No cum from male actors?
The only downside of this site seems the male actor always no ejaculation and facial on the actress.
Could it have cum on the actress?

Posted: Tue Jun 09 2015 10:45AM
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The simple answer is no. The male talent will not will not cum on the models. We don't want the site to start being about the guys. The shoot is about the girls. It is about punishing them with cock, not about the boys cumming.

Matt, I absolutely respect your reasoning, but for me, cumshots are never about the boys. It's about a helplessly tied girl suffering the final humiliation: a cumshot that she can't dodge or get rid off once deposited.

It was obvious soon after joining that there was some unified theory behind the absence of man-goo, so I'm not surprised to read Matt's reasoning. For me, the lack of pop shots is a deal breaker. I really love what this site does, and Matt Williams is probably the closest thing a rigger can get to being Mozart. But at the end of the day, I guess I'm just a programmed troglodyte who really wants to see the girl(s) eat some homemade Nutter Butters at the end of a scene. Watching a porn scene -- especially in the domination genre -- without cumshots feels like being told I can have the most awesome birthday party I want. I can have clowns and magicians, I can take my friends to Six Flaggs, I can get every toy I want... except I can't have any frosting on my cake. The birthday party still rocks, sure. But something about it feels off.

It's the whole reason I didn't renew for another three months. Like I said, everything else about this site is amazing. The visual style, the frequent updates, the camera work, the endlessly inventive rigs, the caliber of starlets in attendance...

But, you know. Ugh UGGGGGGH squirt. Gotta see it.

I respectfully disagree with Matt's logic... part of punishing a girl with cock, is the final humiliation of forcing her to wear/eat the product of the cock's anger. Forcing her to taste, feel, smell and ingest sperm is the ultimate punishment. If the shoots aren't supposed to be about the men, then leave men out of the shots and have women wield plastic dildos on the subjects. I love everything about what you're doing in these videos, but without a good degrading cum shot, there's almost no point. Unfortunately, I am going to move on and search for some equally good BDSM site that delivers the goods right on their slutty faces.

"We don't want the site to start being about the guys. The shoot is about the girls."
Veruca James3 11:27 On site
Matt Williams quote "It's NOT about you"

Hoist with your own petard.

I am pointing this out 'cause I'm in favor of the male talent cumming on the female talent.

Posted: Tue Sep 19 2017 5:32PM
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I am aware that you can't be bothered answering the same questions over
again but I feel you owe us an explanation in light of this new revelation.

Hey Matt -
What kind of man are you that doesn't stand up for his statements?


To be fair Matt is no longer running SexuallyBroken. In the future you might get to see a cumshot!!

Posted: Wed Sep 27 2017 8:12AM
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I'm saddened to hear that Matt no longer runs 'cause he was relentless in pursuit of the raison d'ĂȘtre of the site. When did this come about? Can we be assured that the high standards of the site will not be lowered.
I have some likes that I would like to see if there will changes in the format of the site. I would LOVE to see some anal in the videos if not the live feeds. In fact I would LOVE to see some DPs in them, as there were in the past. I am quite sure that some of female talent would like to experience that as well. Just ask them. In any event, I look forward to some cum shots.