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Sorry for bothering ye but I was just wondering if I missed today’s live show with Mandy Muse. Was it postponed or did the start time change? I always was looking forward to the show and I hope I didn’t miss it.


Hi DrochOla,

You just beat me (heh, not really) to posting about this! We unfortunately had to postpone this weeks show due to unforeseen circumstances. We will announce when we have a make-up show to replace this one.

Thank you for understanding.


Posted: Sat Aug 12 2017 3:37PM
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Hi Kel,

Thank you for replying. I fully understand and hope that everything is ok. I am sorry for posting the thread before you got the chance to do so, but usually when a show is postponed last minute ye manage to get a post up before the show’s start time. I guess that means that things were even more last minute then usual and therefore, I hope that all is ok.
I will look forward to the announcement of make-up show.

Thanks again and take care,


Posted: Sat Aug 12 2017 2:36PM
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so there is no play tonight is their not a backup show we can have on our something as members have been building up to this i know it's not your fault but it's pretty bad there is no back up for this keen of thing