Thank You
Hi All,

I would like to express just how grateful I am for the quality of member participation in the chat as of late. It can be extremely difficult to run an entire feed with two performers, six positions, just myself and Ophy. However, your participation and encouragement go a really long way to making the shows fantastic! You all help so much to make the shows what they are. So thank you all very much!!

I would love to get to know you all. If you’re willing please tell everyone where you’re from, maybe how old you are, and a bit about yourself.

I’m Daniel/OT. I’m originally from New York. I’m 35. I never knew what I wanted to do for a living until I started working for INSEX. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Hey OT!
A big thank you to you for all your hard work, yesterday I attended the first show and it is even better than I expected it will be :)
Litererally all of the things I asked in the chat happened the best part for me was when Victoria asked for the shock!! So I just wanted to say it was a great experience to participate and I am happy that you also think it is good for the shoots.
Happy new year to you!

Hey OT,

I'm 41 from Pennsylvania. I've been in the lifestyle since I was 20 and do mostly leather and metal bondage, but I've been branching off into rope, hence all the questions I usually have mid-show on knots and rope lengths.

You and Ophy are doing a fantastic job! Your care and professionalism towards the models you work with and the BDSM art is truly commendable. Please keep it up! Being able to see an idea I had come to life in one of your shoots is always a thrill! My membership truly is one of the better investments I make every month.

I'd suggest opening up a position on staff for interviews, but your inbox would probably scream in terror and run off cowering in a corner in the shower after the first 5 minutes from the sheer number of applicants. LOL

Again, keep up the great work!

Hey OT,
The work you are doing is so good !!! I can't imagine how tiring it can be to manage all of it and still have this high level of quality.
I'm a new subscriber on RTB but before joining I almost read the whole forum (no killing ^^ ), and now my head is full of fantasy and it's amazing watching some part come live by your hands. In fact I don't find words to say how much I am astounded about all you guys are capable of. And of course, I don't forget the models who are all real goddess on this earth !
I may have a question, I read that in the past, there was some censorship issues, is still a thing ? what is allowed to do or not ?

Happy New Year !!!

Ps : I would love to see the face of people who want to go on this website ( if they misspell it and come here !!

please forgive my english :p

Posted: Tue Jan 08 2019 6:41PM
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I'm not an expert on the censorship but my guess is there is some censorship rules set by someone that OT has no control of, and prevents them from producing content involving the more depraved stuff that some people are into like scat (not sure if this was ever involved before), excessive blood/puke and extreme scenes where models are pushed way beyond their limits even if they're okay with it.

I don't want to say scenes have gotten softer compared to before but they're just different based on what I've seen from older insex clips. As much as me and other members would love to see a model destroyed on RTB passing out or safeword and still proceed like they ask for, or tortured with tons of blood as a result.
I doubt that would be possible due to some restrictions we have no idea about


I’d be happy to explain the sensorship issue. I’m in the middle of a shoot so I’ll be back to give you a more detailed description. Here’s the short answer.

There is a chain of authority above us. At the top is the US government. From there it goes visa/MasterCard, banks, billing company, us. We get notifications that something we have done or may do is against their rules. The rules are arbitrary, subjective, and subject to change at any moment.

Hi OT,

I'm middle aged living in the Mid-Atlantic region.

I like that the shows allow the viewers the opportunity to use our minds to entice the models, physically and mentally.

You and the models do an awesome job.

Thanks for answering us even in the middle of a shoot :)

So if I understand at least a little this censorship, there is somewhere in the billing compagny, some guy who whatchs the videos and say "this thing in this one I don't like but this same thing is this one is okay" ? and can the censorship be applyed to the live feed or just the replay ?

On another hand, since you seemed to like having the viewer participate during the show, why not using during the live some kind of straw poll (set up for 2 minutes or something) to choose for example between single tail, paddle, hand ? maybe with ?

Again, for you and Ophy, keep doing your wonderful work