Skylar Snow Livefeed April 20th 2019
Hi everyone! Skylar Snow here, I'm so excited for my livefeed on April 20th. Here's some of the things I'm very interested in doing on the show for you:

-Tit bondage
-Breath play
-Needle or nail play on my tits (I've never tried this and it really scares me, so I'm excited to challenge myself on this one)

Since my show will happen to fall during Passover, we're going to incorporate that as the theme. For example, one of the cool ideas we had was to put horseradish up my nose and in my butthole! That being said, here are my hard limits for the show:

-Pet play
-Anti-semitic/race play

I want to know what you'd like to see me do as well. If you have any suggestions for acts you'd like to see me participate in, please let me know! I can't wait to read your comments and put together a great live show for you :)


Posted: Tue Mar 26 2019 1:43PM
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Aww I'm sorry to hear that! I'm excited that you'll be able to watch it afterwards though :)

Posted: Sat Mar 23 2019 6:39PM
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from your interests it is a shame I will miss the show I will be on a 20hour flight.
I hope you get your breasts caned during the show and I will have to wait for it to be posted

wow this was up fast, you must be really keen. unfortunately i will probably away too and might miss out, but here are some things i'd love to see in the update.

-needle or nail play, we could incorporate both by first milking your tits if possible. Then have them nailed to a piece of wood, with big needles inserted on top afterwards or in your pussy lips, maybe even a skewer for those gorgeous tits.

-you could also do a tit suspension with an anal hook/butt plug and stick needles in and be caned/flogged until they fall out.

-instead of only horseradish we could have an array of different hot sauces and you'd pick the order they go in, or have different ones applied to different holes, could also do figging with the chemical applied to make it extra intense

-you said you wanted foodplay and hate insects, maybe OT can make a special smoothie with crickets or other insects and some piss. Maybe with other random ingredients and have blackout lenses so you cant see what goes in the mix, hope OT will have time to order them.

Thank you for being willing to push yourself and hope i can make it.

Posted: Tue Mar 26 2019 1:52PM
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That's so funny, we were just talking about how I'd love to be able to lactate! Maybe over the next month I'll experiment with different massage techniques to see if I can try it :) Needles/nails (if I can handle them!) will be in my tits only...or at least just not in my pussy. That's something I might be able to try someday but I'd definitely need to work towards it.

Tit suspension sounds incredible! And you know I love that anal hook :)

I think to stay on the passover theme we'll stick with horseradish, but those are great suggestions.

That unfortunately is something I can't/will never do. I'm super allergic to a lot of insects so that could literally kill me :/ but I do like the idea of blackout contacts...OT, Ophy, Brooke and I were discussing them over dinner and I was super intrigued.

I'm gonna try my best! It'll be intense but I can't wait :)

Facial modification is going to be a no for me. I've had some surgeries when I was younger (got into a really bad surfing accident) and would be nervous subjecting my face to too much.

Feet caning is definitely on the menu! I absolutely love it. What's bastinado?

Posted: Sun Mar 24 2019 5:49AM
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Hi Skylar,
first of All please apologise for my bad English.
Ya Passover or better Pesach one of the most important religious festivals in the Jewish calendar. It remembers my Jewish ancestors.
Back to the point: are You into nose hook and facial transformation in general? I'm thinking about something similar to Jay Kay's predicament in Oh Oh Whore. In general, and this is a humble suggestion to OT, I'd like to see models subjected to the same predicament so we compare your reactions to the same torture. For example I have a huge collection of models subjected to nose hooks and I enjoy studying their reactions.
And what about feet caning or bastinado? Have You ever tried it?
I'm looking forward to hearing your comments about my ideas.

Hi Skylar, thanks for agreeing to perform for us all and I can't wait for the show!

An idea I've had, and especially for a woman of your gorgeous figure, would be a full-body restraint tie, with breast bondage and a suspended crotch rope. It would be a predicament scene, because you'd be suspended close enough to the ground to allow you to take the strain off the crotch rope by touching the floor. However, there would be some kind of penalty for doing so. Some type of TENS unit work with a pressure plate, connected to a combination of anal stim and/or nipple clamps would be perfect. Every time your feet touch the ground to take the pressure off the crotch rope; the electricity begins.

Another thought would be using the pipe frames (2 parallel/4 horizontal) to create a standing chair/pillory scene. It could start with you in heels, hands bound behind your back, metal collar and your breasts pressed between two pipes in a standing position and a liberal amount of single tail from the front and caning from the back. From there, your feet would be moved to in front of the lowest horizontal bar, bound to it ankles together, and the bars pressing your breasts moved down to put you in a standing chair position with more of the same corporeal punishment. When that position becomes too intense, the breast bondage can end, with your wrists connected to the bottom, widened breast bar and your collar to the top one still keeping you in the standing chair position. Spreading your legs and adding an anal hook suspension to the top horizontal bar would help stabilize the position. From here: nipple suction tubes, the strap and the vibrator could finish things off.
Some horseradish in the nose in this position could really help to get the tears flowing freely.

Just a couple ideas, and again, can't wait for the shoot!

Posted: Mon Apr 01 2019 1:52PM
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Hi! You're so welcome, I'm really excited too :)

That setup sounds pretty cool! You know I love electricity so that'd be a fun punishment. I'm not as familiar with how the suspension works and everything like that, so that'd be up to OT.

Damn that sounds tough! But again, I'm down to try. I want to squirt a whole lot during this show, so it'd be great to incorporate lots of vibration.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Hi Skylar,

great news, I can't wait for your show!

I'd like to offer a few suggestions of what would be nice to see:

-- I'm especially looking forward to the tit nailing. Maybe the piece of wood that your tits get nailed to could be mounted in a way such that its height can be adjusted. It would be great to see you on tiptoes when it is raised and to see you crouch down when it is lowered. And as long as there are nails in your tits, it would be a shame not to use them for extra-intense electro play. And with nailed tits, you'll be automatically kept still for some caning on ass and tits (just saying...)

-- Speaking of sharp things in your tits, it would be great if you could stick a few needles there yourself ... looking at the camera and maybe dedicating the pain to subscribers ("This one is for xyz" etc.)

-- I second buzz195's idea with the tit suspension

-- And concerning the horseradish and breath play: It would be interesting to see what happens when you have a plastic bag over your head ... with some ground horseradish in it

Posted: Thu Apr 18 2019 6:53PM
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Will you do double/ triple anal penetration?

Double/ triple vaginal penetration?

Posted: Thu Apr 18 2019 10:54AM
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Hi Skylar,

What about sewing of mouth and rope through nose and mouth?


Posted: Mon Apr 01 2019 1:57PM
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To be honest I'm getting a little nervous about using the nails as I've never done any kind of sharp object play before. I think instead of nails I'd like to just stick with needles this time, and maybe work up to that point in the future :) I'd love to incorporate caning into the needle play though, great idea!

Regarding using the needles myself, I think its probably best that OT does that since he's knowledgeable about the technique and equipment, unless he tells me otherwise of course :) But I could certainly dedicate each one to different users! That sounds fun.

It looks like tit suspension is a popular idea! Love it!

I've never had a plastic bag over my head but it'd be cool to try out :)

hi Skylar !!
I can't wait for your show, as a needle play fan, 2 show in row with needles, it can only be heavenly !!!
For lactating, I tought I will never watch this in show, but If you success to do that, you will be my godess ;)

I love all the ideas the other members gave (especially tits suspension, nailing and horseradish ). If it's possible I would like to see some hair suspension too (and only hair, I remember an old show like this, with sybil I think )

I don't have yet ideas to include the theme, I will think of that :)

So, as a warm-up, there is something I would love to see. During the prefeed (and if you are okay with this, during the day before the show ) you will wear a too small bra (I insist on too small ) with sandpapper glued inside ( or much better some thumbtacks ). I could be cool to add some sandpapper (or another abrassive material, it's just the first one I think of ) glued in the gusset of your panty.

Another idea, but only if it's safe (I really don't know about this one ) if we include electricity, could we use a metal urethral sound ? We can do that in pair with a metal specullum (pussy and/or ass )

that's all for now, please pardon my english ^^

Ps: how do you feel with verbal abuse and/or body shaming ?

Posted: Mon Apr 01 2019 2:02PM
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I'm glad you're looking forward to it! I am too, I'm scared but excited :)
Well don't get TOO excited haha I can't promise anything, but I can try!

Hair suspension would be cool, I've done it before and it looked amazing.

I don't think I'll be doing that bra/panty sandpaper idea (I don't ever wear bras anyway lol) but thanks for the suggestion!

I like electricity but no urethral play for me. I do however love the idea of a speculum, especially for my ass!

Thank you for the suggestions! And don't worry, your English is great :)

ps-verbal abuse is good by me but no body shaming please.

Hello Skylar and thank you for the live show!

First of all i would like to apologize for my english!
Second I would like to tell you that I am very exited for your show!

You said that you like the idea of tits suspension.
I have an idea what if if your tied up (suspended) from your tits but you have the spike plate (see attatched pic) under your feet.. so when you want to get some rest from your tits you will have to put all of you weight to the spikes.. and if you want to have break from spikes you have to put extra weight on your tits..

I have this idea because you have amazing tits and amazing feet.. If the compilation it's to hard you can try only the spikes without your tits tied up.

Also what about feet caning and needles on your toes?

What do you think Skylar and OT?

Posted: Wed Apr 10 2019 11:50PM
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Your English is great, no need to apologize :) I am excited too!

That sounds intense! I've never used spikes on my feet before, I wonder what it would be like.

Definite caning of the feet is a must. I'd be down to try needles in my feet too. Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

Hi Skylar,

your show will be fantastic...I´m very happy to see you.

My dream is to see at the start in tight black latex or spandex catsuit with mega high heels or ballet heels. Don't know if it is possible.

Could we have a scene were you must lick the panties from all girls on the set ?

I am pleased to see you with the horseradish... is wasabi or hot sauce possible too ?

Can't wait to see your tits will be amazing to see these wonderful tits in a torture scene.

Posted: Fri Apr 12 2019 5:15PM
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hi again,

i like black or pink high heels...that would be nice.

if a latex catsuit is not possible, could we see you in sexy leggings ?

I'm pleased about a great panties licking event and to see a heavy tits torture scene.

Is it possible to see you with blackout lense ?

Posted: Wed Apr 10 2019 11:53PM
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I can't wait for you to see the show too :)

I don't have any latex or a catsuit, but I do have LOTS of very high heels I'd be happy to wear. Any kind of color or style preference?

That'd be fun, I had Brooke's panties stuffed in my mouth for the last liveshow when I was the decoration.

I think we're doing horseradish because it's part of the Passover Seder theme, but I'm open to trying other agents as well.

I agree! I love having my tits bound :) Thank you for your comments and suggestions!

Hey Skylar!

I heard horseradish in the ass plus caning is a great combination, because of the clenching! I would love to see a lot of that!

Cattle prodding is always welcome as well, hope to see that!

Looking forward to your shoot! Have fun!


Posted: Wed Apr 10 2019 11:54PM
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Hey there,

I bet it's a great combo! I can't wait to try it.

I'd love to do a cattle prod. Electro is so my thing :)

I'm excited to do this live feed for you all! Counting down the days.

just a quick request hope it's not too late, i would love to see you in stockings and maybe lingerie during the prefeed or for a part of the feed, preferably white stockings/lingerie under whatever you're wearing

would also like to see you in a pantyhose hood if possible

Posted: Wed Apr 17 2019 4:25PM
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Definitely not too late! I'll make sure to bring some lingerie and stockings like that, and if OT says its ok I'll wear it :)

Sounds good! Any colors in particular you like? I'm getting them done tomorrow :)

Posted: Sat Apr 13 2019 5:06AM
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Hello Skylar

And a fresh nice pedicure for your amazing feet pls

Hi hi hi! so excited about your show :)

Posted: Wed Apr 17 2019 4:25PM
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Hi there! I'm really excited too :)

thank you so much for giving me the option to choose your toe color you are the best!
i loved the color you had on your latest insex scene (pink) "top level agency" but don't worry any color would be great as well :)

btw you look so sexy in bondage