Site: Real Time Bondage Stephie Staar's live feed - 8/19/17
Here it is Friday August 18th and there is no forum to discuss Stephie's performance tomorrow! While I am not totally familiar with her I would think we might want to at least see what she expects out of this live session. This group is usually pretty good about finding something they want to see. She is such a cutie with that 'girl next door' face.

I hope we get to see some big dick going in there, right down to the balls so we can see how long she can hold her breath.

Hi George,

We don't typically create a forum post for the Sexually Broken (BaRS) livefeeds. They tend to be more straight forward and less member driven. However, you are more than welcome to create your own posts and discuss these feeds. If it becomes a regular and lively discussion topic we'll be happy to start posting a thread here for them.