing play with tacks)

Falling Star (Humiliation - as in sinking low)


@ nabetse: That looks so torturous! But it looks kinda odd, how does the wearer avoid the spikes like that with the metal shoes being flat from my prospective?

I was going through my archive and found some pictures about what I mean with the high heels with thumbtacks duck-taped on the heel surfaces. I did this scene before with someone long time ago, I remember it well. She was a dancer with really high arch feet and she was really open for doing this. She wanted to see herself how long she could hold this and saw it as a free feet training for her dancing. I tied her up against a closet so there was no chance to sit down. I remember her having a hard time in that position after 20 minutes yummie

Here you go: ... all7hc.jpg ... all3at.jpg ... all8qs.jpg ... all8cj.jpg

These are only 3 inch heels but the hot thing about her predicament was that the shoes were too small and that's why she rather stood as high as possible in those shoes (like in pic3+4) because she said it took away a lot of pressure from her little toes that were being squashed in that toe box but on the other hand standing vertical on the balls of her feet began to hurt too so she was constantly switching every 30 seconds from standing on "demi-tiptoe" to full tiptoe(high as possible) until she found her limit after 25 minutes, that was quite hot!

Wow that image is so intense! I would want a stiletto heel version of it... and make her dance.

MrJacques, strange if it is, but it is real.

These shoes to be stiff, forced to be on tiptoe, so irremediable did the fatigue set foot on the floor, so that the wounds were guaranteed

Things of the Inquisition, really brutal, it stuck to the bone.

Charlie would have liked This spiked shoes idea.
A great specialist of inquisition.
Unfortunately He's travelling the world since he retired.
But he found time to visit the studio, meet PD, 912 and Fatuus some years ago.

Anyway I'll relay the idea to him. He can have some additional thoughts.

Hmm, there sure is a lot of electrical talk in here.

I like the trivia idea but would like to throw out the disclaimer that I haven't had much more than art classes since I was . . . underage, so I'm not sure what bits of history are still floating around in my head.

MrJacques' prediciment seems like a nice challenge.

And yes, let's go with Rising Star - we all know how much I love hanging upside down

Hi Star!

I forgot an important one ...

"Tinkle Tinkle Little Star".

How about if while she is hanging upside down with legs spread carries a lighted candle in her pussy and her ass?

How about if while she is hanging upside down with legs spread carries a lighted candle in her pussy and her ass?

sounds good as long as there's a bucket of water near by.

he,he never bad prevented.

SD I imagine, with firefighter's helmet.

Yes- We will just make sure that she is wet and ready to do the candles. I would love to see Star pull a fun stunt like that.

And trust me Star... it's a fun predicament. I've done burning taper candles in my cootch before- and it was fun. Not upside down, but close enough to it.

Star- Is there anything that you are not OK with? Members like to discuss lots of ideas, so feel free to speak up at anytime about what is NOT ok.



Mi piacerebbe vedere Star, nuda incatenata e bloccata in una gabbia di ferro con l'anta davanti in vetro. Nella gabbia vorrei fosse versata dell'acqua quasi fino al suo soffocamento... era un episodio di INSEX di qualche anno fa... quando l'acqua le supera la testa la si potrebbe far respirare con un tubo messole in bocca... a questo punto in quell'episodio di insex di anni fa nella gabbia sono state gettate delle sanguisughe... sarebbe bello rivedere il tutto con Star protagonista se possibile.. grazie


would really like to see star's beautifully gorgeous nipples and breasts received some special treatment. specifically how about tiny clothepins attached to the flesh of her teats and sister dee whips them off with a small whip. followed by the application of those evil green elastic castration bands or latex tubing and quickly followed by some cupping action with those clear plastic suction tubes. then sister dee or the decoration model can rub and suck on star's nipples to make them feel better. what really would be erotic would be to have star "blinded" with the application of those black opaque contact lenses which prevent her from seeing the whip about to hit her flesh thus star is unable to anticipate the strike or lash of the whip. of course, having star locked into a shiny stainless steel chastity belt would be great as well and most especially with a pair of remotely controlled vibrating and electrifiable dildoes mounted into her vaginal and anal orifi. should be a good show.

It would be nice to explore her mind and ask her various questions about what she knows- and quiz her on various subjects. Everything from Algebra to World History. For every question she gets wrong, a shock is administered to various areas. Better yet, each subject is coordinated with a body part- For example the topic of geography can be paired with her asshole. When she answers wrong, her asshole gets shocked. ( Sister Dee )


Hello Star, I think of a couple of subjects, not too difficult for test.

1ļ) Chinese literature in the medieval era. - Prize; alligator clip on the left nipple.

2ļ) Physical Chemistry, in the Italian Renaissance. - Prize; alligator clip on the right nipple.

3ļ) Influence the Van Gogh's ear on the recipe for pumpkin soup.
Prize; alligator clip on the clitoris.

Sure are your specialty and you will not have problem as for respond well.

I would love to see her start out wearing a slip.
Then bring out the Rack.
Put clamps on her nipples tied to a windlass.
As with another poster,see how smart see is.Wrong answer,crank up her nipples a notch.
Having had a little interaction with her on 4 out 6,I can tell you she is a smart cookie.
Just how smart would remain to be seen.
A hint here. Book smart and real world smart are very different things.
She may be able to answer how many feet in a mile,but maybe not how many teats on a cows udder.

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